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Guest Post

How to Transform Your Customers into Brand Advocates

Every company, whether it sells cars, clothes, or simple toothbrushes, wants its customers to be satisfied because, as we all know, no client, no brand. But what if to take it one step further and turn your consumers into loyal fans? They won’t just buy your product; they will become your messengers by spreading the good news about your business, resulting in an inflow of new customers. Research by Accenture found out that 77% of US consumers participate in loyalty programs, meaning they are ready to support a brand. So, this brings the question: how to create conditions for clients to become loyal brand advocates? Don’t worry since we’ve got you covered with 5 top tips for creating devoted clients.

Get an Insight into Brand Advocacy

Before taking any crucial steps, it’s important to gather info on the topic. You have to understand that devoted fans are going to make only a small part of the whole number of customers. Most people will make a purchase, and that will be enough for them. But to start promoting your product, you have to focus on those who are eager to spread the message. You can obtain the necessary data by creating online surveys. Form a list of small questions asking if they are willing to recommend your brand to other people, if they are satisfied with the service, and so on. This will give you a more detailed understanding of which way to choose. Plus, take your time and check social media. Finding people who are putting a good word in for your company is a great chance to discover more information from the customer’s side.

Encourage Customers to Create User-Generated Content

Harness the power of your customers’ genius! Pictures, videos, posters, stickers, and any other form of creativity generated by your clients can be turned into immense benefits for both parties. Inspiring your fans to create is a magnificent way to let them feel even more connected to the brand and to strengthen their loyalty. How can you do it? Hold a competition in different sections: the best photo, the best video, etc. The only limit is your imagination. For example, ask customers to come up with an invitation to the nearest social event organized by your brand. But don’t raise the bar to only hand-painted ones: let them use the media they like, e.g. free graphic design templates by VistaCreate where apart from invitation templates anyone can find lots of pre-made solutions for any social media you use.. This will ensure that every client will be able to take part and receive great rewards. 

Create Referral Programs

Nowadays, people tend to trust personal advice more than ads. This mechanism can be used to enhance sales by rewarding your pleased clients if they successfully spread the word about you. Referral or affiliate programs can bring a significant benefit if used properly. Another benefit is to hire a freelance economic development consultant to help you improve your business growth.

Using such programs, you can turn your regular buyers into passionate agents, as now they will receive a real money bonus for their substantial contribution. Even Google has a referral campaign, so why won’t you do the same? 

Reward campaigns are great if you want to collaborate with famous bloggers or celebrities. If your product is well-known and has nice referral payout conditions, they will be willing to participate in your campaign and promote it. Most bloggers are familiar with SEO and make money using referral collaboration and many other ways.

Make Your Product Worthy

This means that just selling it is not enough. Your product may be of great quality, and people may buy it, but consider yourself clientless without proper service. In order to get your customers engaged, you have to accompany them on every stage of the purchase. Making them feel like real VIPs will create a positive image of your company. Regularly update and optimize your website for a better experience and create live client support so that your clients can easily connect with you and get advice on a possible problem. You can even use a website builder to regularly improve your website for SEO, such as optimizing meta titles and meta descriptions, subdomains, and adding alt text to photos, among other things.

Also, don’t forget about another powerful feature of feedback. It is very important for people to express their thoughts, and you can use those ideas to drastically improve your services. To collect feedback effectively, find what methods your customers prefer! Some would much rather you connect with them with a predictive dialer, while others would choose to participate in the surveys you share on social media.

Keep Your Customers Informed

It’s natural to change your product to fit modern-day necessities. Upgrades and rebranding will boost the interest, but it’s vital to keep your loyal fans clued up. Otherwise, your credibility and trustworthiness will decrease. To avoid that, release all possible info about any changes. Not only will it show your company as a transparent one but also enable the devoted customers to post more about your brand and add up to the hype.

Bottom line

Turning your customers into loyal brand advocates is a big venture. To benefit from it, you should always remember that your job is not done after the client purchases your product. Constant support and alluring engagement will create that kind of devoted fan who is going to do a lot of marketing just by getting a necessary message across the internet. Keep in mind that your potential buyers will seek recommendations from current clients before making the choice. Raise brand awareness, satisfy the customer, and rip the profit!