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How to Sell on Instagram DM? 8 Fast Steps

How to Sell On Instagram DM? 8 Fast Steps

Do you have any idea how to sell on Instagram DM? Like most people all over the world, you might dedicate a considerable amount of your hours to scrolling down on the platform in order to pass your free time and buy or sell something. 

Of course, if you are a business person, you must spend even more hours on Instagram just to establish your business and be recognized among people.

There are some ways to scream and say, “Hey, I’m here. Don’t ignore me and my business.” The first one is sending DMs and introducing yourself to people who might have a liking for the type of business you’re working in.

In this article, we will discuss the basic steps on how to sell on Instagram DM and provide examples of formulaic sales scripts that can be used for different purposes. 

We will also introduce you to one of the best DM apps that makes the process of direct messaging much easier and helps you to save your time and effort.

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What Is a DM on Instagram

The DM feature of Instagram offers you the chance to contact followers and your target audience. You can talk to them in person and reassure them that you care about their needs and opinions.

You may also talk about your business and introduce your line of work in direct messages. It’s an easy way of advertising and selling your service or product online.

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Whether you’re new or experienced in the type of activity you’re doing, or even if you have a lot of followers or a few, DMing can expose your business to more people and promote your status.

Besides, people can buy from you without referring to any external link or website when you reach them through DM. 

In the coming sections, we tell you what Instagram DM Marketing is and why you should consider it a potential source for making money in your business field.

What Is Instagram DM Marketing

Instagram DM marketing is undoubtedly becoming a powerful tool for companies, brands, and bloggers. Businesses use Instagram DM to offer daily deals, exclusive sales, free items, coupons, and so much more. 

Now, let’s imagine you own a business account on Instagram and want to sell your products. 

Of course, there are some ways to make purchasing a simpler process. One is using hyperlinks on Instagram DM. Unfortunately, you can’t have hypertext on captions or comments, but it’s possible to do so on IG DMs.

The second is a call-to-action in your posts or stories, asking people to refer to the direct message to talk to the admin(s) and purchase your product. (This is what DM marketing on Instagram is all about.)

However, you’d better know some tips on when and how to sell on Instagram DM or how to slide into DMs on Instagram

We’ll be discussing Instagram DMing in detail in the following sections. But for now, we talk about business inquiries in the next part.

Business Inquiry on Instagram DM

First of all, let’s check out the “DM for business inquiries” meaning. Business inquiry is a question or a set of questions, obviously, about business. It is usually a formal request from the company we want to purchase something from or gather data about. 

These questions can be about the pricing, services, discounts, free trials or samples, and so many other things related to that business. So, if you have any questions in mind, don’t hesitate to DM for inquiries. 

DM for Purchase Inquiries

As long as you do your job well in the call-to-action process, people will come to you and ask questions about your product or service. But, they may have some unanswered issues in mind before buying anything from you or offering cooperation.

Whether you are in charge of a business and want to cooperate with another company or you are the receiver of such business inquiries, you need to know what to say or how to respond.

Well, if you’re the one sending a business inquiry to a similar company to form a collaboration: 

  • Keep your inquiry short and to the point.
  • Try to convince your addressee and assure them that you have the authority in the same work line and they can trust you.
  • Make your identity clear and ask directly what your purpose is.

However, once you receive a DM for purchase inquiries, you’d better be careful how you answer it. 

The user behind that account is most probably eager to buy from you. They just want to know what’s going on in your business and check how reliable you are. So, be smart and look professional when responding.

When your audiences grow day by day, answering such DMs can become a nightmare for you.

There are a number of questions that people frequently ask. What you can do to save time is to write down these questions and provide reasonable replies beforehand.

Therefore, you can send these responses immediately once they start asking you.

How to Sell on Instagram DM

There are some basic rules on how to sell on Instagram DM. By simply learning a few tips, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to promote your business much quicker.

If you know how and who to target, you are halfway there. But let’s see what else we can do.

1. Present Your Brand/ Field of Activity Professionally

The first thing you need to do is create acceptable content to attract attention, look professional, and avoid posting unrelated, low-quality images or offering poor services and products.

