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How to Sell More Instagram with These Strategies

In this post, we will look at several ways using which you can sell more on Instagram. Creating content consistently and following a style guide helps you create content of a unique flavor that people love and like.

Post Regularly

Instagram recommends us to create posts on a recurring basis. This helps us because users also get accustomed to looking at your products regularly. Consistency is the key to getting popular on the platform.


Most social media specialists agree that the truth is: the more content you create consistently the higher the odds of building a loyal customer base that converts to sales.

Create At Least 9 Posts

Nine is an impactful number in shoppable posts to activate the Shop tab on your profile. 

If you group similar items together in a shoppable tab that makes it easier for consumers to find and buy.

Figure Out Your Brand Aesthetic on Instagram

Just like your brand has some attributes, you must ensure that your Instagram feed too carries that smell online. Your Instagram aesthetics to be consistent with your website, the ads and packaging.

This includes the right color scheme, filters, fonts, and brand voice for your captions.

A consistent aesthetic on Instagram improves your brand recognition and establishes your brand identity. It helps customers scrolling through the feed or accessing the Explore tab to immediately recognize the posts you are creating and identify it with your brand,

Use URLs In Your Bio – And Change Accordingly

Your Instagram bio isn’t the only place to include your link. This isn’t what to do to encourage new customers to visit your site.

But don’t use the old tired link. Ensure that the website bio responds to it and it’s always a great idea to update the same.

Use Great Images

Instagram is a visual platform and is propped up on striking visual content. That content is more likely to stand out in a sea of images that people casually scroll by without paying any attention to it.

That implies taking quality images and uploading photos and videos that meet the right specifications as well as researching new photo trends is what you need to do.

Create Tutorials

Another tip to sell more on Instagram is to demonstrate how well customers use your products. Show your products in action. Reports say that quizzes, how-to videos and Q&As are the most popular forms of visual content on Instagram.


Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are another great way for brands Hashtags are another way that brands can help customers quickly discover products on Instagram. You can use a hashtag generator to find relevant keywords you can start using. This also helps you send users to the Explore page which is accessed by more than 50% of Instagram users every month.

Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags per post. You don’t want the caption to come across as something consisting of unending blocks of text.

Use User-Generated Content

One of the most original forms of content on Instagram is user-generated content. Millennials trust UGC more than other types of content. UGC provides real images of your products in action and boosts credibility.

permission in just 24 hours.

Post Product Variety – And Post Products More Than Once

Instagram suggests brands use the platform to show consumers all available colors, sizes and materials of a given product. 

In addition, Sellfy says to post products multiple times to ensure consumers become familiar with what you have to offer.

Encourage Engagement

Instagram has a question sticker. Adding that sticker to stories encourages users to learn more about your products and in turn become more confident with their purchase. The stickers allow brands and users to ask questions and they can be placed anywhere within the story. Simply tapping the sticker will enable users to know their friends better and build relationships.

Offer Promotions

Successful Instagram marketing campaigns offer promo codes when selling on Instagram as a way to drive sales. Brands can promote the codes directly in the shoppable posts to aid discovery. These offers are another great way for brands to grow and gather loyalty and engagement.

Use Analytics

When selling on Instagram measure your performance by monitoring data on how many people viewed product information or clicked through to the product page.

This information is helpful in determining which products and product tags resonate the most with Instagram followers, for knowing disconnects in the buyer’s journey and plugging leaks.

As with all social media efforts, performance data should be analyzed to see what brought the most results.

Keep Experimenting

After you create shoppable content and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t you would want to experiment with images, copy, and tags.

Delve into Instagram analytics to understand what your audience wants, improve your content and drive more traffic and sales.

Sell on Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform where consumers come to be vowed. Create engaging content to be noticeable when scrolling through the feeds.

The best way to capitalize selling on Instagram is to tap into other social platforms. 

Cross-promote your content on Facebook or Pinterest and tap into the power of omnichannel marketing to boost brand awareness, reinforce brand values and drive sales.

Spread awareness through email lists to increase sales and build a trustworthy and powerful brand.


To sell on Instagram understand that it’s a platform that people visit to get inspired by the content they see.