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Instavast Review: Is Instavast Legit for Instagram Growth?

With an increasing number of daily users and fans, Instagram is becoming one of the most powerful tools in the world of business. Many new and old niches are investing their money in Instagram and trying to grow their IG account by increasing the number of their followers and boosting users’ activity on their page. If you are reading this article on Instavast, you are likely one of those who are looking for a way to promote their IG account.

So, what do people do to become noticed by Instagram users? Some of them go the right way for their Instagram growth and attract followers by learning the techniques of producing content on Instagram and using appropriate tools. On the other hand, a greater number of such business owners choose the wrong way and use destructive bots to increase their followers and become rich overnight.

Yet, how do you know the service you’re considering will help you or harm your account?! That’s when reviews come in. Here in this post, we are going to take a look at Instavast. After a thorough Instavast review, we’ll be talking about a good alternative and introduce you to one of the best DM apps available on the market to promote your IG account.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a safe app to start growing your Instagram account, skip this article and sign up free on DMpro right away.

Does Instavast Work

First of all, it’s necessary to inform you that for the time being, it does not work and you can not enter the Instavast login page. It sounds like Instagram has banned the tool completely.

However, we examine Instavast’s pros & cons and provide some info on one of the best Instavast alternatives. Let’s go.

What Was Instavast

Based on Instavast reviews, it was an Instagram bot made for those who were looking for Instagram growth. 

As the company itself claimed, it was an Instagram automation tool that did whatever a normal user does on Instagram.

Instavast’s services included liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, mass DMing, and even posting content, all automatically.

Instavast Review of the Features

In this section, we take a brief look at the features of Instavast and then see to what extent these features came in handy based on Instavast reviews.

Post Scheduler

Instavast claimed that it could post one’s content on their IG account whenever they set the time in the bot. They said all the user needed to do was to upload the post in the bot, write the caption, and then set a time for publishing the post. 

Instavast also generated the first comment automatically to stimulate other users to start a conversation in the ‘Comments’ section.

Automated Direct Messages

Instavast also enables you to send direct messages to your target audience and introduces you to IG users and asks them to follow your account. 

According to Platypus Reviews, this feature of Instavast worked so poorly. It would target random accounts and send mass DMs to those who weren’t even interested a bit in the content the user had posted.

Comment Tracker

Based on the company’s assertions, Instavast gathered the data of comments and sent them directly to the users’ emails.

Besides, users could create custom inboxes in order to put different types of comments in separate categories and prioritize which one to take care of first.  

On the Instavast dashboard, there was also an archive of all the received, deleted, and replied comments. 

Buying Likes and Video Views

One can buy fake Instagram comments, likes, and video views for a post, but unfortunately, nothing fake can help your Instagram grow. Instavast tried to give you a satisfactory feeling with likes and views. It promised to bring about real engagement but, based on clients’ comments and reviews, no specific likes and comments were received.

Client’s comment about buying likes on Instavast


Furthermore, Instavast never declared how many likes or views it could get for IG accounts. And according to Instavast reviews, users didn’t see any specific change in likes and views on their posts at all.

Hashtag Generator & Smart Hashtag Targeting

The Instavast hashtag generator was supposed to create hashtags based on the URL, photo, post, or keywords. Hashtags are used to expose your posts to more users. However, I think bots are not that smart to write an appropriate hashtag based on a photo!

Banned Hashtags

Since Instavast claimed to provide a list of banned hashtags, users could search for hashtags and see whether they can use them or not. 

Instagram Downloader

Using the post URLs or the usernames, Instavast allowed users to download the content they wanted from a specific account

Competitors Followers Targeting

Instavast claimed that it could target the followers of your competitors and turn them into followers. But according to Instavast reviews, users had to follow accounts manually and Instavast didn’t do much at all.

Customer’s opinion on followers targeting on Instavast

Instavast Review

According to reviews, to use Instavast, users needed to download an app and this app was too suspicious to be called safe. The fact that everything happens so robotically puts one’s account in high danger of being banned and deleted.

For using any feature of Instavast, users had to buy each service separately which was not economical. For instance, once you had to pay for automated DMing and once for buying likes and views. In addition, they were not clear about this issue, and clients found out about the pricing when they wanted to check out.

For the free trial, they also demanded personal info like phone number which is so weird why email doesn’t suffice for a free trial!!!

As mentioned earlier, they also didn’t target audiences appropriately and sent DMs to the ones they shouldn’t have. (This might lead to being reported as spam by IG users.)