2. Be Open to Clients’ Ideas When You Talk to Them

DMing is not only for advertising and introducing your business but also for making a bond between you and your customers. 

Your audience must feel free to exchange their opinions with you, whether in DMs or comments. This way, you can buy their attention and loyalty for yourself.

Making a bond with your customers using DMs

3. Try to Express the Value of What You Do

Attention! It’s true that you can target new followers and customers using Instagram DMs but don’t overdose on talking with your target audience, and don’t try to shout that you are unique and different, for God’s sake 🙂

Show the value of your work by producing good content rather than exaggerating.

4. Don’t DM People Out of Nowhere

Pre-interaction with followers is vital to some extent. When someone DMs you while they’re not following and have no particular interaction with you, their message goes to DM ‘Requests’ part in DM inbox. You might ignore them easily or not pay attention to them at all in the first place.

So begin to interact with your followers before sending any direct messages. This interaction can be commenting, liking their post, and so on. Wait until they react to your comment, follow–request, or anything else that can be counted as engagement.

In general, DM someone who is interested in the type of activity you do. You might find that person interested in your work by checking their followings and discovering their field of interest.

But isn’t it so time-consuming to check every account you want to target and DM them? DMpro is an Instagram DM service that makes this task easy for you by sending bulk DMs to your target audience with the help of Instagram experts. You don’t need many hours to just sit, write, and send DMs to people anymore. 

Sign up on DMpro and handle selling your products or services more efficiently from now on.

5. Direct Your Customers to Your DM to Purchase Your Product/Service

Your feed must display a collection of your work. Provided that you don’t have a website or any platform to direct your followers to, you can kindly ask your audience to make their purchase in the direct message.

If your business account has less than 10K followers, you can not add any links in your stories for users to swipe up. 

So, you have to make another channel for your followers to buy from you. The best and easiest way would be a call-to-action in your posts or stories to refer your followers to your DM in order to purchase your product or service.

6. Ask Questions in Your Stories and Encourage Your Followers

Since your reply to polls and questions appears in the DM, using this feature of Instagram would be an excellent way to communicate with your clients. After answering the questions, you can talk to them much more.

Try to engage your followers by asking questions

These questions could be related to the type of business you’re involved in or could be just some simple entertaining questions.

Polls can also be an excellent way to know about your users’ tastes and use them to your benefit when creating new content.

7. Add Some Users to Your Close Friends in Stories

You can credit the ones who engage most on your page. Users who answer polls and questions in your DM could be the chosen ones. Add these people to your close friends and reward them with discounts on your products or services.

8. Use DMpro: The Best app for Selling on Instagram DM

Some apps can ruin all your efforts by sending THE SAME DM to everyone over and over. This way, Instagram considers you a bot and deletes your account. 

So, be careful when you choose a DMing app for your Instagram growth. We suggest you DMpro, the safest DMing app you can wish for. Here, you can check some of DMpro’s features:

Instagram experts and managers on DMpro send DMs to your targeted IG users.

DMpro is careful not to exceed Instagram limits of sending DMs per day.

Using its desktop inbox, DMpro’s users have access to all their DMs all in one place.

DMpro has an extra option for the ones who want to put the link to their website or any other social media platforms in their bio.

So, why hesitate? Grow your business by signing up on DMpro and start your journey in the world of Instagram DM marketing.

Now that you have a fair knowledge on how to sell on Instagram DM, it’s time to see how to make money through IG direct messages during the best time of the year, SUMMER.

How to Increase Summer Sales with Instagram DM

What do you usually plan to do in summer? Going on a trip? Buying summer clothes? Trying cold drinks on the beach? 

Summer is the only season of the year that most people have much more free time to dedicate to themselves. So, it’s also a good opportunity for some jobs to consider this a chance and develop their lines of business.

On the other hand, with the advancement of technology, more and more people are using social media for different purposes. These purposes include communicating with friends, spending free time, and sometimes, purchasing or selling something.

