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How to generate massive sales using the bulk DM tool?

Is it possible to generate massive sales using Instagram DM? 

Of course, it is. However, there is the thorny question of your capability to get on with a mass DM campaign. 

Well, let’s face it! You are going to send a myriad of Instagram messages to succeed in making the most of your DM campaign as a sales channel. 

But don’t get in a fluster yet! This article will tell you whatever you need to know about Instagram DM’s role in selling your products and services besides guiding you through the techniques for generating massive sales on Instagram. 

How do you DM on Instagram for a business?

Generally speaking, Instagram direct messages are best known as a private bridge for two-way communications. Yet, it is an underrated feature for its capacity to generate massive sales using Instagram DM. 

Here are some great ideas to use DMs for your business. 

1. Respond to your customers’ feedback

This helps you fill two needs with one deed. First of all, it is vital to reply to any type of feedback – whether positive or negative. 

Secondly, by moving users from the comment section to your DM, you can more efficiently monitor and manage your conversation. So, encourage most people to keep having a conversation with you by sending them a DM yourself. 

2. Show you care about your customers’ interest

Thank your customers for sharing or liking some of your posts. Also, you ought to welcome new followers to make them realize how important they are to you. 

3. Inform your customers

One of the best ways to promote a new product is to look at every single target user, particularly your followers, as a potential customer. You do this by sending them a DM and giving them a VIP update on the forthcoming launch. 

On the other hand, giving them the impression that you will answer them if any question arises helps you form a closer relationship with your customers. 

How to generate massive sales using Instagram DM?

Instagram has been the second leading social media platform used by brands and creators so far this year, which proves the promising part it plays in online marketing.  

Although there are numerous ways to use Instagram for business, our main focus is on how to generate massive sales using Instagram DM, and the following is a definitive guide to it. 

1. Send purposeful Instagram messages in bulk

The purpose and the target audience of your DM are the two wings of your sales performance. In order to generate massive sales using Instagram DM, take these two concrete steps. 

Step #1 – Decide what to send on your DM

According to your requirement, your DM can transform beyond words as you can place a clickable link, and add a poll or question to your message. 

All you need to do is set a goal for your DM and develop your creativity. For instance: 

  • Introduce your audience to a new product through DMs.
  • Ask your target audience to choose their favorite product by answering a question in your DM.
  • Gather a list of your most engaged followers and select them as your close friends to make them feel rewarded by being the first people who can have access to certain stories and getting a VIP offer through DMs.

Step #2 – Decide who your target audience is

At this stage, you need to get prepared for sending DMs to as many people as you can, based on the group of audience you wish to target. 

Despite the time and effort, you need to put into this, the result will be exceptionally fulfilling. 

To build upon my point a little bit, most marketers and creators are aware of the fact that there is no better assistant than a reliable app to manage their Instagram messages through the whole process. 

Luckily, we have a practical suggestion for you. In the following, we will discuss how to generate massive sales using Instagram DM with the “DMpro” app. 

How to generate massive sales with DMpro?

With the bulk DM tool offered on DMpro, you can build up an effective marketing strategy to generate massive sales using Instagram DM. 

Follow the step-by-step guide below to using the bulk DM tool on DMpro.

  • Then you should click on “Add your Instagram” in order to connect your profile to your dashboard. Also, you can add more than one Instagram profile to your DMpro account.

  • After that, select your Instagram profile and click “Manage”.

  • Now, your dashboard on DMpro is prepped up for using the bulk DM tool or any other features to manage your Instagram messages. What you need to do is go to the “Direct Messages” tab and select “Bulk DMs”.

  • Choose multiple names or all the names on the list provided from your inbox contacts.

  • Click the “Write a message” button to create your preset message. This is where the magic happens!

Usernames could be added to the preset message to personalize each DM sent in bulk. On top of that, you can paraphrase different parts of your message using the simple instructions below to avoid repetition in your bulk DMs. This will also prevent you from being detected as a spammer. 

To alternate syntaxes in your message, use this model: 

{phrase 1 l phrase 2} 

You can use multiple phrases in the brackets to add more alternatives to your Instagram message. Here is an example: 

Your Preset message

{Hello l Hi} @username  

We are {thrilled l excited} to share our {newest l most recent} product with you. By using the promo code below within the next 30 days, {get a 10% off l receive a 10% discount}. 

DM 1

Hello Rahulshinde

We are thrilled to share our newest product with you. By using the promo code below within the next 30 days, get a 10% off.

DM 2

Hi luxuryL.I.F.E

We are excited to share our most recent product with you. By using the promo code below within the next 30 days, receive a 10% discount.

  • Once you have preset your DM, hit the “Send DMs” button to finalize the process.

2. Reach out to potential customers by searching relevant hashtags

As previously described, targetting your audience is at the core of how you generate massive sales using Instagram DM. In addition, finding hashtag users by searching keywords associated with your niche or location is often more effective than expected. 

In the following, we’ll discuss how to target hashtag users with the bulk DM tool on DMpro, saving you a lot of time and energy to discover them all by yourself and send them an Instagram message one by one.

How to target “hashtag users” with DMpro?

After updating your Instagram inbox contacts exclusively, it’s high time you targeted a wider range of audiences. But first things first. Let’s see how to target hashtag users, having automated DMs sent to them in bulk. 

  • To begin with, you should sign up on DMpro for free, and click on “Add Instagram account” to connect one or multiple accounts to your dashboard on DMpro.
  • After choosing the Instagram profile you wish to work with, and clicking “Manage”, you will gain access to the DMpro’s features.
  • Then by going to the “Direct Messages” tab, you can choose “DM”.

  • Here, however, you should create your preset message in the “Direct Message” box before choosing your targets. Note that you can use alternative paraphrases and usernames in all your preset messages to avoid repetition and personalize your DMs, respectively.

  • Turning to “Targeting”, select hashtag users. Consequently, you will be able to search and add hashtags.

  • Finally, click on “DM” to automate the whole process. You won’t have to provide a list of hashtag users or send them any messages manually, as DMpro will handle it all for you.

You can also target a wider range of audiences, including your current followers, new followers, followers of an influencer, and accounts that you have gathered on a list as potential customers.

3. Filter your contacts

If you generate massive sales using Instagram DM, you have come to a wise decision. However, you ought to know that it’s not the end. In order to close the deal in DM, taking the next steps carefully is of great importance. 

Depending on the CTA you had placed in your DMs, your target audience might respond to it variously.

Are they ready to order? Do they have more questions to ask about your product? Or have they not shown any interest at all? 

To organize this list and plan how to respond to them, you can use the DM inbox on DMpro’s dashboard to select a filter – unread, read, and sent – and remove the messages not being worthy of putting time or effort into them.

The last word

Do you wish to generate massive sales using Instagram DM? Then, you should build relationships with your audience and deliver value via Instagram messages. 

What’s more, generating massive sales requires you to widen your target audience. Hence, the bulk DM tool on DMpro offers you a great opportunity to pursue this goal.