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How many Instagram DMs can I send over Instagram per day

There are limitations to your actions on Instagram, whether it’s the number of likes, comments and direct messages. If you don’t know what the limits are you’ll most probably get action blocked. We at DMpro are considered one of the top platforms for Direct messaging. DMpro will send around 50-100 DMs per day. It is dependent on the setting you choose. In some cases, the number may differ based on the target audience and your preferences!

Disclaimer: Notice that if all your DMs are the same as each other, there may be some limits happening. What we suggest is to use our syntax and use different kinds of messages for your DMs:

{Phrase 1 | Phrase 2}

Meaning you can paraphrase a sentence or a word and place them in brackets to cycle between them in consecutive messages. Here is an example:


Hello {@Username},

{How’s it going? | Greetings}. I am messaging you to say {thanks | cheers | appreciate } for you follow.

This means you will send 3 messages in a row as follows:

Table of Contents

DM 1:

Hi Sam,

How’s it going? I am messaging you to say thanks for your follow.


Hi Justine,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say cheers for you follow.


Hi Peacoks,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say appreciate for you follow.

This syntax/format allows you to send different versions of a DM and dodge a spammy behaviour in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.

DMpro has a DM and Inbox feature which has a lot to offer that streamlines your DM activities.