How can you access DMs on Instagram online?

//How can you access DMs on Instagram online?

How can you access DMs on Instagram online?


Sending DMs to people on Instagram is a piece of cake on the mobile app, but what if you want to send DMs online? Actually, when you check Instagram on a technological device other than your smartphone, you’ll recognize that you cannot send, check and manage your DMs. 

However, there are some free tools that help you to organize your DMs on the desktop. In this article, we will introduce a safe and sound platform that helps you to do so which is free and easy to work with. 

So, if you are an online Instagram user who is searching for an easy way to access DMs on Instagram online, keep on reading. 

How to access DMs on Instagram online for all devices?

Since Instagram doesn’t allow users to check their direct messages online on the web, people keep on searching for an accessible way to access DMs on Instagram online on their desktop. 

1- Instagram on Windows 10


how to access dms on instagram online

Actually, Instagram has an application for Windows 10. Therefore, if you are fortunate and you are a Microsoft Windows 10 user, you can get the official Instagram app from Microsoft store and after logging into your account, you will have access to your direct messages. 

2- Android Emulators

how to access dms on instagram online

Another way to access DMs on Instagram online is to install an Android emulator on your pc. There are so many Android emulators such as Archon, BlueStacks, and etcetera that you can download easily and install on your pc. By using Android emulators, you will have the ability to install all the applications that were developed for Android. Hence, you can set up the official Instagram mobile app on your personal desktop and manage your DMs. 

3- Android Mirrors

how to access dms on instagram online

The other solution is to use an Android mirror. Android mirrors let you control your device remotely from a pc, so you can access DMs on Instagram online. But one of the most important disadvantages of this solution is that you will have to use your phone to open Instagram because in this way you just mirror your mobile phone screen on your laptop. Moreover, another problem with this solution is that you have to have an Android phone and if you have a Windows phone or an iPhone, you need to search for another solution. 

4- Third-Party Apps

One of the best solutions is to use a third-party app. As it’s obvious from their name, these apps are not developed by the Instagram company. However, they are an appropriate way to access your DMs online. 

Probably, DmPro is one of the best third-party apps that you can choose. DmPro is a free desktop app that gives you a quick solution to access DMs on Instagram online. 

how to access dms on instagram online

When you open the inbox tab in DmPro, you’ll get the ability to read, reply and send DMs and you can also filter your inbox in order to see to read, unread, sent or all messages. Actually, DmPro creates a beneficial environment that helps you to avoid the annoying process of sending messages on the Instagram mobile app. 

how to access dms on instagram online

In addition, if you open the Direct Messaging tab on the DmPro website, you can send a specific message to a large number of people or a group. Moreover, as you can see in the image below, DmPro has some fruitful features such as importing accounts from Excel lists, sending DMs to Instagram influencers followers or even tags users. 

To send messages to a group of people, you just need to write your message in the message box, select your audiences, hit Start DM, and DmPro starts sending your message to people automatically until all your recipients receive the DM.

In comparison to other desktop messaging apps, DmPro has some advantages. For instance, it’s totally free, easy to work with, doesn’t require to download any applications to work with, and works on all types of operating systems and web browsers. 

How to use DmPro?

To use DmPro, you just need to visit the DmPro website, create an account using your email, add your Instagram account, and enjoy managing your DMs online on your desktop. Once you are logged in to your DmPro account, you have full access to your Instagram inbox and you can try all the DmPro features introduced in this article. For more information, you can visit FAQ.



Since Instagram users don’t access to their direct messages inbox on browsers and the desktop version of Instagram, apps like DmPro give a free solution to access DMs on Instagram online and also use some extra features that you cannot have on the Instagram official mobile app. 

Get DMPrp for free by clicking here and try organizing your DMs in an email-like environment on your desktop. 


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