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How to Track and Find Your Lost Phone in 2024

Losing a phone can be a distressing experience, not only because it’s valuable but also because it contains many personal information and memories. Fortunately, several ways exist to track and find your lost phone, whether an Android device or an iPhone. 

In addition, using ExpressVPN for the USA can enhance your efforts to secure and potentially locate your device, especially if you need to access region-restricted services or protect your personal information from unauthorized access. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find your lost phone keeping your digital footprint secure even in stressful situations.

What You Should Do First Before Tracking Your Lost Phone

Before you start tracking to find your lost phone, the first thing to do is to try calling it from another phone. This simple step can help you locate it if it’s nearby. If your phone is silent, use the Android Device Manager (for Android phones) or Find My iPhone (for iPhones) to make it ring. 

Additionally, consider changing your Google or Apple ID password to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

How to Track a Stolen or Lost Android Phone

  • Method 1: Android Device Manager (Find My Device)

Locate Your Phone: Visit and sign in with your Google account. If your lost phone had access to the internet and was connected to your Google account, you should see its location.

Options Available: You can lock the phone, erase its data, or make it ring to help you find it.

  • Method 2: Samsung Find My Mobile

For Samsung Devices: Use the Find My Mobile service to locate your Samsung device. This service lets you lock your phone, erase data, and retrieve call logs.

  • Method 3: AirDroid Lost Phone Locator

AirDroid Parental Control: Offers real-time tracking and remote operations, making finding and securing your phone easier.

  • Method 4: Using Your Wireless Carrier

Carrier Services: Some carriers offer location tracking services, such as T-Mobile FamilyWhere, which can help you find your lost phone.

How to Track a Stolen or Lost iPhone

  • Method 1: Find My App

On Another Apple Device: Use the Find My app on an iPad, Mac, or iPhone. Log in with your Apple ID and locate your iPhone on the map.

iCloud Location Tracking: Visit to locate your iPhone using a web browser.

  • Method 2: Google Maps

Location History: If enabled, you can check your iPhone’s last location using Google Mapstimeline feature.

Protecting Your Privacy and Property

If you’ve determined that your phone is stolen:

  • Remotely Lock the Phone: Use Find My Device or Find My iPhone to lock your phone remotely.
  • Change Account Passwords: Update the passwords for your email, social media, and other important accounts.
  • Remotely Erase Data: If necessary, remotely wipe your device to protect your personal information.

Take Action Before Your Phone Is Lost

  • Lock Screen Message: Add alternative contact information on your phone’s lock screen.
  • Regular Backups: Ensure your data is backed up regularly so you don’t lose everything if you need to erase your phone remotely.

FAQs: How to Find Your Lost Phone

We understand that you might still have some questions, so here are some FAqs to help you out:

Q1: Can I Track My Phone If It’s Turned Off?

Tracking a phone that is turned off is challenging. However, if you had location services enabled, you might be able to see its last known location.

Q2: What Should I Do If My Lost Phone Is Offline?

If you’re using Find My iPhone or Find My Device, use the “Notify me when found” feature to get an alert when it comes online.

Q3: Can I Prevent My Phone From Being Reset?

While you can’t prevent a reset, enabling Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager can activate the Activation Lock, making it harder for someone to use or reset your phone without your permission.


Losing your phone can be a frustrating experience. Still, by following these steps, you can increase your chances and find your lost phone. Remember, the key is to act quickly and use the tools available through your device’s operating system or wireless carrier.