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20 Best ways to slide into DMs on Instagram in 2021

Are you wondering what the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram is? Well, you are not alone. 

Social media Direct Messages provide you with a great opportunity to strike a conversation with someone you might not know personally. 

presumably, you are unlikely to opt out of the large group of users who are taking their chances to try different ways to slide into DMs.

If that’s the case, then our following tips on how to slide in DMs are going to be both useful and inspiring for you. 

What is slide into DMs?

For starters, it is super easy to start a conversation with a stranger on social media, and fear not, nobody is going to think you are a weird person unless you seem too pushy – this is the key player in your best way to slide into DMs on Instagram. 

So, if you have already wasted your time hesitating over whether to DM your crush or not, it’s time you learned the best DM openers that help you initiate the conversation you are hoping will end in a romantic date.

Basically, this is what slide into DMs means. On top of that, it also jokingly refers to an attempt made by a business to start a conversation with a potential lead so as to turn them into followers or customers. 

Now, let’s see how to slide into Instagram DMs most properly. 

Why do people slide into DMs on Instagram?

Instagram DMs are entirely different from messaging apps that generally require a phone number. For this reason, it makes it normal to expect to receive messages from those who are not close enough to make their way into your contact lists. That’s why you are looking for the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram.

How to slide into your DMs on Instagram successfully?

Undoubtedly, learning the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram will help you approach the person, who you have taken an interest in, with more confidence. 

The following 20 tips will send your spirits soaring, outlining a step-by-step guide to how to slide into Instagram DMs successfully. 

Good manners have a key role in different ways to slide into DMs

Every social behavior has its professional etiquette and the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram is not an exception. So, make sure to remember the points below, once you have made your mind to start a conversation on Instagram.

1. Be polite

Being slightly cheeky could prove to be amusing, but making an impression that you could be rude means they already feel you are respecting their privacy. 

2. Be more than a slick stranger

No matter how good you think you are at persuading people, stay away from being too pushy and let the conversation do the work for you. 

Preparation is the first step towards the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram

Chance favors the prepared mind, and luckily, you have a fair chance of getting prepared on Instagram before you DM someone. Here is what you ought to do.

3. Decide if you are just right for each other

Take a look at what their Instagram profile is like. You can learn a lot about someone only by the types of content they share on their feed or Stories. 

4. Make sure your profile is compatible with theirs

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to stop being who you are because it’s impossible and pointless. However, keep in mind that sliding into someone’s DM while, for example, you have the photos of your ex-partner on your feed is not a clever move. 

When you DM a stranger, the first thing they do is probably the first thing you have done before sending your message – they will scroll down your Instagram profile to learn more about you. So, be ready for that! 

5. Engage with their posts until you find the right opportunity

On Instagram, you can’t behave like an onlooker. You observe what they share on Instagram and you react in different ways. You can take part in a poll or answer a question they share in their Stories. Also, you can like or comment on their posts and assess when or how to slide into Instagram DMs when the right content opens a window of opportunity. 

For instance, the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram could be simply starting a conversation by expressing your idea about the photo of a special drink or dish they have posted. Or you may even find out a place you both go to. Remember that the more you highlight the things you have in common, the better. 

6. Take note of the things they care about

Social media gives you an opportunity to discuss the things you are proud of or dream about. In this way, Instagram provides you with even a better opportunity to express your life through photos and videos not like any other social media networking sites have done before. 

All you need to do is use this to your advantage and have a list of things you know the person you are passionate about is interested in. This information will eventually come in very handy to carry on your conversation successfully.  

Use the best DM openers to spark interest in a conversation

Regardless of your attitude and persuasion techniques, the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram is to have an auspicious beginning in the first place. The following are some great ideas to use the best DM openers.

7. Don’t just say “Hi” out of the blue

You can’t afford to be lazy. You will probably have one shot to make the first impression successfully. So, think of a question, or as you learned something you know they have in common with you or find it appealing. 

8. Rave about something they have recently posted

No one hates to start a conversation with the compliments of a book they have decided to read or their skill in photography and cooking. This is one of the best DM openers as it helps you start with something other than “you look hot” or “amazing”. 

9. Ask a question

There are tons of different questions that play the part of the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram. You can ask about a movie they have recently watched or a place they have just visited, or ask for some tips you know they will find intriguing to talk about. 

Exploit some generally interesting ideas to strike a conversation

Some sentences always work – No matter you are reaching an old crush or a new person. Here are 6 ideas as the best way to slide into DMs on Instagram. 

10. Your hiking pictures are just unique. Any recommendations where I can go around here? 

11. I really love the book you’ve been posting about. Have you finished it yet? 

12. You always have the best music in your stories. Shall we swap playlists? 

13. Your cats are just lovely. How long have you had them?   

14. I’m fascinated by your baking skills, can you share your idea about making an easy dessert?

15. I have to ask how to make that great coffee you always post.

Books, music, pets, leisure activities, good places to visit are topics that anyone hardly shies away from talking about with a stranger.   

Be confident in your approach to how to slide in DMs

Experiencing the fear of rejection is something, but allowing this to affect your conversation is not acceptable. Once that you have done your research, and used the best DM openers, use the following tips to make everything continues smoothly.

16. Remember that most people will be flattered if you have made the first move

Not until you send the first message, will you understand whether or not it is possible to meet that person. However, you should know that in most cases, you impress people by showing the courage to send someone the first message, no matter how much they show this in the first place. 

17. Be mindful and open

Although you might have considered what your next moves are, you need to be ready to improvise given the situation. Don’t forget that the art of conversation depends on a two-way discussion. So, focus on being a good listener in addition to turning on the charm.

Don’t let the conversation screech to a halt

Keep in mind that your ultimate goal was not solely to initiate the conversation. On the contrary, it is the result that you are looking for. What you need to do is try your best to get your desired result or at least have the chance to talk back to that person.

18. Learn if she is happy that you slid into her DMs

Here is probably how you will seem to be a pushy stranger. 

  • She won’t reply to your messages, but you keed sending flirtatious DMs.
  • She replies with only a word, mostly a simple yes or no, but her efforts to make you realize that she is not interested are all in vain.

19. Keep the conversation under control

There is a fine line between staying open and losing control over the conversation. Thinking of how to slide into Instagram DMs is not enough if you don’t clearly know how to meet your final demands. As a result, you should be able to able to step further and move on to texting instead of incessantly sending DMs.

20. Ask for their number

The best time to make a transition from DMs to texts smoothly is when you feel your conversation is going well with sending and receiving DMs to and fro. Yet, it is ok if you share your number first. You have been the one who made the first move after all.   

Use DMpro to make sliding into DMs more conveniently

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Final Thought

The best way to slide into DMs on Instagram is to have the courage to make the first move. Make sure you picked the right tone, use the best DM openers, and don’t overthink how to slide in DMs. Remember that you will never know if you never try. 

Also, if you would like to learn more about DMpro just click the sign-up link. It takes your DMs to another level.