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How do Instagram Accounts Get Hacked? 7 Tips to Keep Yours Safe

How do Instagram accounts get hacked? Have you ever experienced losing your account to hackers? 

From the time social media, like Facebook and Instagram, became a tool to connect people in a much easier way, worries about personal information being exposed to the abusers doubled as well.

While searching to gather information on hacking IG accounts, I was just thinking about how to inform people to help them keep their Instagram account safe.

In the following sections, we discuss issues related to Instagram hacking and how to prevent losing personal data to abusers. Then we will introduce you to the best Instagram DM app we can use without worrying about our account’s security.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a secure app to keep your personal data safe and help you manage your Instagram account, skip the article and start with DMpro now.

Can Instagram Be Hacked

I’ve got bad news for you. YES, Instagram can be hacked. Actually, anything on the internet is hackable. It’s not easy yet not impossible either. 

Sometimes, your messages might be deleted even if you can take your account back. Therefore, we suggest using a DM tool to recover deleted messages on Instagram.

Now, we’re about to tell you how hackers hack into Instagram accounts, and then we will discuss what to do for hacked accounts.

How to Log into Someone’s Instagram Without Them Being Notified

There are some ways to log into someone’s account. But, remember that, after a while, they’re going to know in one way or another.

The silliest but sometimes easiest way is to manage to get the user’s phone and steal the saved password on their IG account. Provided that the stealer doesn’t do anything and just sneaks into the account, the user may not know for a while. 

As long as they do not view stories and new DMs, like or comment under posts, and generally do nothing unusual, the users might not know someone is checking on them.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how hacking Instagram accounts has become possible, or in other words, “How do Instagram accounts get hacked?”.

How Do Instagram Accounts Get Hacked

If it were so easy to hack someone, people wouldn’t even tend to create any accounts on social media and expose their personal information to the hackers waiting in ambush. But there are some possible ways in order to hack accounts mentioned below:

  1. Some third-party apps promise to obtain the personal data of a user you want to know about. They justify their wrong behavior by saying, “we have made this app for controlling your children’s social activities,” or other stupid excuses.
  • Of course, these third-party apps can’t wholly accomplish the aim they’ve been designed for. So, don’t trust them since they can put you at risk of losing your account.

2. Hackers send you a DM and try to encourage you to give away your Instagram password. They might ask you to fill out a form, open a link, or do other similar activities. All you need to do is to report these spam messages.

  • This method works for hackers. Therefore, be careful not to open strange and anonymous links and do not enter your password, phone number, or email address to provide the ground for social abusers.

What to Do With a Hacked Instagram Account

According to Instagram help center, there are several steps to take to recover your Instagram hacked by abusers:

1. Check Your Email

First, check your email to see if Instagram has sent you anything from the “security@mail.instagram.com” address.

You may have received a message telling you that your email address has been changed.

There is this ‘revert this change’ option in the mail letting you change the email to the one you used for your IG account at first. 

There is also this possibility that the hacker has also changed your password, or you may not be able to change the email address. In this case, request a security code or login link from Instagram.

2. Request a Login Link or Security Code

First, let’s see how to request a login link.

  1. Go to the login screen, and tap ‘Get help logging in’. (Android) or ‘Forgotten password?’ (iPhone).
  2. Then, enter the information needed for logging in to your account and tap ‘Next’. If you have forgotten your account’s info, tap ‘Need more help?’ and follow the instructions.
  3. Next, insert your phone number or email address and choose ‘Send login link’.
  4. Click the login link sent to you through email or text messages. Then, follow the instructions.

Now, if this login link doesn’t work for you, you can request a security code. 

Provided that your phone supports Android system, you should go to the login screen and follow the steps below:

  1. First, tap ‘Get help logging in’.
  2. Insert your account information, tap ‘Need more help?’ and follow the instructions.
  3. Next, choose your email address or phone number and tap ‘Send security code’.
  4. Finally, if you didn’t receive any codes, tapI can’t access this email address or phone number’ and follow the instructions.

If your phone supports iOS system, go to the login screen and do as follows:

  1. First, tap ‘Need more help?’ and follow the instructions.
  2. Choose your email address or phone number and tap ‘Send security code’.
  3. Finally, if you didn’t receive any codes, tapI can’t access this email address or phone number’ and follow the instructions.

