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MobileMonkey Review: A Thorough Guide

Have you ever used the Mobile Monkey app?
If you are a marketer you may have heard about MobileMonkey, which allows you to create chat bot automation for Instagram. You may even think it is the best Instagram DM app.
So, if you’re considering the Mobile Monkey bot for growing your business, you should see into the reviews to make an informed decision.
This blog will review all the positives and negatives of this tool and the best alternative app available on the market. If you’re searching for a thorough MobileMonkey review, read on; you’ve come to the right place!

Note: In case you’re looking for a reliable DM app, you can skip the article and try DMpro now.

What Is MobileMonkey

The Mobile Monkey app is a chatbot platform on Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and websites. Basically, it lets you create your messaging tools to automate sales and customer service.
As such, you can easily connect with your audience and keep an eye on hot leads.

Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey Features

The patented OmniChat technology is MobileMonkey’s main source of pride. OmniChat enables you to automate communication across multiple messaging apps. Best of all, your incoming communication will be delivered to a single inbox. So, this service has some features of a chat bot automation:

1. Access a chatbot on several platforms
2. Integrate live chat
3. Get analytics on your growth and chatbot activity

MobileMonkey also offers Instachamp which is both a growth service and an Instagram DM automation tool, allowing you to:

Mobile Monkey Pros & cons

So, before you pay, read about all of the things provided by the app! Let’s start with its pros and cons:

MobileMonkey Pros

1. Available on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
2. Focus on improving customer support.
3. Great chatbot templates.

MobileMonkey cons

1. Costly offers
2. Inconsistency in its performance
3. A clueless customer support team
Also, it has 3.6 stars on Trustpilot. Compared to other Instagram messaging apps like DMpro which has 4.6 stars on Trustpilot, Mobile Mokey has not performed well among its audience!

MobileMonkey Reviews

In terms of users’ reviews, it is hard to say that the Mobile Monkey messenger is trustworthy. That is, most of its clients have been unhappy with the services for one reason or another!
Now, we are going to check what REAL users think about the app.

Mobile Monkey client review

Lots of users complain about the money that they lost and never got back, even if they lost their business. Also, it’s claimed that the MobileMonkey team is awful.

MobileMonkey review by customer

َAll in all, it’s on you to decide whether using the Mobile Monkey bot would be worth the trouble and the risks or not. After all, not all social media management tools are supposed to help!

What Is The Best MobileMonkey Alternative

As a matter of fact, if you want to have a trustworthy mobile messenger app, you should find the best alternative for the MobileMonkey company. So far, we’ve provided reviews for Jarvee, BigBangram, and other DM automation tools which could serve as alternatives. But among all of the services reviewed, the best one so far has been DMpro!
DMpro is an effective Instagram DM app where you can easily turn your audience into your clients by using a whole host of features offered.
Have you ever had a personal assistant? How much should you pay for its services? Think about it!
It takes a considerable amount of time and money to look for and hire an account manager you can actually rely on. So, why don’t you use DMpro as your personal assistant on Instagram?!

DMpro: The Best Mobile Monkey Alternative

As mentioned earlier DMpro is the best DM app you can find in the market. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  1. Download IG messages: DMpro has a service for managing your IG direct messages, as well as an efficient Instagram DM saver with which you can download DM.
    2. Sort Instagram DM to download on PC
    3. Send bulk messages to different groups of your potential audience. Depending on your strategy, you can target ‘current followers,’ ‘new followers,’ ‘followers of an influencer,’ and ‘hashtag users.’
    4. DMpro’s variable text snippets can help you avoid sending the same message to multiple users.
    5. Send auto-responses to users’ DMs and frequently asked questions.
    6. Manage all your DM in all your IG accounts.
    7. Use your inbox as a direct saver for Instagram and also respond to your DMs through your inbox on DMpro.
    8. Add all of your website’s bio links to your Instagram bio.

DMpro Reviews

DMpro has been highly recommended on reliable websites like Trustpilot because of the great scores it has received from its clients.
You can see some of them blow.

DMpro client review


How to Start with DMpro

Let’s take a quick look at how the DMpro app works.
1. First, sign up on DMpro and connect your Instagram account to the dashboard
2. Secondly, click on ‘Access’
3. Now, you can choose any of the features to start DMing!
Here, you can see below the dashboard of DMpro and its features.

FAQs on MobileMonkey Review

Let’s see what other people have asked about the Mobile Monkey app. Take a quick look at these questions to understand this service better.

#1 Which Is Better: MobileMonkey or DMpro?

As we know from the users’ reviews, they found DMpro much more useful and trustworthy.

Moreover, you can read the pros and cons of DMpro and MobileMonkey here:

DMpro Pros and cons:

  • Good customer support
  • A better outreach to your target audience by using IG DM
  • Bulk DM to your target audience
  • Connecting Instagram DM to your email
  • Bio-link tool

DMpro cons:

  • DMpro only works on IG

Mobile Monkey app pros and cons:

  • Available on Facebook and Instagram
  • Bad costumer support
  • Not cost-effective
  • Hard to use

Some of the features:

featuresDMproMobile Monkey
Increase Instagram engagement by using IG DM
Bio link tool
text snippets

#2 How Do I Remove Mobile Monkey from Facebook?

Go to your Facebook setting and tap on the down caret in the header. Then, find the Instagram business account in the sidebar and tap on it to visit the list of applications that have access to your account and remove the tool from there.


All in all, you just read the complete review of the MobileMonkey and its pros and cons, and its best alternative – DMpro.
Also, you are well aware of the impacts of using DM on your Instagram growth. So, don’t miss the opportunity and sign up today!
If you’ve worked with MobileMonkey or DMpro before, leave us a comment below and tell us all about it!