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How to Save Instagram DM Videos

Instagram is one of the most popular websites to share photos and videos with the world. In the beginning, it was just a place to share photos, but during these years so many features have been added to it and now it is a powerful social media website that has facilities like sending direct messages, sharing photos and short videos, and advertising merchandise and services. Actually, in this article, we want to find out the possible ways to save Instagram DM videos!

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How to save Instagram DM videos?

One of the best Instagram features is direct messages. Direct messages can include text messages, voice messages, photos, and short videos. In the past years, people could not save photos and videos that have been shared in DM and that was somehow disappointing. Therefore, Instagram decided to add the feature to save direct video messages.

Today, there are so many ways to save videos that have been sent through direct messages. If you want to know how to save Instagram DM videos, keep on reading.

1. Save Instagram DM videos in-app

As mentioned above, Instagram added a feature that lets the users save Instagram DM videos. Actually, this feature works just for normal messages, not the disappearing ones.

To save the direct video messages that have been sent normally, users just need to tap and hold the intended video. After doing so, some options appear above the video message that lets you save DM videos. 

But what about disappearing video messages?  In fact, Instagram has not added any features to let the users save this kind of message. However, there might be some peculiar ways. To get informed about how you can do this, keep on reading the whole article!

2. Screen Recording

Screen recording is one of the best ways to save Instagram DM videos. Actually, iPhone mobile phones have this feature from the day they come out of the company. To start screen recording on your iPhone, you just need to swipe up the home page and tap the record bottom. 

If you are an Android or Windows user, you can download some free screen recording applications that let you record everything that is happening on your mobile phone screen. Some of the best screen recording apps for Android are ScreenCam, RecMe, DU Recorder and etc.

Now, to save videos using screen recorders, first start the screen recording, then open Instagram, go to the direct messages and open the intended chat, and finally tap on the video that you want to save to record it! 

One of the benefits of this way is that you can save disappearing messages too. But note that you have to record them before disappearing! Moreover, you can simply install screen recorders on your laptop or pc, and save the intended videos on your desktop.

3. Use third-party apps


The last way to save Instagram DM videos might be to use third-party apps. However, it might be somehow useless to do so, because the recent updates of Instagram already give users the ability to save video messages. But, to be honest, sometimes it can be helpful since you cannot save direct video messages using your laptop. Some of the most popular third-party apps that let you save direct video messages are Direct Saver, InstantSave, and etc. However, keep in mind that these apps might not work anymore!


To sum it up, there are plenty of ways to save Instagram DM videos. Nevertheless, the two first solutions that have been written in this article are the best since by using third-party apps you give permission to hack your Instagram account officially. Therefore, it is better to save direct video messages directly in the official app. 

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