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Instamber Review: Behind Closed Doors

As Instagram is becoming more and more powerful in the world of business, many IG  users are looking for a way to be a part of the game. It’s not easy to attract a real audience for your account, though. So, users must think of a shortcut for promoting their accounts, and using reliable third-party apps is one of the available shortcuts these days. In this post, we are going to review Instamber which falls under the category of such tools. 

Together, we’ll find out if Instamber is a wise choice and take a look at one of the best DM apps which helps your growth on Instagram.

Pro tip: If you are searching for a good tool to expose your IG account to more users and send Instagram auto messages to several users at the same time, skip the article and start with DMpro right now.

Does Instamber work

Before discussing anything, it’s necessary to inform you that Instamber [as a tool] doesn’t work anymore. Therefore, you can’t find any specific login or signup entry on their website.

However, you can find a website with the same name which posts about different social media [including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.] and provides tutorials, news, and tips for the readers.

So, whatever we review in this article is just about Instamber when it functioned as “the Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter marketing tool”.

What Was Instamber

Instamber, like many other social media tools,  was a web-based growth bot for Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. And here, in this post, we will specifically talk about its features for Instagram. Instamber claimed to provide real followers for your account. Using Instamber, one could:

  1. Send automated DMs.
  2. Manage posts and comments on their account.
  3. Get help from its search tool.
  4. Buy likes and views.
  5. Target IG users based on hashtags and geotags.

In the following sections, we are going to take a thorough look at Instamber features. Let’s go.

Auto DMs

Instamber sent automated DMs to your target audience and encouraged users to follow you or visit your page. It also targeted a number of users who were following the same hashtags that you chose in the app.

There was also this opportunity to create templates and use links in these DMs. 

Post & Comment Managing

Using Instamber, users could set a time for posting their content. One could post as much content as they liked in the draft folder and arrange a time for each post to be published.

There was a problem, though. You couldn’t send auto comments on Instamber. All you could do was to delete, reply and mark them as important so that you could take care of them later.

Search Tool

The Instamber search tool claimed to help the users target accounts that were interested in their line of work. Therefore, this feature could allegedly lead more potential customers to follow your page. 

Buying Likes & Views

As it is obvious from the heading, buying likes and views was another option provided by Instamber.

These likes and views could be divided between different posts or saved for future content.

Instamber Pricing

Instamber had different prices for different packages. Below, there is a list of their various plans.

Instamber pricing according to SocialPros

Why Was Instamber Banned

Let’s start with the company’s name. Instamber has violated Instagram rules since the words ‘Insta’ and ‘Gram’  have been copyrighted by Instagram and any company using these two terms can be sued. This fact alone could have tolled the death knell for Instamber. 

Another reason could be the amount of dissatisfaction Instamber’s customers experienced by using their services.

Notice: Remember not to go for a platform that has got many bad reviews and is violating Instagram terms of use under any circumstances.

Instamber Reviews: Pros & Cons

First, let’s see what positive points Instamber had for its users:

  • You didn’t need any other software for using Instamber.
  • You could add more than one account to your Instamber dashboard
  • Instamber had a secure website.
  • It also had some services for other social media like TikTok and Twitter.
  • The prices of the packages were logical and affordable.

Now that we have covered Instamber’s pros, it’s time to take a look at its negative aspects based on reviews:

  • As a mass-DM tool, it didn’t send enough DMs per day.
  • Instamber didn’t take any actions if the users were not connected to the internet. But when they were connected, the tool exceeded IG limits for DMs, likes, and follows. In this situation, Instamber used to like and follow IG accounts 24/7 which made it more obvious to Instagram that there is a bot behind such activities.
  • Many users paid for the packages but didn’t receive any services.
  • The customer services didn’t answer their needs and told them to request PayPal for their refund even if they hadn’t used PayPal in the first place. In short, canceling orders on Instamber seemed to be just a sweet dream.
  • There are many bad reviews about Instamber on Trustpilot (which we’ll address in the following section)
  • Instamber could get your account banned or suspended after a while.
  • One had to buy a package to see what working with Instamber was really like.

