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6 Apps for Instagram Marketing That Will Enhance Your Campaigns

6 Apps That Will Help Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram’s immense popularity around the world has made it an essential platform for smaller businesses looking to increase their customer base. After all, in a world of countless social media platforms, Instagram has been declared the fourth most popular social media. 

Several studies have confirmed that the app is used by over a Billion monthly users worldwide. That’s why businesses are looking for powerful apps for Instagram marketing to generate new leads and sell more on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best apps for Instagram marketing, and let you decide which platform is most suited for your business goals. So keep up!

Why Instagram Marketing Is Important

Instagram has extensive penetration in growing and mature consumer markets like the United States and India. Both of these hold immense potential for businesses looking to solicit tech-savvy consumers.

The photo-sharing niche social media app is especially popular amongst younger audiences. According to figures released by the platform itself, more than half of the users on the app are under the age of thirty.

But being under thirty does not mean that Instagram is populated by children who do not have money to spend. The app boosts a financially mature audience. 

Interestingly, Instagram’s market segment penetration increases with income and the platform is most popular among people earning around one hundred thousand USD a year.

In short, if you are a business looking to break into growing markets with younger populations who have extra cash to spend, Instagram is probably your best friend. And without concerted efforts to outshine the competition on the platform, your businesses risk losing an extremely lucrative client base.

But building a presence on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. The app may be simple enough for consumers but when it comes to folks on the other side of the aisle, the app can be pretty challenging.

Creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy requires a hefty amount of market research, rudimentary levels of technical knowledge, and sometimes the help of professional service providers.

The feature-rich platform offers various options that may confuse small business owners who are recently starting out with the platform. Luckily, several easy-to-use apps can help newcomers make the most out of their Instagram accounts.

These apps can handle everything from marketing campaigns to content schedules so that you can focus on the business communications aspect instead of fiddling around with fancy buttons.

But before we start talking about app integrations let’s first deal with something very basic. No matter how many apps link your Instagram account, you will not be able to get results if you continue using a slug-paced internet connection.

Fast and high-paced connectivity will make the entire marketing experience seamless while an unreliable connection will end up frustrating even before you properly start out.

So before jumping into the muddy world of Instagram marketing make sure that you upgrade your broadband. Try getting your connection from an established provider like Spectrum

In addition to having impressive speeds and low costs Spectrum provides its customers with very efficient customer service so that even if your internet connection starts acting up, help is never too far away.

Best Apps for Instagram Marketing

Now that we have this very important prerequisite figured out, let’s move on to some of the best apps for Instagram marketing that will help you make the most out of your account.

#1 ainfluencer

One of the best apps for Instagram marketing is ainfluencer. It’s the ultimate platform that empowers businesses to dominate the world of Instagram marketing. With its impressive array of features, ainfluencer revolutionizes the way brands create content, connect with influencers, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

At the core of ainfluencer is a DIY marketplace tailored specifically for all kinds of businesses. By providing a direct channel for businesses to collaborate with influencers, ainfluencer allows them to take control of their marketing initiatives and allocate resources effectively. 

This results in high-quality content creation that resonates with millions of potential customers, ultimately boosting brand awareness and driving sales.

One of ainfluencer’s standout features is its ability to enable collaboration between brands and influencers within the influencer’s niche. This strategic partnership allows businesses to tap into new markets and expand their reach, while influencers gain exposure to relevant brands that align with their niche. 

Through its comprehensive toolkit, influencers gain access to valuable insights, resources, and guidance, enabling them to thrive in the competitive landscape of Instagram marketing. 

Say goodbye to traditional marketing constraints and embrace the future of digital marketing with ainfluencer. It’s time to unleash your brand’s potential, connect with your target audience, and establish your dominance in the ever-expanding world of Instagram.

Don’t settle for average results on Instagram. Upgrade to ainfluencer and witness the transformation of your marketing efforts. Take control, showcase your creativity, and amplify your brand’s visibility. Join ainfluencer now for FREE and redefine your Instagram marketing game!


It’s an image editing app that is particularly suited to Instagram posts. The app offers a variety of pre-set filters that can be applied with the click of a button. According to its developers, over 200 Million posts on Instagram have been designed using the VSCO.

The app does lack some more advanced image editing features like clone stamps, burn removal, and advanced zooming but in our view, the exclusion of these advanced features is what makes the app so easy to use.

In short, the app is a brilliant choice for people looking to make basic business posts for their Instagram accounts without having to navigate the nitty-gritty of Graphics Design.