Here, the key to success, in promoting the kind of business you’re involved in, is to use social media to your advantage in order to introduce your profession.

Therefore, you’d better have a plan for your summer to advertise your service or products on platforms like Instagram. How? You must create an Instagram account and attract followers who are potential customers. 

As people usually plan to go on a trip on their vacations, travel agencies are one of those businesses that can make a lot of money.

But can all available travel agencies use this chance to increase their sales?

It’s important to know how to promote your business on Instagram so that customers buy from you.

In the next part, we tell you what to do to boost your sales as a travel agency on Instagram.

How to Boost Sales as a Travel Agency on Instagram

First of all, you need to introduce your business to people and make yourself known to as many people as you can.


DMpro, as the best DM tool in the market, can make this task easy for you and gain followers who can be customers in the long term.

But what else can you do using DMpro? Let’s find out.

1. Finding Customers by Analyzing Hashtags

DMpro does hashtag research and finds users that have a liking for trips and tours. It simply looks for users that follow similar accounts like yours.

2. Informing Customers about Offers and Coupons

you can send DMs to your target audience or ask some users to follow you and use your offers.

For instance, you can have a special offer (just) for your FOLLOWERS. Encourage them to enter the link in the bio and have access to the discount code or the link to book reservations for the last-minute offers.

Selling coupons on Instagram using DMpro’s link in bio tool also acts as a quick way of making money on Instagram. 

Besides, you can provide much easier access to your website by inserting the address of your travel agency website in the link in bio.

3. Mass DMing Customers

For announcing new plans, you can inform your followers by sending them bulk DMs. Or, when you pick users to give them free or half-price tickets, instead of finding them one by one, you can ask your Instagram manager to DM them and save your own time.

Not only that but also you can provide responses when they ask you about your services or last-minute tickets in DM.

Instagram DM Sales Script Examples

Before taking a look at some Instagram direct message examples, let’s see what Instagram DM sales script is and why we should use it.

Imagine you have around 20K followers and want to offer them a service in their DM or contact them for any reason. 

Is it possible to write a message in each of these Users’ DMs and talk to them in person? Considering you have the patience to do so, do you really think it is doable in the long term? 

I suppose you must not sleep, eat, or do any other activities just to be able to message every follower. And at last, you’ll see there are still more, and more of them left to talk to and persuade to take action and buy something. Right?

So, what is the solution to this issue?

Well, good news. You can make some samples as sales scripts and ask your manager to send different versions of it manually.

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You can even create samples and let DMpro experts fill in the blanks and make changes. This way, Instagram doesn’t recognize you as a spammer and therefore doesn’t report your message as spam. Now let’s see a present message and two examples:

{Hello l Hi} @username  

We are {so happy l super excited} to share with you our {newest l most recent} product. With your first purchase, {get 10% off l receive 10% discount}. 

  1. Hello Jackmcflll

We are so happy to share with you our newest product. With your first purchase, get 10% off.

  1. Hi Emilyprrrr

We are super excited to share with you our most recent product. With your first purchase, receive a 10% discount.

For a step-by-step guide on using DMpro, read how to generate sales using Instagram bulk DM tool. Now, let’s see why you should write these scripts in the first place.

What Are the Benefits of Using DM Sales Scripts

The positive aspect of sending DM sales scripts is that you save your time and dedicate it to other activities that can improve the quality of your content.

Also, you never forget any points to ask or announce when you have a pre-prepared script, and you can refine it over time.

How to Create Best DM Sales Scripts

Wanna know how to DM potential clients on Instagram? You must keep in mind that people may ignore your DM if you do not know what to write in your message. Therefore, remember to:

1. Introduce Yourself

Your audiences need to know who you are and what you do. So, go with the introduction first.

2. Write Your Purpose Shortly

We all get bored reading a long text, especially when we know it’s DM advertising. So, don’t make your point long and tiring. Go with short lines and a few words to convey your purpose. Get help from AI tools to write your message in a short and precise way.

3. Choose Your Words Wisely

As you are supposed to write short sentences, you should make a good first impression with those few words as well. Here, you may use facts and figures and promote your business.