Instamber Review Based on Customers

There are some bad reviews on Trustpilot that questioned the authority of this tool from the first day. Here are some of the problems users faced by using this tool:

  • Their purchased services didn’t work and Instamber refused to give a refund in such cases.
  • They lacked good customer support and didn’t answer emails.
Instamber refused to refund for its faulty services
  • The app used to work intermittently. For instance, it worked for hours and then failed to function for days.
  • Free trial was almost fine, but after you purchased the service, it didn’t work anymore.
  • Instamber didn’t work on Mac and they hadn’t mentioned this on their website. [While there are other services that even allow you to DM on your Mac laptop.]
Instamber not working on Mac

Is Instamber Legit

As a website that gives you tips on different social media, yes, it looks legit, but as an Instagram follower bot, we can’t tell you it was. The fact that even the name of this tool violates Instagram guidelines is enough to prove that it was not a good option as an Instagram helper for growing your Instagram account.

DMpro: The Best Alternative to Instamber

DMpro is the best alternative to Instamber as it gives you the opportunity to send auto DMs on Instagram even if you use its free plan. As a bulk-DM app, DMpro exposes your account to the users that are considered to be your target audience.

DMpro Features

Here are some other features of DMpro which distinguish it from those of its competitors:

  • Using DMpro’s automation feature for sending messages, you no longer need to buy unsafe packages for Instagram DMs on other platforms.
  • You can target your audience and provide them with news on your new services, products, etc.
  • DMpro allows you to read and answer your DMs through your email without the read receipt.
  • The DMpro mass-DM feature allows users to send DMs to multiple users all at the same time.
  • This fantastic service also cares not to exceed the limits of Instagram for sending DMs and is cautious not to send the exact same messages to all users
  • You can also provide auto-responses for some of the FAQs and save your time.
  • There is a desktop inbox in which you are able to organize all your DMs in a single place.
  • ‘DM TO EMAIL’ is yet another amazing option on DMpro. Using this feature, you can even recover deleted messages on your Instagram.
  • This amazing Instagram DM bot has a free plan and is so secure that you don’t have to worry about your personal info anymore.
  • In addition to all these great services, this wonderful automation tool can give you one more option to promote your account. DMpro provides you with the all-in-one bio link. If you have a website or other social media accounts, you can gather them all in one place using the bio link that you can create on DMpro.

Considering all these great features, what are you waiting for? 

Sign up for free right now on DMpro and enjoy DMing your followers and audience.

FAQs on Instagram Tools

Now that we covered some issues around Instamber reviews, it’s time to take a look at other frequently asked questions around Instamber.

#1 What Did Instamber Do as a TikTok Bot?

As a TikTok bot, Instamber also claimed to attract real followers. 

To target the right audience, it also used to consider some elements like language, gender, usernames, and hashtags.

Some say Instamber as a TikTok bot would give clients a growth report, and the sign-up process was a piece of cake. The pricing of the packages was also definite which was a good point.

But based on Jonathan Spire review, again there was no customer support after users bought a package and some users wrote bad reviews about this tool since they couldn’t even connect their account to Instamber’s services at all. There was also no information about the team behind their bot which made it seem more and more unreliable.

#2 Is It Possible to Sell on Instagram DM?

Yes, it sure is. But if you want to do it on your own and sell your services or products by DMing people manually, you’re gonna have a hard time. Therefore, you’d better ask for help to sell on Instagram DM.

Note: Don’t forget that using a good Instagram tool like DMpro is the best option you’ve got in this situation.


In short, if you are in search of a good tool to send mass DMs (and not be recognized as an Instagram spammer), the wisest thing is to assign this task to a reliable DM app and save your time for creating your content.

So, Start your free plan on DMpro right now.