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Top 6 Free SMM Courses for SMM Managers’ Skill Development

Many people choose social media marketing as the sphere for their life-long self-fulfillment. It is a constant analysis of content, audit of competitors, and development of promotion strategies. 

People are eager to learn to work with business pages on social networks, analyze advertising results, and speak the same language to their target audience. Do you want to be a part of big projects and large-scale advertising campaigns? 

Go for it in small steps! The first of them is to find suitable and most importantly free SMM courses to receive first-class online education, learn how to use SMM tools, and become a successful manager.

Who can become a lucky SMM manager?

Social media marketing is a perfect variant for students to start earning money and take the first steps in their career development. It has a lot of benefits, for instance, flexible hours, remote work mode, and communication with different people. 

Yet, young people do not have an opportunity to spend a fortune to obtain a top-notch education in SMM. That is why free SMM courses are a great option for them.

One more issue students might face is that education still remains their priority. They usually have busy workloads, tough deadlines, and a lot of writing assignments. As a result, they feel a shortage of time to focus on mastering a new profession. 

Even, if they have a burning desire. In this situation, a brilliant idea is to use a reliable writing service and receive premium-quality and timely assistance. 

Experienced writers provide paper services to make students’ lives on campus less stressful. Besides, they help students boost their writing skills, which are handy for SMM managers.

Top 6 Free SMM Courses for SMM Managers’ Skill Development

Let us begin with a few marketing courses to equip marketing professionals with essential knowledge and skills. These free SMM courses cover subjects like Google advertising, best email marketing practices, target audience, etc.

#1 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certificate

It is a 26-module course from Google. It covers topics related to building online business strategies, Google advertisements, email best practices, etc. 

You will get to know how to find your audience, involve influencers in social media advertising, and generate leads. According to recent research, the majority of young women in the USA trust content creators and influencers when buying stuff.

If you successfully pass the final test, you get a valid certificate, which proves your achievements.

#2 Buffer’s Week of Webinars on Digital Marketing

This course teaches you how to get your content seen on Facebook and Instagram, handle data on social media, and be an expert in branding and PR. It consists of 7 YouTube videos. 

This series of lectures is among engaging e-learning tools that are much more appealing than traditional classes. Furthermore, no registration is necessary. And you can watch the videos any time and re-watch them if it is required.

#3 Pay Per Click University

It is a free online resource presented by WordStream. You will become skilled in optimizing landing pages, doing A/B testing, and building PPC. It is equally perfect for beginners and advanced SMM managers. 

The course content is presented in a mobile-friendly manner. That is why you can study anywhere if you have a smartphone.

#4 Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Professor Johan Berger from the University of Pennsylvania has developed one of the most fantastic free SMM courses. It helps to understand why some ideas are more attractive than others. You will learn how social media influences our behavior and how to create powerful viral content.

#5 Email Marketing for E-Commerce

The creator of this course is Ariana Hargrave, who is a Director of VIP Services at Mailchimp. She finds it crucial to concentrate on issues corresponding to email marketing automation, optimization, and personalization. 

It is a useful class, which will take only 25 minutes. A free trial is one month long. Yet, it is enough to take it and become aware of how to create a successful email marketing campaign.

#6 Marketing in a Digital World

You can find this course on the Coursera e-learning platform. It is mostly about how mobile phones change marketing. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 76% of adult Americans buy goods by means of smartphones. 

So you have a chance to understand new brand tendencies and tactics for attracting customers through mobile phones.

More than 500.000 people have already enrolled in this course. It is worth noting that its rate of approval is 98%. If it fits you perfectly, you have a great opportunity to continue your education at the University of Illinois majoring in the MBA program. 


In the following, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions regarding free SMM courses:

Q1. What Makes Free SMM Courses a Suitable Option for Aspiring SMM Managers?

Free SMM courses serve as an ideal option for aspiring SMM managers, especially students, due to their accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Social media marketing is a field with numerous benefits, including flexible working hours and remote work opportunities. 

However, students often face budget constraints and busy schedules. Free SMM courses provide an excellent solution, allowing them to acquire essential skills without the financial burden. 

These courses cover a range of topics, from Google advertising to viral marketing, enabling students to kickstart their career development without compromising on their education.

Q2. Who Can Benefit From Free SMM Courses?

Free SMM courses are particularly beneficial for students seeking a cost-effective way to enter the field of social media marketing. These courses offer flexibility, remote learning, and valuable skills necessary for success in the industry.


Either beginners or advanced SMM specialists need to improve their professional level. There are a lot of free SMM courses designed for passionate fans of social media marketing

Students will get a chance to study the peculiarities of the work with social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. They can deepen their knowledge of targeted advertising and analytics. 

During different free SMM courses, students will go through all the stages of launching an advertising campaign in real projects. Moreover, they can choose a course of their favor, which combines interactive learning and detailed knowledge.