3. Verify Your Identity

At this stage, you receive an email from Instagram. Instagram asks you to provide the phone number or email address that you signed up with and the type of device you used when you first signed up (for example, iPhone).

If you had photos on your account, Instagram will ask you to take a video of yourself to ensure it’s you behind the request.

After you submit the video, you’ll receive an email from Instagram at the secure email address you provided. 

If Instagram can’t confirm your identity, you can submit another video, and they’ll review it for the second time.

Now, besides knowing “How do Instagram accounts get hacked?”, you have enough information on what to do after being hacked.

How to Know if Your Instagram Has Been Hacked

You may ask, “Is it possible NOT to know you’re being hacked?” Well yes!

Sometimes, you’re not going to know. But suppose you are an influencer, businessman, celebrity, or any other prominent figure with many followers. In that case, they might start being active on your account, and then you will surely notice it.

Any strange activity in your feed such as posting, liking, DMing, following new people, unfollowing, and removing can be a sign of being hacked.

Of course, there might be other reasons behind unusual things you see. For instance, if your Instagram DM stopped working, it doesn’t mean that have been hacked. Sometimes, you no longer have any access to your account. And sometimes, it’s an Instagram glitch that’s causing all the trouble!

Hackers either want to use your account for themselves or want to blackmail you to give back your account, or threaten to reveal your personal chats and info.

Why Are So Many Instagrams Being Hacked

The reasons for hacking an Instagram account could be different. Below are some of these reasons:

  1. The number of followers and your engagement rate matter to them.
  2. They are after the audience someone has got, for example, an audience all interested in digital art.
  3. They want to blackmail the user and threaten to reveal their data if they do not pay a certain amount of money.
  4. There might also be a political reason behind hacking a user.

Poor hackers if they just hack for the number of followers!!!!

Do you think if they knew there is a way to grow their followers naturally and mass DM to a large number of users at a time, they would hack others and put themselves in trouble? 

No matter the reason behind hacking an account, you need to know what to do, first, to prevent being hacked, and second, how to restore your account.

How Do Hackers Hack Instagram

Believe it or not, hacking someone needs knowledge; to put it in other words, it is a science.

It’s nothing we can teach you to do. Even if we knew how to hack, do you know that it’s totally an illegal act that has punishment in many countries?

However, some simple ways can put your account data in danger, for example, opening links on Instagram DM (which we talk about in the following section). So, all you need to do is make your account as secure as possible.

Can You Be Hacked Through Instagram DM

Can you get hacked by replying to a text? Actually, the most susceptible to the abuse of hackers is Instagram DM. But remember that opening the DM box alone or responding to the message has no danger for you. 

You may own an online business and send many DMs daily. You should be careful about promoting your business in your DM and know Instagram DM limits. Right? Then, you should know how to approach your potential customers, not to be ignored, and ask them to check the link for your website or IG page.

On the other hand, sometimes, YOU might receive a DM telling you to check a link, and you wonder, “well, let’s see what they’re offering”. But, before doing anything, make sure the DM is from an official account and doesn’t request personal data from your account.

Some links even pretend to be from Instagram. They ask you to take action for your account and open the link attached to the message. Why? in order to prevent your account from being deleted!!!

This way, they ask you to enter your password and email address to help protect your account from any cyber attack, and then they start blackmailing you or something similar.

So, just be cautious about the DMs that ask you to follow a process for saving or promoting your account.

Note: If you received a message or follow request from someone pretending to be someone else, don’t hesitate to report that Instagram account as hacked. 

In the following section, we introduce you to the best of DM apps in the market which can help you promote your account without the need to hack someone or gain fake followers and likes.

DMpro Keeps Your Account Secure & Attracts True Followers

DMpro is an Instagram growth service that allows you to attract a real audience for your business or your personal account. No longer do you need to think of stealing or hacking someone just to gain more followers. 🙂

DMpro, a mass-DM app, exposes your IG account to as many users as you have in mind and can give you the desired result on promoting your account.

To grasp what else DMpro is capable of doing, let’s take a look at its unique features:

DMpro features


  • DMpro sends automated DMs to your target audience and allows you to receive DMs in email and read them without users knowing.


