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The Best Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic in 2023

Blogging isn’t just a fun way of sharing your views with the rest of the world; they can also be a source of income. And that’s why over 92% of online marketers consider blogging to be a worthwhile investment.

So, how do you grow your blog traffic in 2023? Here are some tips.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you start posting regularly, study your target audience. What do they like? What is their typical behavior? Use user segmentation to understand audience expectations.

Learn the kind of content they consume, how much time they spend reading, and even their favorite social media. This knowledge helps you in creating a blog that is appealing to your target audience.

2. Be Appealing and Relatable

Being appealing to your audience is one of the most crucial parts of retaining your audience. Revisitors form a major portion of your traffic. A person who regularly reads your blogs will be more likely to read your new blog rather than a first-timer.

To keep your current readers coming back, speak in the right voice when delivering your messages and keep your site in the best shape possible. Remember to create an easy-to-understand UI, check if your links are toxic, and stay open to all forms of communication.

3. Keep Your Language Simple and Easy to Read

When you are writing a blog, focus on keeping the language easy to read. If the reader will find the language difficult to understand, they will leave without even reading your blog. “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it.” Think like you are explaining something to a kid, this keeps your writing in check.

Pro tip: if you struggle with simplifying your writing, then consider using a tool like Jasper AI to help you write more concisely. I say it because Jasper AI has a paraphrasing mode that can simplify your content. Jasper AI offers a 5-day free trial, and after that, you’ll have to purchase a paid plan. Learn about Jasper AI pricing here.

4. Keep It Engaging

Humans have a very short attention span. Over 70% of consumers agreed to one thing in an Unbounce study – longer loading speed affects the willingness to buy.

When updating your site, keep the language engaging. Offer users something that they can gain after reading your blog.

5.  Great Headlines Lead to Great Blogs

A great headline helps you in two ways. First, it helps you in ranking higher on the web search ranking.

Second, it attracts a reader’s attention to your blog. If your headline is something catchy then they are more likely to read the whole blog to explore it completely.

To improve your headline, you add emoticons to it. Offering value and rewards is also one way to improve your headline.

6. Add Photographs

Did you know that good visual content can increase your page views and traffic by over 400%? A photograph helps you rank better on a Google search. Google treats a blog with photos as more valuable than a blog without photos. As a blogger, your goal should be to get a higher ranking in Google searches. This ensures that you can have an organic audience. Not only that, it keeps a reader more engaged.

7. Invest in SEO

SEO is a technique used to make a blog more appealing to search engines. This technique includes the use of specific keywords, the use of photos and even the design of the blog. You can either hire an SEO specialist or you can do it yourself using the DIY SEO tools after learning by watching a few courses. SEO is one of the best and most effective ways of getting an audience.

8. Focus on Keywords

If you are a beginner, then chances are you just write and publish your blogs. But to grow your blog, you need to focus on what you are writing and how you are writing. Keywords are a set of specific words that are used by users who are searching on a search engine.

When you add these specific keywords to your blog, search engines are more likely to show your blog to the user. The more keywords match the user’s search, the more likely your blog is to show up on the page.

9. Keep Your Website Simple

Keep your blog’s design simple. If the design is complicated and the reader fails to understand, he will leave the blog. Bad user experience is one of the most common reasons for people avoiding certain blogs, apps, and websites. By keeping your blog’s design simple and easy to navigate, you ensure that the user doesn’t feel any difficulty using it. You can take help from AI tools to analyze your website and make necessary changes even if you don’t have any coding experience.

10. Catchy Title Catches Eyes

Just like having great headlines and subheadlines, the title of your blog is important too. The title is the first thing a user will see related to your user on the internet. The title should be catchy enough that it stirs up curiosity in a user. This curiosity will make that user read the blog till the end.

11. Get The Subscription

If you are using sites like WordPress, you can ask the readers to directly subscribe to your blog. When people subscribe to your blog they will get a notification every time you publish a new blog. This ensures a good source of organic traffic.

12. Start An Email List

If your blog’s site doesn’t provide you with the ability to let people subscribe. You can start an email list. In the email list, people opt-in to receive your blogs in their mail. This is one of the best ways to retain your readers. The larger your email list is, the more audience you have. You can then use these email lists by promoting your old posts.

13. Interlink Your Posts

Once you have multiple posts you can start interlinking your posts. There are multiple benefits to it.

First, you are subtly leading your reader to another blog of yours rather than letting them go.

Second, the more time they spend on your blog the better it is for your SEO and boost the traffic. Google judges your site’s ranking by user engagement on your blog. The longer people stay, the more your ranking improves.

Third, If a person reads multiple blogs, then chances are they liked your blog. This will lead them to subscribe and join the email list. In this way, you ensure a regular visitor for your blog who is very likely to check all of your blogs. Subtly share these blog links.

