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Leveraging Instagram for Educational Marketing Campaigns 2023

Predictions are that the number of monthly users on Instagram will reach over 2.5 billion by the end of 2023. It isn’t only the reach of the platform that’s impressive. It has the ability to drive brand awareness and create engagement. Educational institutions that want to attract new students can benefit a great deal by leveraging Instagram for educational marketing campaigns

Most Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34. Also, this is the target demographic of educational institutions. In addition to using AI in marketing, using Instagram for educational services is a no-brainer. The strong visual appeal of Instagram offers great engagement with the target audience.

In this article, we elaborate more on how institutions can use Instagram for educational marketing campaigns for better revenue. Let’s get right into it. 

#1 Encourage Student-Generated Content 

Using Instagram for educational marketing campaigns involving student-generated content can be effective in lead generation. Students trust student-generated content. They trust it more than they trust traditional advertising methods. 

California Baptist University encourages students to take shots of the campus. They then post them on the main CBU Instagram page. This weekly series showcases the natural beauty of the campus. Also ,the visually captivating shots help to attract prospective students. 

The #SweetHomeUChicago campaign highlights the international undergraduate student experience at the university. Prospective students gain insights into university life from current students. 

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#2 Use Hashtags Strategically

Instagram’s algorithms favor specific hashtags. Hashtags can help to amplify the reach of educational marketing campaigns. Schools can research popular hashtags that are relevant to a post. 

Using these hashtags can help them to maximize the reach and visibility of posts. They can also come up with unique hashtags to categorize content. This can make it easier to track mentions of the school online.  

  • Stanford Engineering uses the hashtag #IAmAnEngineer to promote inclusiveness and diversity. A post using this hashtag features an insightful interview with a female lecturer.
  • Boston University has thousands of posts on Instagram using the #bu2023 hashtag. In its #TerrierTuesdays series, it highlights BU students making waves on or off campus. #TriviaThursday on Instagram Stories features BU-related trivia. #FollowFridays features a particular student group on campus.

#3 Showcase Campus Life

Content that tells a story about campus life can help with educational marketing campaigns. These stories can excite prospective students. Also ,they can help them to visualize what life could be like for them at the university. 

  • Rutgers University held a personal #HowWeMetAtRU campaign. It highlights how two students met each other at the university. The captions on images tell the story of how friends, roommates, etc. met at the university.
  • The University of Connecticut has a ‘Worth Repeating’ campaign that showcases alumni and students. It highlights their unique backgrounds, talents, and their insights into specific industries. This series helps to inspire and motivate students.
  • McGill University shows the kind of causes it supports on Instagram. For example, there’s a post about fundraising for local organizations that fight homelessness.
  • Arizona State University features a great deal of content related to sports teams. Its pride in its teams is reflected in its content.
  • West Virginia University has quality photos of different parts of campus on its account. It also reflects student life on and off campus. It has some great shots such as one of a student summiting a mountain carrying the WVU flag.
  • Texas Tech has many engaging photos of campus and student life on its account. It posts plenty of short, simple videos which always receive many likes. These capture moments like the football team running onto the field before the game.

#4 Use Instagram Stories

One of the factors behind the tremendous growth of Instagram is Stories. This feature allows users to post short clips and videos. They go in a separate feed from their main profile and are only stored for 24 hours. Gen Z makes up about 70% of Stories viewers. 

Stories are suited to in-the-moment, informal posts. They can provide an immersive way to share important insights, moments, and behind-the-scenes action. 

Also, polls and questions can help to engage students and provide feedback. Students may give feedback on what class they are most interested in or their favorite university building. 

Universities often post virtual tours, student interviews, and day-in-the-life videos. Highlighting campus perks shows prospective students more about what a campus has to offer. Brown University posts weekly Instagram Stories to promote its events that are open to the public and the university community. 

#5 Make Use of Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows universities to record and share videos in real time. This allows them to connect with prospective students one-on-one. Also, students can receive live streams of events, etc., and get a feel for campus culture. Live Q&A sessions can help to address the questions and concerns of prospective students.  

#6 Organize Competitions

Organizing competitions can help to get more engagement from students. Also, students can share on their Instagram accounts using a specific hashtag and tag the university’s Instagram account.  

The University of British Columbia held a contest encouraging students to share their favorite study spots. The prize was a $25 gift card. Other universities have held competitions encouraging students to share a photo with their favorite professor or of their favorite place on campus.    

#7 Use Influencers

The use of influencers in e-commerce is prolific. But, when it comes to educational marketing campaigns the situation is a bit different. Strategic marketing for educational institutions on Instagram may involve the use of influencers. Identifying the right ones is crucial. Current students, alumni, and faculty members may act as influencers. 

Using influencer marketing platforms can help to promote programs, and admissions or to market events and initiatives on campus. They can even help universities to get more donations from alumni organizations. 

Students trust the information they receive from influencers more than traditional advertising campaigns. Also, influencers often have a more casual, relatable tone to their content. This helps them to communicate with the younger generation.

There are many different universities that make use of student ambassadors to post content on Instagram. They post about their daily experiences on campus. This can help prospective students to identify the right university and campus culture for them. 

#8 Evaluate Campaign Success

An education marketing strategy requires measuring the success of campaigns on an ongoing basis. Demographic information about viewers can be enlightening. 

Views and interactions of specific posts also offer insights. Also, monitoring the performance of posts can help schools to make sure their approach is effective. They can also see where they need to make improvements.   


Today there is intense competition among schools to attract new students. Many of them use Instagram for educational marketing campaigns to connect with prospective students. 

Social media marketing for higher education involves creating compelling Instagram campaigns. So, it involves using strategies such as user-generated content, hashtags, and Instagram Stories. 

These strategies can help them to grow followers, engage an audience, and build community. The target audience receives meaningful and engaging information. This can help them make informed decisions about their education.