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Guest Post

Navigating Your First Blog Post: Essential Precautions for New Bloggers

Blogging has grown up exponentially in recent years, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry being seen embarking on one blog or the other. With several free-of-cost blogging platforms like Blogspot and WordPress, the idea of coming up with blogs has simply become easy. You can find blogs on every topic under the sun and over the moon on the web landscape. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or an amateur one, you had come across something new and interesting experience while writing down your first blog post.

Precautions Before Writing

Writing the first blog post is often an interesting and incredible experience and at the same time a daunting job as well, which is very much inevitable. It is often an intimidating job to jot down the first blog post owing to inexperience and no exposure to the domain of blogging. However, there are resources available to assist you in this process. For instance, AssignmentPay offers a writing service that can provide valuable guidance and support in creating compelling blog posts.

Once you come up with your blog, you have to pass through this stage of writing down the first blog. It is always better to check certain cautions and precautions while writing as these would help you tread the right path of blogging. Let’s explore them further in the following paragraph.

Overcome Your Fear

When it comes to writing down the first post for your blog, you are often seen with some kind of apprehension about blogging or writing. The reasons could be two; you may be too scared to try out this on your own or secondly may not know what to write. Most of the time, it is both reasons that can be valid while you plan to write down the first post for your blog. As per experts and even studies, it is obvious to see these two reasons when a newly turned blogger has to write his or her blog post for the first time.

One of the best ways to get away from this fear or the darkness of ignorance is to attempt the same thing. Once you make up your mind to write down the blog post, you will start putting all your efforts to embark on a quality blog post. The fact is you have so many ways of getting started, and when you start researching the subject, you can come across several ways of beating your fear and moving ahead to write down quality blog posts.

Chalk Out a Basic Outline

Thinking of writing down your first blog post can be a daunting and scary experience; however, once you move ahead you can easily overcome these issues. If you have something big to write you can think of breaking them into digestible parts. This will certainly make things simple for you. You could even think of writing down the main points first and then head back to write down a proper introduction.

You need to test for things that simply work for you. However, as per experts, you should jot down the introduction first and then think of introducing yourself at the start. By telling the readers about you would simply add more personality elements to your blog. The best part about blogs is that you can go anytime casually over this format. This can simply help you a lot in moving ahead the right way while thinking about the chosen topic.

Avoid Writing Down Longer Blog Posts

When you talk about writing down the first blog post, it is always recommended to keep it short. The first blog post is often taken as an introduction by the readers, hence shouldn’t be wordy or lengthy. As per research, the average blog reader stays not less than one and a half minutes. People reading your first blog post may want to know about you and the reason they should care about you. Make sure you limit your first blog post up to 250 words or less and do keep them concise as possible.

Create a Memorable Kind of Headline

If your blog post headline fails to grab visitors’ attention and hit their interest, they would certainly not prefer to visit you the next time. As per the study, reading your first post should be an enjoyable experience. The very first thing you need would be to choose the best words and write down a very catchy kind of eyes.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

Once you have jotted down your first blog post as per the above-discussed points it’s time to publish the same. But wait, this should follow only after a thorough proofreading process as you are bound to commit certain mistakes, which only go when you edit them perfectly by reviewing the blog post. Writing down anything on the piece of paper or over your computer screen can be called barfing on paper/screen.

Embrace the “Barfing on Paper/Screen” Technique

Writing down anything on the piece of paper or over your computer screen can be called barfing on paper/screen. This may sound gross, however, this is one of the best writing tips you can find ever in your blogging/writing career. This is the same old rule, which your English teacher had probably told you while you were in your earlier school days. The idea here is to simply get rid of the things without much worrying and proofreading every sentence.

Utilize “Barf on Paper” with Care

The technique of barf on paper has to be utilized with some tangible condition, which you are going to invest adequate time in cleaning it up or simply editing the same. The step of editing is similar to writing down the text in the first place. Write down your blog without any constraint and pause to revert and review.

Seek External Editing Input

Finding any trustworthy resource to which you are comfortable to do the editing part of your post and rendering some constructive type of criticism before submitting can be called the best way. The fresh eyes would be able to catch errors, which you may have failed to note down and with this, you may end up getting some fresh ideas for strengthening your post.

Final Word

There is no right or wrong method of writing down the first blog. Blogs can be called personal journals wherein you can easily write anything you want. The above are some of the precautions, which you need to take while writing down your first blog post.