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How To Sell Art on Instagram in 2022?

Every day millions of people use Instagram when they sit in a chair and want to relax and be free of anything in the world. Sometimes when they wake up, checking their Instagram accounts is the first thing they do, even before washing their face or having breakfast.

You might be smiling right now because you can probably relate, right? So, you see, you have a great opportunity to be recognized on this platform if you are an artist.

In this article, we will show you how to sell art on Instagram . There are some basic guidelines for posting your content and some helpful tips to encourage IG users to be more active on your page and become your supporters. Most importantly, we introduce the best platform to help you be more recognized by people and send bulk DMs very quickly and make money through your fans’ engagement.

How to Get Your Art Noticed on Instagram?

First things first, think of an eye-catching username for your account. Your username is somehow a representative of your art. Then, create a logo design for your Instagram account and make sure it is good enough not to change it every day. The bio section is also important; you should introduce your art so briefly and smartly in your bio.

The next step is to switch your account to a professional one in your ‘Setting. Tap ‘Account’, and there you can choose the ‘Switch to professional account option.

When you post your content, you should also pay attention to the things below:

Use Different Hashtags and Tag Related Accounts

Hashtags help you be seen by many people and get your art noticed on Instagram. Use up to 30 different hashtags that are related to the kind of art you are representing. Both trending hashtags and less-used ones are necessary. The latter shows its importance when your post gets lost among so many other similar posts with the same trending hashtags.

Tagging other accounts in your posts or stories will also increase the chance of becoming popular. This way, other artists can see your work and support you by reposting your art on their Instagram and encouraging their audience to follow you. They may even buy from you or introduce you to other people who are interested in the type of art you display.

Write Appropriate Captions and Award Your Followers with Giveaways

Explain necessary points in your caption. But remember that long captions are tiring to the eyes. So, make it short and simple. Besides, you can use tried and tested tools to facilitate your job. The authors of has a lot of great tips on how to write the perfect caption for your Instagram photos. A good caption can make or break a post, so it’s important to take the time to craft something that will engage your followers and encourage them to double-tap.

You may also encourage your followers to give their opinions in the comment section. Free giveaways of your art are good motivation for writing comments. Tell your followers to be active, and pick your winners from commenters and active users.

Keep Your Connection with Your Followers and Mass DM on Instagram

If you’d like to build an online presence as an artist, you should also reply to your followers’ comments and form a strong bond. DM your targeted audience manually or try a reliable IG messenger. Here you can read how to mass DM on Instagram. This is how people have the opportunity to take a look at your account and follow you if they like your art.

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How to Promote Your Art on Instagram?

Now that you know the primary things about getting your art noticed, let’s see how to promote your art on Instagram. (It’s not hard; everyone can do it easily.)

Go Live Sometimes and Use IGTV and Instagram Reels

Reels and videos seem more interesting than images. Go live and talk about the process of your work. Record behind the scenes and the work in progress. Talk about your upcoming plans and ask your followers to share their ideas and support you.

Check Instagram Insights and Make Q & A Polls, Quizzes, etc.

Try to engage your followers on your page. Ask questions in your posts and make Q & A polls in your stories to know about their favorites. This way, Instagram will also recognize you as an active and caring user. Make highlights of your stories and choose a proper cover image on your highlights. People are attracted to beauty unconsciously, so do whatever makes your Instagram account nice-looking. 

Instagram options to post stories

How to Make Money as an Artist on Instagram?

Finally, you want to have your own business, don’t you?  You just need to have information about the algorithms of Instagram and use it to your advantage. Read the following part, and I’ll tell you how to make money on Instagram.

Attach a Link to IG Bio and Ask Your Followers to Write Their Reviews

Direct your followers to your website so that they can buy your works. Instagram’s in-app cart is another option for your fans to go to and purchase your artwork. Gain followers with the best DM apps to manage messages and promote your business.

Then, dedicate a highlight to your users’ reviews and their satisfaction after their purchase. This is how you can gain other followers’ trust and interest in buying your works.

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Follow Other Artists of The Same Career and Suggest a Teamwork

To become recognized by people, follow other artists in your field of activity. Instagram would distinguish the field of your occupation this way. You can also suggest teamwork with famous artists if you are good enough at your work. Teamwork can be money-making for both sides.

Accept Art Commissions Sometimes and Post on a Regular Basis

If you are wondering how to sell on Instagram you need to know that you can make money by accepting art commissions. People like to have unique works of art, something they just own, not others. So, tell them that you welcome art commissions.

Instagram also needs to know that you feel responsible for your work. So, post regularly and have a schedule for it. Pay attention to Instagram Insights to see when your followers are most active.

More Simple Tips on How to Sell Art on Instagram

  • Be consistent, and don’t give up if your art is not seen at first.
  • Do the research and see how others became successful in the same field of activity.
  • Take good pictures of your work ( of course, if it is not digital art.). Low-quality images are a great danger to all your attempts.
  • Don’t post contents that are not really worth it. This can easily ruin all your efforts.
  • Consider a budget for advertising. Anyone interested in the type of your art will become a fan if they see a preview of your art on other pages.
  • Another way of advertising is sending DMs. Here you can find out how many DMs you can send over Instagram per day.


How to sell art on Instagram? In short, if you want to start your artistic business, first change your account into a professional account and choose your username and logo carefully. Be cautious about what you write, whether it’s your bio, captions, or even hashtags. 

Engage your followers as far as you can and use the tools that make your account appealing to their eyes. Use both videos and images and be creative in making posts and stories. 

Also, introduce your business to people in their DMs and let a professional platform do it right for you and save your time. In fact, you can simply sign up on  DMpro and enjoy your Instagram growth without any concerns.

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