DMpro vs Flume an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging

//DMpro vs Flume an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging

DMpro vs Flume an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging


Continuing by our list comparing Instagram mechanization factors of around the web, now we’re examining at Flume.

What’s Flume? According to their webpage,

“Flume does an Instagram desktop dependent on Mac. It can do everything that you can make on Instagram of your phone. Aside from stories and live, you can more post new content, repost, scan, exploration, comment, like photos, and more — these are powerless to do from this web app of Instagram.”


Flume is decorated in our community of Instagram retailing, so we chose to set it to the examination upon our own Instagram retailing tool, DMpro.


Here are some points that we happen to see at:

  • Setup settings
  • Connecting your account(s) to Instagram
  • Viable Features
  • Maintenance plus Support 
  • Pricing
  • Judgment





Once on, click on “START FREE” in the top right corner of our homepage. Or in the bottom middle of the screen.

DMpro webpage

Then just give your surname, email, and wanted the password.

DMpro signup

Finally, combine your Instagram account by giving your login information.

DMpro login

That’s all! You’re ready to use DMpro. No download required.

With DMpro, you don’t need verification via email or download. Moreover, DMpro’s platform is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Persian.



Start by visiting Flume’s website.

Then keep your app accordingly.

Flume Webpage

Then your app will move to downloaded.


Connecting Instagram Accounts



While you are finished with the settings, you next need to join your IG account.

By making so, on your dashboard, bang on “Add Instagram Account” and simply enter your IG username and identification. For any accounts, Instagram might send a 6-digit code that DMpro instructions ask for.

DMpro dashboard

When you are done with the connecting step, you can see your account on the dashboard. With DMpro, you also have the ability to add multiple Instagram accounts.


This app is universal means you can use it on Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Now, simply enter your Instagram account’s username and password. Sometimes, Instagram will transfer a 6-digit code for which Flume will ask.




As these attending for higher inbox customization plus the capability to communicate automated, targeted DMs, in addition to remaining capable of sending even Instagram messages from your desktop, reconsider utilizing a gadget like DMpro. The set offers:

  • strong targeting
  • DM to Email and Vice Versa
  • Desktop Inbox
  • DM via Multiple IG



When you log into Flume, you’ll find its main interface ought two manageable parts: supplies and instrument panel. The control board allows you to pick the roles you need, for instance, post content, or change to different view types.


Post Content Of Mac

One of the most prominent features of Flume is it gives an easy way to post right from your Mac, both photos plus videos. If this is anything you want to achieve, you’ll love Flume as it will keep you loads of troubles changing with different devices.


When you upload a photo or video, Flume also lets you do any fast edits to your media files, not just restricted to posting.


As you can view from the screenshot over, you can utilize different filters, modify the details of the photo, tag characters, and add a legend, etc. For me, I strangely like the title point here as you get a free summary of the work numbers and tag estimates. It’s much more important than the free Instagram app.


2. Repost Photos

Unlike retweets on Twitter, Instagram doesn’t appear to earn it easy for users to repost photos. Regularly you’ll need extra software or repost the story to do that. Only in Flume, we can right-click and choose “Repost photo.” That’s it! Sounds incredible, correct? Individually, I love that innovation a lot!


What’s more, you can get pretty particular repost content automatically, including a repost tag, and the first publisher will get tagged in the post. You can view how it looks from the screenshot below. Kudos to Flume side while cooking the repost feature such enjoyable.


3. Browse Posts

Browsing jobs are extra cool features in Flume. The app provides two distinct layouts: a single string and a three by three grid. When you scroll up plus malfunctioning, it’s quite comparable experience, just like you’re using Instagram on your phone. But you can find Flume is further focused on the photos, no information or remarks showed up at all on the mainstream. You won’t know any particular data on the post, saving you click on the picture. What’s a grand adventure, that is!

A different way I like on Flume is whence it shows which post is AD, not in a tricky way. This is certainly sweet for the users. Also, you can simply recognize videos and carousel posts.


4. Direct Message

DM is more a super important role in Flume. Since Instagram has displayed an important staging for branding, millions of corporations and online repositories are present on Instagram because others can easily get associated and communicate with their mark audiences.

Direct message in Flume has the same role while Instagram, and it’s a lot more relaxed to work on the Mac desktop. You can reply to each message from others or begin a new conversation.


Maintenance and Support



If for whatever reason, something forces your DM to stop, the team will automatically let you know through email and provide possible solutions. Use the link.

DMpro customer support


Flume has a complete FAQ, and if you have some other problems or require help, you can get in tactility with them within their contact page.

Flume Support




DMpro presents you with a 5-day free trial offer pervasive functionality besides none frontier for the number of supporters, likes, or views you can receive.

After this 5-day trial, you can proceed to utilize this scheduler, auto DMs, and the DM inbox for free.

To make all of this DMpro points after your complimentary trial, you can see DMpro’s rates below:

DMpro prices


As of this reporting, Flume is currently ready for macOS undividedly. You can get the software on their official website. Flume has both a Democratic and Pro version. By Flume Pro, you can upload photos or videos of Mac and add many accounts. These extra features can be opened by improving to Flume Pro at $10 only, one-time payment.

Another idea to get Flume is from it, which is an agreement service wherever you get a few hundred impressive Mac apps at $9.99 per month, Flume is one of them. It has a free 7-day trial, which is an extra perk you may want.



Instagram is an app often used on mobile devices. But there are things that somebody actually needs or favour to use it on a computer, particularly Mac users who want to hold all things in one place. Just If you are concerned about automatization, so the only way is DMpro.


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