4. Know Your Target Audience

The type of language you use is so important. Gather info about your audience and use the right words that might attract their attention. How? Join their company and communities (if they have one) and see how they communicate.

5. Know Your Purpose

Before writing your sales scripts, ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve by sending this DM?”

Is your purpose selling a product, getting more views on your YouTube channel, or setting an appointment? So, decide on your goal, then write your DM. 

For example, if you’re a nursing student looking to sell your services on Instagram, it’s important to make sure that you’re fully prepared for the nursing profession. How? 

  • One way to do this is by focusing on nursing exam preparation. This will help ensure that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality care to your clients.
  • You can start by reviewing key nursing concepts and taking practice exams to identify areas where you may need to improve.
  • Additionally, consider enrolling in a nursing review course or finding a study group to help keep you accountable and motivated.

By prioritizing your nursing education, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed as a nurse and in your Instagram business.

6. Don’t Send Cliche Messages to Every User

Try to personalize your DMs. Don’t send the same message to EVERY person on your page. Acknowledge their interests and prepare multiple scripts for users of different tastes.

7. Predict What They Might Ask You Afterwards

After sending bulk DMs, your audience might have some questions regarding what you have sent them. Some of these questions are frequently asked by clients. You can make a set of scripts for these FAQs and make answering much simpler by providing quick answers.

8. End the Conversation with Reaching the Desired Purpose

You have a purpose when sending DMs, right? Whether you want to sell something, set an appointment, introduce your business, or whatever else, make sure you have reached the desired purpose and ended the conversation appropriately. 

Also, you may include a question at the end to continue the conversation and motivate your audience to buy from you or be active on your page.

9. Use an Appropriate App to Manage Scripts

You can provide quick answers or text messages using a DM app to send bulk DMs. For instance, Toggl or Toggl alternatives can be used to track activities on Instagram and help get the job done. 

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How to sell on Instagram DM in 2023? Many online business owners have found that Instagram DM is an effective way to sell. 

But with so much to do in their day-to-day lives, some entrepreneurs are looking for ways to maximize their efficiency and sell without spending too much time away from the other responsibilities they have.

If you’re working on Instagram, you ought to have a good strategy to attract clients. What better than advertising in DMs to gain followers and promote your business? DMpro provides an upgraded solution to help people sell more on Instagram DM. Just simply Sign up free and enjoy your business growth.


Now that you know how to sell on Instagram DM for free, it’s time to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about selling on Instagram.

1. What Are Instagram DM Ads?

Instagram DM Ads, or Instagram Direct Message Ads, are a type of advertising format on the Instagram platform.

Instagram DM Ads are a way for advertisers to reach users through their Direct Message inbox. These ads would appear as sponsored messages within the Direct Message interface, alongside conversations from friends and other users. 

The goal of DM Ads is to allow businesses to connect with users in a more personal and direct way, potentially leading to more engaging and personalized interactions.

2. Can You Send Links in Instagram DMs?

Yes, you can send clickable links in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). This functionality allows users to share URLs with each other, making it easier to share content, websites, and other online resources directly through private messages on the platform. 

3. How to Receive Payment on Instagram?

To sell on Instagram and receive payments, follow these steps:

  1. Meet Requirements:

Ensure you meet Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies. Also, meet the minimum earnings threshold for the product or bonus scheme.

  1. Add Payout Account:

In the professional dashboard, go to “Payouts” and select “Update payout method.” Choose the type of payout account you prefer (bank account or PayPal). Follow the prompts to set up the account. You can have separate payout accounts for each monetization tool.

  1. Email Alert and Notification:

If you’ve met the minimum earnings but haven’t added payment details, Instagram will send you an email alert and a notification in the app to add your payment details in the professional dashboard.

  1. Edit Payout Account:

To edit a payout account, go to the monetization tool you want to edit, select “Payout account,” and choose the type of account you want to add. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.


– Adding a payout account is crucial for receiving bonus payouts.

– If you don’t add a payout account within specified timeframes, you might lose monetization rights or forfeit payment rights.