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Instagram DM Group

Instagram DM Groups vs. Instagram Engagement Groups

In this article, you will find out how Instagram Direct Messaging (DM) groups work and how you can join an insane amount of DM groups in a short time without being message banned and how to make sure your messages get read.

What is an Instagram DM (Direct Messaging) group and how does it work?

A DM group is just a group of Instagram users, usually about 10 to 15 people and they all team up to engage on each other’s content in order to hit the explore page. The reason why DM groups work and engage on each other’s content is that Instagram needs to test whether the content is good or not. The only factor Instagram can use to determine the content’s quality is through engagement. Engagements are the only factors that Instagram can use, and the only data they can collect to see if a post should go viral or not.

By joining DM groups and driving massive traffic in a very short timeframe you get Instagram to think that your post has great quality and they put it on the explore page. As long as the explore page engagement stays high, Instagram will know for sure by their data that your post is good and they will leave it there for an extended amount of time. The longer your post is on the explore page the more viral you will be and it is how you see people going from literally 0 to 100k in 2 or 3 months, and also from six-figure to seven-figure impressions with barely any followers on an account which is the fastest way to go ahead and grow an account.

There are three ways to join a DM group!

Even exchange

The first way you join a DM group is called “even exchange”. For example, you’re doing something and another person is doing something too. This would allow you to get into a DM group. It usually can be something like this “Hey, I saw your Instagram online account and I’m really impressed with the way you’re managing it and your engagement. I’m looking to join more DM groups with accounts like yours. Do you have any available or would you like to create one with me? Let me know what I can do in exchange.”

When you say “Let me know what I can do in exchange”, you make it very clear that you’re not just trying to freeload off of them and you’re actually willing to do something if something is done for you. This is some sort of even exchange that can lead both parties to benefit.


The second way is you pay to get into a DM group. This is probably the easiest way because you just slide yourself right in through pay and you normally get into pretty good ones, but the problem is you are paying and it’s not ideal for everyone. The paid message should be structured something like this.

At the top of your message write “WILLING TO PAY”. This is pretty catchy and will definitely be seen. Leave a few spaces and say “Hey, I saw your account and I’m really impressed. I wanted to know if you had any DM groups open for sale. I would really like to pay and get in one with you”.

Form your own group

The third way is to simply just form your own. It’s not as fast as paying and not as easy as joining in exchange but when you have nothing to exchange you have to start somewhere.

Your message should be like this. “Hey, I saw your account and I’m super impressed. I’m looking to start up a DM group with more accounts like yours. I’m in the process of getting more people in this DM group. Would you like to join?”

This will typically have a very good success rate because you’re giving and not asking for anything and they are benefiting 100% of the way without doing anything. It is so easy to form DM groups like this when you’re simply creating a giving value.

The faster you go ahead and get to DM groups especially when you use these methods they will get open rates. People will see and view them but you have to put the work into getting the messages out there. But how can you do it without getting banned?

Things have changed on Instagram a little bit and they really crackdown on spam, so take into account these rules and play it safe just that you don’t end up with a 24-hour message ban on your account.

The first thing you should know is the fact you are allowed to send 10 to 15 messages per hour per account with at least a 1-minute break between each message. The best possible way of sending out tons of messages without getting banned is by making every single message different. DMpro has one of the smartest and best DM tools ever to make the whole Instagram DM campaign fully automated, scalable, and worry-free to follow all the rules of Instagram. You even can make 100s of variations of one DM in one message using some innovative syntaxes.

Let’s do some stats here. If you do 10 messages per hour there are 24 hours in a day and at the end of that one day you would have sent out about 240 messages. At that rate, about 50 to 100 people will probably go ahead and respond and that is how you can literally get into almost a hundred DM groups in one single day.  Imagine if instead of 10 per day you did 15 per day or you make each message completely different, so it looks nothing like spam and you’re doing 20 messages a day. After three days you’ll be sitting on a goldmine worth of DM groups and your content will have no choice but to go viral.