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How to PM on Instagram on PC or Mac + Other Devices

Most of us know how to PM on Instagram. Every day, we use this social media powerhouse to share what we want and remain in touch with others.

But knowing how to PM on Instagram might be a little confusing for those who are new to Instagram and are just becoming familiar with the platform.

No worries. If you want to find out about how to PM on Instagram, this blog is exactly what you should be reading.

Instagram’s direct messaging function, often shortened to Instagram DM, is an excellent way to keep in touch with your contacts.

Even if you don’t use Instagram for merely socializing and you’re on it as a content creator or any other reason, Instagram direct messages are definitely an incredible tool for you.

You can make use of this function to increase your sales, boost engagement, create more exposure to yourself, and gain lots of other benefits.

But you can only reap these benefits if you know how to PM on Instagram effectively and creatively.

In this blog, you’ll learn the ways you can send a private msg on Instagram.

Generally, you have two ways to chat on Instagram on any device:

  1. Use a secure Instagram messaging tool.
  2. Use Instagram Web.

So without much storytelling, let’s dive in to find out more about each way and learn how to PM on Instagram.

Use a Secure Instagram Messenger to PM on Instagram

The best way to send private msgs on Instagram is to use the best available IG messenger.

Instagram messaging tools are designed to aid Instagram users in sending private messages on the platform.

They generally make it a lot easier to view and manage Instagram messages. Still, they’re most effective when it comes to bulk DMs.

In case you’re wondering, sending direct messages in bulk refers to sending DMs to numerous accounts.

This is especially great for business profiles and content creators since these, and similar categories need to consistently find new leads and engage with their contacts using DMs.

Introducing DMpro (Best App to Send Private Msg on Instagram)

You can find various Instagram messaging tools simply by Googling the phrase ‘best dm apps’ or anything similar.

However, based on our analyses, DMpro has done a fine job of standing out pretty well among other services.

DMpro is the best available IG messenger packed with lots of useful, beneficial features that are even accessible when using a FREE account.

Let’s tell you why we recommend using DMpro and not any other tool.

DMpro’s Features

The variety of features DMpro offers users is the primary reason that has enabled it to stick out among other competitors.

They range from features as fundamental as security and privacy to ones like DM to Email.

While other platforms allow users to get Email notifications regarding the direct messages they receive, DMpro lets you send DMs from your Email of choice and receive them in it.

In simple words, this feature transforms the direct messaging experience to sending actual Emails.

The DM to Email feature is by far the most exciting and helpful when you can’t access Instagram due to any reason.

Other key features of DMpro include:

Automated DMs: experience DM automation by scheduling outbound DMs

Bulk DMs: send mass DMs to numerous accounts

Auto-respond to DMs: reply to each received DM using automatic responses

Inbox for DMs: access and organize all DMs in a fully customizable inbox

Custom DM lists: create different contact lists and use them for targeted DMs

Multi-device Support: sign in and connect your IG account on PC, Mac, and all other devices

How to PM on Instagram on PC, Mac, and Other Devices Using DMpro

No matter what operating system or device you use, DMpro allows you to use their IG messaging tool.

To get started with sending private msgs on Instagram using DMpro, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Verify your Email
  3. Sign in and go to your account’s dashboard
  4. Hit the ‘Add Instagram Account’ on the middle of the screen
  5. Enter your IG profile’s username and password
  6. Confirm your account

Once you’re done going through these steps, you’ll be taken to a page where you can begin your experience of sending DMs like a pro.

Note: DMpro will never store your Instagram account credentials. This information is solely used for connecting your IG account to their service.

How to PM on Instagram on PC, Mac, and Other Devices Without DMpro

If you don’t wish to use DMpro to PM on Instagram for any reason, you can use a web browser instead.

Regardless of the device and OS you’re using, you can send and receive direct messages on Instagram on a browser of your choice.

To PM on Instagram using a web browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Left-click on the mail icon on the upper-right side of the screen
  4. Open any of the conversations or select ‘Send Message’ to begin a new one
  5. Type in anything you want and press enter to send or simply click on ‘Send’

There you go! You’ve just learned how to PM on Instagram on any device with a web browser.

You can also check out our in-depth guide on how to DM on Instagram on PC to explore the three simple methods you can use to send direct messages on your personal computer or laptop.


That was all for how to PM on Instagram on any device.

As someone just starting out to use the platform, you shouldn’t experience much trouble sending private msgs on Instagram after reading this blog.

In case you’re still having difficulty sending PMs on Instagram, you can leave a comment below so we can help you.

But keep in mind that by using an Instagram messenger like DMpro, you’ll experience a whole new level of IG chat.

Not to mention you get to benefit from all the features discussed throughout this blog.

So why not go ahead and try it out right now just by creating a 100% free account?