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Robolike Review 2022: The Secrets Behind the Curtain

As the competition between Instagram businesses is increasing these days, influencers and bloggers are looking for easier ways to promote their accounts using IG apps and bots. However, these bots can get your account banned, and all your effort would be lost in less than a day. In this post, we have a thorough review of Robolike, an Instagram auto-like tool, and then introduce you to one of the best DM apps in the market.  This way, you can build an online presence on Instagram by using a reliable app! 

Let’s get to it then! 

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Does Robolike Work

Robolike’s website went through some big changes and crashed a while ago, and it seems like this Instagram tool doesn’t work anymore. 

The only thing you can see on their website is a registration form. However, the software doesn’t operate at all.

After Instagram took certain measures against unusual Instagram bot activities, Robolike stopped working frequently and proved to be an unsafe tool to use for IG growth or anything similar!!

What Is Robolike

Despite what you may have expected or looked for, Robolike is not an Instagram automation tool for DMs, likes, and follows. It’s merely an Instagram auto-liker tool that does nothing more than liking target users’ content at an unusual rate.

In order to like users’ content, Robolike uses one filter, and that is hashtag targeting.

You could also use Robolike for Twitter in the past, but now all you see is an error page after you want to add your account on their website.

Is Robolike Safe or a Scam

We’ve already had reviews on some other services, like Bigbangram, to see to what extent we can trust these IG apps. Now, it’s time for Robolike!

As far as our research indicates, Robolike puts you at the risk of being action blocked, banned, or shut down due to unusual activities on your account. So, it’s all a matter of choice if you want to risk using it.

Robolike, similar to many other bots on the market, got flagged multiple times and now there only exists an unprofessional website and a registration form on its first and only page!

Robolike Features

As mentioned earlier, Robolike only likes posts on your behalf. That is, it can’t help you send mass DMs, grow your followers, or schedule your content!  But, let’s take a look at all the features thoroughly!

#1 Auto Liking Posts

Robolike automatically likes content based on your preferences. It can like up to 90 posts per hour, but you can decide to adjust the number. It also has a filter to avoid liking inappropriate content. 

#2 Hashtag Targeting

You insert the hashtags that are related to your business and Robolike starts liking any post, including the preset hashtags.

So this way, Robolike may even like the content you don’t really intend to.

#3 Viewing the Likes It Made

Robolike shows all its likes when you enter the app. 

#4 Bulk Account Manager

You can add multiple accounts to Robolike. However, you need to email their company and request it since there is no option on their website to do so! Considering there are other social media management tools that allow you to take care of multiple accounts, Robolike doesn’t seem like the right choice. 

How to Use Robolike

For the time being, all you need to do is to enter your username, password, country, and place of residence on the Robolike website.

Then, you are asked to log into your account and stay logged in before logging into their app.

Robolike Pricing

There used to be a pricing page with one option on the Robolike website. It came at the monthly cost of $7.77.

As mentioned above, they also asked you to email them if you wanted to use the ‘Bulk account manager’ option and there was no pricing information for using bulk account manager.

Robolike Reviews: Pros & Cons

+ The only positive aspect of this bot is its 3-day free trial and the fact that it’s easy to use.

– According to Robolike reviews, it doesn’t work anymore, and even when it did, using Robolike led to banning accounts.

– Robolike doesn’t offer multiple options and the only option it suggests leads to getting action blocked or losing your account.

– There are no reliable Robolike reviews by customers.

– The method it uses to expose your account to your target audience is not effective at all and doesn’t give you any results.

– There is no guarantee that by liking others’ posts you could increase your engagement rate and the number of your followers.

– Robolike didn’t have any page for FAQs or a support page to contact.

– They don’t ask you for your email or phone number which means they don’t care to pay you a refund in case of any problems.

– On their website, you don’t get to find a page on how to cancel their service and, as a result, you get charged every month.

– You couldn’t get any extra services such as a coupon code.

How Does Robolike Fall Short

This IG bot is way behind its competitors since it lacks many essential features every Instagram app has. Here is a list of them:

#1 Increasing Engagement Rate

Liking other users’ content doesn’t necessarily bring you Instagram growth. So, if you are into business and want to introduce your niche, it’s wiser to use an app that helps you with selling on Instagram DM and exposing your account to more users.

#2 Mass DMing

Robolike doesn’t provide any services on mass DMing and that is what most great services like DMpro offer you.

#3 Connecting DMs to Email

Robolike neither asks you for a contact email/phone number nor provides any services on forwarding your DMs to your email. As a result, you can’t read your Instagram DMs without the read receipt.

#4 Setting Auto-Replies for DMs

Unlike many other Instagram tools, Robolike doesn’t have any options for auto-replying DMs. So, you have to put a lot of time and energy into answering DMs.

#5 Scheduling Instagram Posts

Using Robolike, you don’t even get to schedule Instagram posts. Therefore, you need to do everything on your own and manually.

DMpro: The Best Alternative to Robolike

Among alternatives to Robolike, DMpro is one of the most reliable apps you can ever get.

DMpro sends automated DMs to your target audience and gives you the opportunity to use a free plan. Here are some other DMpro’s great features:

  • DMpro can also send mass DMs to a large number of IG users all at the same time.
  • This fabulous DM service sends all your DMs to your email and you can view all your messages without the read receipt.
  • You may also read all the unsent messages in your email and reply to them without the need to open your Instagram.
  • DMpro sends different text snippets to users and contacts your target audience naturally.
  • You may also provide auto-responses for frequently asked questions and not worry about missing a message.
  • Plus, it gives you one extra option to add all your links to your bio, using its all-in-one bio link.

Considering these great options on DMpro, why are you still waiting?

Sign up on DMpro instantly and enjoy DMing your followers and audience from now on.

Last Words

Now, are you still hesitant about whether to use Robolike, or any other similar bot for your account?

I think you must be. With all the bad reviews on a service like Robolike, you should be cautious about which app or bot you choose for your Instagram management. 

DMpro, an approved and secure DM app, can give you the satisfaction of increasing your engagement rate and DMing multiple users all at the same time. All you need to do is to give it a chance and start your free plan on DMpro right now!