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A Simple Hack to Forward Instagram DMs to Email

Looking for a way to forward Instagram messages to email? It will not only give you an email notification once you get an Instagram DM but also enables you to send your responses to them through the email box.  

Does it sound too good to be true? 

Well, the DMpro app can technically make this possible.  

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a simple hack to manage all your Instagram messages via email effectively without having to open your Instagram app at all. 

Why is DMpro one of the best apps to manage messages on Instagram?

DMpro adopts a down-to-earth approach to managing Instagram messages with a user-friendly dashboard that allows its users to easily target who they wish to send DMs, automate them, and also send them in bulk. 

Another advantage to reap from DMpro is to set up an auto-reply and manage everything from a DM box on your phone and PC or forward Instagram messages to email. 

Last but not least, DMpro is safe to use in addition to building a powerful DM database. First, it doesn’t allow the automated DMs to be tracked as spammy behavior. Secondly, DMpro doesn’t gain access to any of your passwords at all.

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How to forward Instagram messages to email with DMpro?

Let’s get to know one of the most effective features on DMpro that enables you to receive and respond to Instagram DMs via your email. This will be beneficial to both small and bigger businesses that constantly interact with their customers on Instagram through DMs. 

The following step-by-step guide shows you how.

  1. At first, you should sign up on DMpro for free.

2. Then, to connect one or multiple Instagram profiles to your dashboard on DMpro, simply click on “Add Instagram Account”.

3. Moving on to using the feature, select the Instagram profile you want to work with, and click on “Manage”.

4. After that, you can see two tabs on your dashboard – “Direct Messages” and “Bio Link”. Choose the first tab and go to “DM to Emai”.

5. In order to forward Instagram messages to email, select the Instagram profile or profiles from the list you see. By selecting each profile, you can see a box on top of the IG lists that allows you to assign a new email to your Instagram profile.

6. Finally, click “Save” and you’re done! You can now manage your Instagram messages from the email box of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.


DMpro offers a simple hack to forward Instagram messages to email. This allows users to receive all their Instagram messages in their email box, and reply to them just from their email too. 

This efficient feature will make managing your Instagram DMs so easy for you that you can hardly miss any direct messages to respond to without even viewing your Instagram profile.