14. All Blogs Attract Traffic

A common misconception among people when they start blogging is that only new blogs gain traffic. However, this is absolutely false. All of your blogs attract traffic. Someone might need to read your older blog for a project or maybe they like reading it for fun. Once something is on the blog, it will get traffic.

15. Focus On The Quality

Quality should be one of the most important aims when writing a blog. Quality content attracts quality consumers. When you give quality content to people, they will love to consume it. They will love you as well for sharing it and be excited about your further blogs. But if your quality is not good, people will not even read the complete blog and avoid the future blog as well.

16. Videos Will Help Your Blog Traffic

Videos are a more successful form of content online. An average user would be much more interested in watching a video than reading a blog. Also, if your blog has a video that increases engagement. So, if you’re writing on “How to Tie a Perfect Tie”, create a short video.

Understand the form of content that can be more convenient for the type of blog you are posting.

One way of uploading videos is to upload them on YouTube and embed the link on your blog. This method of sharing videos is much faster and doesn’t take up space on your site, and can help you grow your channel faster.

17. Optimize Your Site To Be As Fast As Possible

Did you know that your website needs to load within five seconds for you to get optimal conversion. In fact, the conversion rates drop by as much as 4.42% for each second of delay.

You need your website to be fast, and responsive. One of the ways to make your site faster is to compress images when you upload them. Compressed images load faster and there is no noticeable change in the quality of the photo. Inline critical CSS and JS assets. Minify HTML, and use caching when possible. If you’re using a WordPress site, you can use plugins like WPRocket or WPCompress.

18. Make Your Blogs Easily Shareable to gain Traffic

Add share buttons of different social media so that your readers can easily share the blog on social media. If they like your blog, they are likely to share it with their friends. The chances of a person reading a blog just because their friend shared it are better than them reading it on their own.

19. Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Traffic

Use your social media to attract an audience for your blog. Your first audience can be your friends but once your account expands more people are your audience. Use multiple sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook to share your blogs. Write posts on LinkedIn and in the end, link your blog Traffic so people can explore more.

20. Use Social Proof

Social proof such as your degree or your work can act as proof that you are good at what you do. Once you establish that you are good at what you do, people will take more interest in you. They will also start taking your advice and opinions more seriously. This social proof makes a good way to attract and retain an audience.

21. Get Guest Writers

Invite other famous bloggers or influencers on your blog to write a guest article to gain more traffic. This gives you two major benefits. First, your audience can experience a new and different perspective on something. Second, once the guest writer publishes their article on your blog, they will urge their audience to visit your blog. This increases the traffic to your blog. If the guest writer’s niche and your niche are the same, chances are that you can retain a good chunk of the audience.

22. Become A Guest Writer

This one’s very straightforward. Ask other bloggers if you can write a blog as a guest on their blog to boost traffic. Writing for other blogs will allow you to interact with a brand-new audience. If this new audience likes your blog, they might become your audience as well.

23. Focus on Content-Type

When you are writing a blog, focus on which type of content you need to create. For example, if you are talking about the best phones of 2022, then you will create a list instead of a blog. Similarly, if you are creating a tutorial on how to screen record on Windows 11, you can use a screen recorder for Windows 11. The appropriate content type will help in better ranking on search engines.

24. Use Communities to Promote Your Blogs

You can use different communities like Facebook groups or Discord servers to promote your blogs. You can try to find relevant communities that match your niche. Now, do know that you shouldn’t just start posting. That’s the easiest way to get banned. Instead, take some time out. You need to do it right, so be sure to read their rules and regulations. Yes, if you don’t abide by the rules in certain communities you can get banned.

25. Create Curiosity

When you write a blog, keep a steady pace while writing. Do not give everything away at the start, excite curiosity in the mind of the reader. Maintain this curiosity and let them read the whole blog to reveal the important things at the end of the blog.

26. Delete Old Blogs With Fewer Views

Your old blogs attract traffic but if the traffic is too less, it’s better to delete that blog. If some of your old posts have fewer views, then Google will take it as a negative sign. This impacts your site’s ranking. Instead, delete the post which didn’t get enough traffic. Once Google sees that all of the posts have good traffic, your site’s ranking will improve, increasing your traffic.

27. Write On Trending Topics

When a topic trends more and more people flood the internet to read about it. When you write on these trending topics, this traffic is diverted to your blog. One more benefit of writing on trending topics is that you never run out of topics to write on.

28. Invest in online courses

Growing your blog traffic is like growing your business, and to make sure you are on the right path, you can seek help from marketing advisors or make use of several online or PLR courses available in the market.

These were the 28 tips that would help in the tremendous growth of your blog.

Which of these tips are you going to apply in your blog? Comment and let us know about it.