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How You Can Secure Your WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp is the most famous and the best chatting app across the globe. Everyone connects with their friends and family with this app. You send personal photos and files to your concerned person via this app. That’s why it’s always a priority to secure your WhatsApp in order to protect your privacy. 

Do you ever think about what will happen if this app is hacked? You even can’t imagine the disaster. If you use WhatsApp, you should always trace fake WhatsApp numbers and make it as secure as you can. No doubt WhatsApp comes with built-in end-to-end encryption but you have to take other steps to make it safer. 

Let’s learn how you can secure your WhatsApp!

Use WhatsApp’s Disappearing Message Feature

WhatsApp provides the best service to its users. But sometimes, your friend or other person can get your device. Anyone can read your private conversation which may not be good for you. So, to avoid this situation, you should use WhatsApp’s disappearing feature. 

When you enable this feature, your private conversation is deleted automatically after some while. If you want to turn this feature on, you just go to the setting and change it as soon as possible. 

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For example, sharing your betting stories on your WhatsApp requires considering all security features. So, if you save many searches about how to find the best online casino games, you can keep it secret.

Don’t Share Your OTP with Anyone

When you change your device or number for WhatsApp, you get a unique number. If you share that number with others, it means you’re handing over your WhatsApp. So, whenever you get the code, you shouldn’t share it with anyone. 

Two Step-Verification

Two-factor authentication is a very important aspect of WhatsApp security. When you enable the two-factor authentication, WhatsApp adds a password to your app. This way, your valued data can not be accessed by anyone. 

Plus, with the two-factor authentication, you can create the PIN code. Remember one thing, you should always add your email to get back that PIN code. Sometimes, you can forget the code and in that case, you can easily retrieve it via a given email. 

Use Finger Prints Security

You can easily lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprints. It enhances the security of your WhatsApp. For instance, if you forget your phone elsewhere in your friend’s and family’s house, no one can access or open your WhatsApp in your absence.  

Use the Cloud Backup Option

If you want to secure your WhatsApp, you must back up your conversation to iCloud or Google Drive. Sometimes, you change your phone or have to delete the WhatsApp. In this case, you can’t get your old chats. But if create a backup of your chat with your drive, you can access your old files and conversations easily.  

Understanding of WhatsApp’s Fraud

As you’re aware, good and bad things come together often. No doubt, WhatsApp has uncountable benefits but it has some drawbacks to some extent. When you use WhatsApp, you are in an open system where anyone can access your app with various scams. So, you should get the knowledge of common and famous scams. 

Don’t Use Other Versions of WhatsApp

As WhatsApp is getting more and more popularity. Grey developers and other fake companies are launching WhatsApp apps with fabricating names. So, you should avoid those apps. The reason is that these unauthentic apps can steal your private chats. Further, they can sell your precious data on the black market. Besides, they also can blackmail you on the basis of your secret chat. 

Enhance the Security of Your WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted but there is still a need to improve its security. Sometimes, you can use other chatting apps for the private conversation. Besides, if you’re using WhatsApp try to limit your conversation. Plus, you need to use the all available security features of WhatsApp.

Always Use Strong Passwords

If you want to lock your password, you should avoid traditional passwords. You also refrain from using personal names for passwords. When you use a strong password with a couple of other numerics, it becomes safer. No one can easily access or break those passwords. So, if you want to secure your WhatsApp, you must use strong passwords. 

Always Keep an Eye on WhatsApp Updates

Updating your WhatsApp is important when it comes to safety. As you know, WhatsApp sends frequent updates according to the online ecosystem. These updates help you secure your WhatsApp and protect it from external threats. If you don’t check the updates, your Whatsapp can easily get a virus or any other bug. So, updating WhatsApp is a wise decision. 

Careful Sharing

You should avoid sharing personal information and private documents on the app. For instance, If your device is snatched or lost, your data will remain safe. Plus, if someone gets your device, he or she can download any virus to your laptop to steal information. So, you should never transfer any sensitive files to the app. 

Keep Away Your Device from Spyware

If you want to secure your device from malware and spyware, you should get some security software on your mobile. You can download several effective security software from the internet. But remember one thing, you must download any software according to your device support. If you do it, it will work well. This way, you can protect your WhatsApp and device.  

Don’t Respond to Suspicious Messages and Links

There is no restriction to message to anyone on WhatsApp. There is a high probability of receiving messages from unknown contacts. So, if any message looks suspicious, you should avoid a response. Plus, sometimes you receive a link to click, in this case, you must look into the link before clicking.

Besides, marketing teams of businesses send messages to different WhatsApp contacts. But you must confirm before visiting their websites. If you take all these precautions, you can avoid the security threats.

Don’t use Public Wifi

Using the public wifi can put your privacy at risk. Scammers inject several viruses into even safer websites. This way, hackers and cyber attackers can invade your device easily. Sometimes, they ask for form filling or installing some apps and many people try to respond to them to use those free websites and wifi. So, you should avoid the public wifi next time. 

Final Word

WhatsApp security matters a lot because you use it for personal use. WhatsApp brings many security features but not all users have knowledge about those. 

So, if you want to secure your WhatsApp, this article will greatly help you. If you are using your WhatsApp right now, you should apply all security checks to your WhatsApp as soon as possible for secure conversation.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the subject of this article:

Q1. Is WhatsApp Provide Security Features?

Yes, WhatsApp provides the best security features. So, you must use especially 2FA in order to secure your WhatsApp.

Q2. How Can I Create a WhatsApp Business Account?

You can download the business WhatsApp from Playstore and it requires very simple steps. 

Q3. Do I need Different numbers to Message to Different Countries?

No, you don’t need to get extra phone numbers to send messages to other countries. You can send messages everywhere across the globe from the same phone numbers. 

Q4. Can You Make a Call in Any Country by Using WhatsApp?

There are restrictions on this option in some countries, but you can make calls in every country. In this case, you can use the VPN before calling. It will also ensure that you can secure WhatsApp information.