DMpro vs Instalex an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging

//DMpro vs Instalex an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging

DMpro vs Instalex an overview of two apps in Instagram messaging

DMpro vs Instalex

Continuing by our list comparing Instagram mechanization media of around the web, today we’re examining at Instalex.

What is Instalex? According to their website,

“Instalex Is an acknowledged program for SMM advertising. Great software for Promoting and Organic Growth toward Instagram accounts. Using our help, you can qualitatively unwind your Instagram account, bring new Instagram followers, likes and comments. Instalex – the selection of expert marketers and company partners.”

Our judgment consisted of four sections:

  • Setup
  • Connecting Instagram account
  • Features
  • Maintenance






Once on dmpro.the app, click on “START FREE” in the top right corner of our homepage. Or in the bottom middle of the screen.

DMpro webpage

Then implement your surname, email, plus wanted password.

DMpro signup

Finally, add your Instagram account by providing your login information.

DMpro login

That’s all! You’re ready to use DMpro. No download required.

With DMpro, you don’t need verification via email or download. Moreover, DMpro’s platform is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Persian.



Get excited by Instalex via visiting

When on the main menu, click on “SIGNUP”.

Instalex just for $1

Instalex later asks you for your email and to generate a password.


Connecting Instagram Accounts



While you are finished with the settings, you next need to join your IG account.

By making so, on your dashboard, bang on “Add Instagram Account” and enter your IG username and identification. For any accounts, Instagram might send a 6-digit code that DMpro instructions ask for.

DMpro dashboard

When you are done with the connecting step, you can see your account on the dashboard. With DMpro, you also can add multiple Instagram accounts.



Connecting your Instagram account is as easy as giving your Instagram username plus username.

You also ought to choose your country whether or not you want to apply any Proxy.

Before joining your account, you additionally have to make assured it passes all of Instalex’s checkboxes.

Before you start




As these attending for higher inbox customization plus the capability to communicate automated, targeted DMs, in addition to remaining capable of sending even Instagram messages from your desktop, reconsider utilizing a gadget like DMpro. The set offers:

  • strong targeting
  • DM to Email and Vice Versa
  • Desktop Inbox
  • DM via Multiple IG



Instalex grants the following features:

  • Auto Follow, Unfollow, Likes, Comments and DMs
  • Desktop DM Inbox
  • Track New Comments
  • Comments Reply and Chat
  • Auto SPAM Comments Removal System
  • Remove Comments
  • Comment Filters and Marks
  • Post and Story Scheduling

You can target your activity based on:

  • Hashtags
  • Location
  • Influencer relation
  • Lists of usernames

Instalex automatically performs actions on your behalf to get the attention of relevant people on Instagram and attract to your own Instagram page.


Instalex dashboard.

Because you’re getting the care of your target public (through the hashtag, location, and competitor relation targeting), the frames who do eventually visit your page are likely to turn to your followers.


Maintenance and Support



If for whatever reason, something forces your DM to stop, the team will automatically let you know through email and provide possible solutions. Use the link.

DMpro customer support



The preponderance of Instalex’s action is automated and needs little support after setting up your targeting.

Instalex additionally offers a live chatbot for anyone with problems.

Instalex message






DMpro presents you with a 5-day free trial offer pervasive functionality besides none frontier for the number of supporters, likes, or views you can receive.

After this 5-day trial, you can proceed to utilize this scheduler, auto DMs, and the DM inbox for free.

To make all of this DMpro points after your complimentary trial, you can see DMpro’s rates below:

DMpro prices


Instalex’s prices can be found below:

Instalex price

You pay on a feature-basis, indicating that if you use automatic growth, you only pay $13/month.

However, if you want to do automated growth and automatic DMs, then you have to pay $26/month. If you want to follow comments, then that’s an additional $13/month, bringing your total to $39/month.

To handle all of Instalex’s features, you have to pay $52/month.

It should be seen that there’s a three-day free trial.



If you are looking for single-service Instagram tools with many choices for customization, then Instalex is an excellent choice. Unless for an easier-to-use and more automized DM solution, then DMpro is the engine for you.

Here’s a judgment of what both growth tools offer monthly:

DMpro ($15/month)

  • DMs 
  • Desktop DM inbox
  • Live support
  • The automatic answer to the comments

Instalex ($52/month)

  • Countless auto Likes follows and unfollows
  • Target by hashtag, location, competitor relation, or personal list
  • Desktop DM inbox
  • Track new comments
  • Comments reply and chat
  • Auto SPAM comments removal system
  • Remove comments
  • Comment filters and marks
  • Post and Story scheduling


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