#3 Instagram Grid By Hootsuite

I am sure you have heard of Hootsuite, if you have not you are probably not ready to manage your Instagram account yourself. Hootsuite is one of the top platforms offering to integrate able features for several social media websites, helping enhance their functionality.  

The Instagram Grid integration by Hootsuite is designed as a post-scheduling solution. Users can upload up to nine images on the grid, set up a posting schedule and forget. Hootsuite will automatically make posts on your behalf at the times that you have specified.

In addition to helping make the posting experience easier, Instagram Grid also helps with the creation of content calendars, which are an essential element of any effective social media marketing strategy.

#4 Inshot

Despite gaining fame as a picture-specific platform, Instagram has gone big on video. Instagram’s video experience is so optimized that the platform’s new video stories feature reached its first 100 Million users in less than half the time it took Snapchat to reach the same milestone.

So, Instagram videos are essential to any good marketing strategy. And this is where In Shot comes in. The app is a very simple-to-use and all-in-one video editing solution for Instagram videos.

In Shot is very extensive and includes all major video editing modules like cutting, trimming and even filter presets.

Moreover, the app also allows users to automatically adjust their videos to Instagram’s optimal aspect ratio, and talk about compatibility, right?

#5 Hootsuite’s Mobile App

Yes, we are going to talk about Hootsuite again, it’s not our fault that the platform has so many features for Instagram users.

Hootsuite’s mobile app is a one-stop shop for monitoring all aspects of your Instagram account’s performance. The app uses very interactive dashboards to showcase user-defined key performance indicators like overall engagement on posts, click-through rate, the account’s overall reach, and much more.

Moreover, the app also allows users to export all of these data in the form of formatted files. As a result, it is extremely easy to use Hootsuite’s data for making team presentable material for teams or even clients.

Much like the content planner mentioned above, Hootsuite’s mobile app also features a content scheduling option, which if you ask us is an overkill, but it still comes in pretty handy.

#6 Statstory

If you’ve been using Instagram for even a day, you have probably heard about Hashtags. Hashtags are basically topics of discussion. Users deploy hashtags to mark their posts and to become part of trending discussions.

Businesses use Hashtags for more or less the same purpose. Hashtags are a very important part of the overall Instagram experience. Many businesses have been able to quadruple their reach within a matter of days just by smartly riding daily hashtags.

And if you are looking to do the same, Statstory is the right app for you. The app provides users with accurate daily reports of trending hashtags. Businesses can utilize these reports to decide which hashtags to ignore and which ones to jump on.

Pro Tip: here’s how to use hashtags effectively for Instagram marketing.

FAQs on Best Apps for Instagram Marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best apps for Instagram marketing:

Q1. How Can Instagram Marketing Benefit Smaller Businesses?

Instagram marketing can provide significant benefits for smaller businesses. Firstly, Instagram has a massive user base of over a billion monthly users. it makes it an ideal platform to reach a wide audience. By leveraging Instagram’s popularity, smaller businesses can increase their brand visibility and attract potential customers.

Secondly, Instagram allows businesses to showcase their products or services visually. Through high-quality images and videos, businesses can engage their audience and effectively communicate their brand message. 

This visual nature of Instagram enables smaller businesses to create a strong brand identity and stand out from their competitors.

Moreover, Instagram provides various marketing features and tools specifically designed for businesses. These include business profiles, Instagram Insights for analytics, advertising options, and the ability to integrate with other marketing platforms. 

These features empower smaller businesses to target their desired audience, analyze their marketing efforts, and optimize their strategies for better results.

Q2. What Age Group Dominates the User Base of Instagram?

Instagram is particularly popular among younger audiences. According to figures released by the platform itself, more than half of the users on the app are under the age of thirty. This age group, commonly referred to as millennials and Gen Z, significantly contributes to Instagram’s user base.

However, it’s important to note that while younger audiences dominate the platform, Instagram is not exclusively used by children or teenagers. The app also attracts users from older age groups, including individuals in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. 

The diverse age range on Instagram provides businesses with the opportunity to target specific demographics and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. 

Smaller businesses can leverage Instagram’s popularity among younger audiences while also reaching potential customers from other age groups who are active on the platform.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is on a growth trajectory. The app which already enjoys over a Billion users is all set to become the most popular social media platform in the world. Younger people and emerging economies have taken a special interest in the feature-rich app. For this reason, businesses looking to increase their reach cannot ignore this platform.

But creating an efficient Instagram persona is not child’s play. This article offers a list of apps that you can deploy to handle several aspects of your Instagram account. So, accept the help, install these apps, and make your life easier.