  • Depending on the service you choose, you can send bulk DMs to a considerable number of users and provide auto-responses to save your time and energy.


  • Although DMpro sends bulk DMs, it is also cautious not to exceed Instagram DM limits per day.


  • Moreover, you have a desktop inbox to manage all your DMs and Instagram accounts just in one place.


  • Using DMpro’s ‘DM TO EMAIL’, you can recover deleted messages on Instagram DM.


  • More importantly, it’s a secure app that keeps all your data safe, and you don’t need to worry about your account being exposed to the abuse of hackers.


  • If you wish to keep some DMs forever, DMpro is also an appropriate Instagram DM saver.


  • Besides all these excellent services, DMpro provides you with an extra feature: the all-in-one bio link. This option helps you gather all your links and websites in one place and provides your audience easier access to your works, online shop, or whatever else.

So, what are you waiting for? Is there possibly a better option than DMpro? Of course, there isn’t. So, Sign up free on DMpro right now and enjoy your first try.

Now, let’s go back to our main topic, hacking on Instagram. . 

Tips for Not Being Hacked

Up to now, we have covered topics related to “How do Instagram accounts get hacked?”.

Now it’s time to discuss some issues regarding the solutions after being hacked or how to prevent that from happening. Here, we answer questions like, “someone hacked my Instagram account; how is it possible to recover it?” or, in other words, “what to do when your Instagram password gets hacked?”.

If you are curious, keep reading. You’re about to get your answers in this section.

What to Do When Someone Is Trying to Hack My Instagram?

 Not only is it essential to know “ How do Instagram accounts get hacked?” but also it is essential to know what to do when you notice on your Instagram a suspicious login attempt.

 Here is what you can do:

  1. Use a strong password. By “strong”, I don’t mean 123456. A strong password is a combination of letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. Make it unguessable and do not give it to anyone.
  2. Turn on two-factor authentication. This way, your security is much more guaranteed.
  3. Keep your email password secure, and do not share it with anyone. Make sure no one can have access to your emails except you yourself.
  4. Choose a phone number that is yours, and no one has access to. Through the phone number, you have inserted into your account, one can obtain all the necessary info for logging into your Instagram.
  5. Do not use unreliable apps, like DM apps, to promote your Instagram. People behind these apps might be fraudsters in search of gaining your personal data to enter your account.

Instead, identify the best auto DM tools for Instagram growth and then choose wisely and in proportion to your need.

  1. Check your email address and phone number in your settings. Confirm that they are correct.
  2. Go to the ‘Setting> Security> Login activity’ and check if your IG account is logged in on other devices. Log your account out on other devices.

FAQs on Instagram Features

Now that we covered questions around “ How do Instagram accounts get hacked?”, it’s time to take a look at some frequently asked questions in this section. So, let’s go.

1. How to Change Instagram Password on iPhone or Android?

In order to avoid being hacked, go and change your password to a strong one. Here is how to do so:

  1. First, tap on the profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile
  2. Next, tap the hamburger menu in the top right of your profile page, and then tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Security’ and then ‘Password’.
  4. Afterward, an email will be sent to you asking you to insert your ‘Reset password’.
  5. Finally, you get directed to a new page asking you to insert your ‘New password’.
How to change Instagram password


Now, you have successfully changed your password.

2. Is There a Way to Save Instagram DM?

As you may also know, there is no option for saving and keeping DMs. Any moment Instagram may add a new feature in order to delete old messages. Or the users who once DMed you decide to delete all their messages while you like to keep them.

As already mentioned in the article, DMpro has the feature of sending DM to email. So, even if the DMs sent to you get deleted for any reason, you have them all in your inbox forever.

That’s why we can also use DMpro as a great Instagram DM saver.


Now that you know the answer to the initial question, “How do Instagram accounts get hacked?”, do you think of securing your account against attackers?

In order to do so, you must apply all the tips we mentioned to make your account safe. More importantly, if you are a businessman or a person who wants to have their own audience, do not think of hacking someone to make your dream true. Instead, Get help from a team whose profession is to provide you with Instagram growth. So, Why not use the best of them? Sign up on DMpro and promote your Instagram account in a short time.