Another interesting fact is that choosing app names including ‘Insta’ has copyright issues. One of the reasons that Instavst got banned might be due to the illegal usage of the word ‘Insta’ in its name in the first place.

Additionally, there were no on-site reviews about their services when the bot still worked.

Lacking a committed support team was also another problem. Instavast users didn’t get any answers for their issues.

Review on Instavast support service

DMpro: The Best Instavast Alternative

DMpro is the best Instagram automation tool that gives you the chance to attract a real audience for your business or your personal account through DMing. 

As a mass-DM app,  DMpro exposes your account to as many users as you wish in order to promote your account.

Now let’s take a look at other unique features of DMpro:

  • DMpro sends your pre-prepared DMs to your target audience and introduces you to  the users you have in mind. Not only that, you can DM users for different purposes like providing info on new services, new collections of works, and so on.
  • It allows you to receive and answer DMs in email and read them without the read receipt.
  • Bulk DMing is another appealing feature of DMpro. When you want to send the same message to a number of people (and also not be recognized as a bot), DMpro sends mass DMs to your target users. This amazing service is also careful not to exceed Instagram DM limits per day and uses some alternatives for some of the words in messages not to cause your Instagram account to get banned.
  • On DMpro, you can provide auto-responses for users’ frequently asked questions to save your time and energy.
  • Additionally, you have a desktop inbox in which you can organize all your message in one place.
  • Using DMpro’s ‘DM TO EMAIL’, one can also recover deleted messages on Instagram DM.
  • DMpro is a secure app that keeps your data safe and you don’t need to be worried about getting hacked.
  • If you like to keep some DMs forever, DMpro can give you that opportunity (by activating ‘DM TO EMAIL’).
  • Besides, this excellent automation tool provides an extra feature for those who have a website and other social media accounts and that is the all-in-one bio link. This way, followers have easier access to your other social media accounts, online shops, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up free on DMpro right now and enjoy your first try.

FAQs on Instavast

Now that we covered a brief Instavast review in this post,  it’s time to take a look at some frequently asked questions on Instavast and examine other available automation tools like Combin and Instazood. Let’s go.

#1 Does Instavast Automatically Follow People?

As we mentioned earlier Instavast doesn’t work anymore. But based on Instavast reviews, for the time it still worked, it automatically followed and even unfollowed accounts.

#2 Is Instavast Safe?

Even if Instavast worked right now, it would be so risky to suggest to you to use it due to all the deficiencies we mentioned earlier. You’d better be careful which tools to use for your Instagram growth since you may lose your account at the cost of it.

#3 Instavast VS. Combin: Which One Works Better?

Combin is another Instagram automation tool that has two plans for users: Growth and Scheduler plans. Growth plan’s features are as follows:

  • Growth and performance statistics
  • Advanced Instagram search
  • Gender, language, and audience size targeting
  • Machine learning user analysis
  • Audience management and export
  • Repetitive action automation
  • Multiple Instagram accounts management
  • Instagram stories mass viewing

On the other hand, Scheduler plan’s features include:

  • Scheduling ahead & instant posting
  • Fully automated publishing
  • Image size editing
  • Locations tagging
  • Hashtags and accounts mentioning
  • Bulk stories uploading

As you can see there are some mutual features between Instavast and Combin such as scheduling ahead, publishing automated posts, and using hashtags.

But there are some deficiencies in Combin’s operating features as well.

 Based on Combin reviews, Combin sometimes unfollows genuine followers.

Users also get blocked multiple times using Combin and their accounts totally crash.  Even some declare their account was hacked or banned after using Combin.

Users also assert that they had payment issues since they paid for the package but received no service in exchange.

Also, the automation system of Combin seems not to work. For instance, ‘Likes’ are barely gained for some users.

#4 Instavast VS. Instazood: Which Is Better?

Instazood is yet another Instagram bot and is pretty much the same as Instavast. Why? Since it automatically likes, follows, unfollows, tracks comments, views stories, DMs, and schedules posts.

But unfortunately, it has got many bad reviews. As we searched the name to gain some info on how it works, we realized that the company has also changed its name, and now it is called Izood

Based on reviews by users, the bot doesn’t work at all. They charge you a lot of money and offer no particular service. Besides, there seems to be no support team behind this bot to answer your questions, and getting a refund is just like a sweet dream. 

Users’ review of Instazood features


To sum it up, is Instavast any good?

Based on the fact that Instavast isn’t working right now, it is not a good idea to encourage you to use such a bot even if it starts working again. It is just a big risk to do so. Instead, you can use DMpro to guarantee increasing engagement on your account. So, sign up free on DMpro and start your free plan today.