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How to target new Instagram followers using DMs?

Reaching a new audience on Instagram is a major part of our marketing strategy as a brand or creator. And learning to target new Instagram followers using DMs is not an exception. 

Like every other feature rolled out by Instagram, Instagram messages provide you with ample opportunity to find new potential customers and followers. 

All you need to do is have creativity, be consistent, and do your best to stand out in the IG game. 

In the following, we will thoroughly discuss how to use Instagram direct messages to target new followers and a wider range of audiences.

How to identify your Instagram target audience?

Before learning how to target new Instagram followers using DMs, you should probably ask yourself if you are attracting the right audience. Here is how to identify your target audience on Instagram. 

1. Recognize your niche

As a business, you know what kind of service or product you have placed your focus on. However, as an Instagram creator, you probably need to think through your niche first. The most profitable Instagram niches in 2021 include traveling, beauty, fashion, health and fitness, lifestyle, etc.

2. Learn the demographics of your audience

Location, Interest, age, and sometimes gender are probably the most important factors to recognize your audience and target them. Your Instagram insights can help you gain more information on this. Also, by analyzing your competitors’ audience, you can target your ideal audience more efficiently.

3. Discover new Instagram followers by tracking hashtags

Searching hashtags related to your niche can help you find new accounts that you can prioritize based on their demographics. In addition to this, you can search hashtags related to your location to get a more accurate result. 

How to target new Instagram followers using DMs?

After developing a valuable insight into identifying your audience, you should learn some tips and tricks to target new Instagram followers using DMs.

In the following, we’ll discuss the use of Instagram messages for your business in more detail. 

1. Target new Instagram followers using DMs to “hashtag users”

Hashtags are undeniably one of the most important tools for both customers and businesses to discover one another. Search your niche hashtags plus location hashtags to get your hands on new accounts.

However, here’s the trick!

How time-consuming do you think it is to find a potential new follower and send them a DM. Not to mention that the effort you need to make has to be tremendous. 

Hence, we are introducing you to DMpro, one of the best apps to manage messages on Instagram.

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How to use DMpro to DM hashtag users?

DMpro is a safe and reliable app that enables you to target new Instagram followers using DMs with an automated approach to sending messages to different campaigns. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to sending an automated message to hashtag users. 

  • Next, click “Add Instagram Account” to connect one or multiple Instagram accounts to DMpro’s dashboard.

  • Moving on, select your profile and click “manage”.

  • Then, go to the “Direct Messages” tab on your dashboard and select “DM”.

  • In the “Direct Message” box, preset your DM. In order to avoid continually sending the same message to different people, you can use various alternatives in its text.

Say you are creating a preset message to introduce your business to a hashtag user who is most likely interested in what you are doing. Here is how you can create your message with multiple syntaxes. 

{Hi l Hello} @username  

We have a local store selling DIY tools nearby. We would {be grateful l appreciate it} if you visit our page. 

DM 1: 

Hi John

We have a local store selling DIY tools nearby. We would be grateful if you visit our page. 

DM 2: 

Hello Stefan

We have a local store selling DIY tools nearby. We would appreciate it if you visit our page.

  • Turning to the “Targeting” section, select “Hashtag Users”.

  • Finally, having selected “Hashtag Users” you can search and add your hashtags. DMpro will find your potential new followers, click the green button “DM” to send them your messages automatically.

2. Target new Instagram followers using DMs to your list

There are many different ways to find new leads. Many users engage with your post – liking, sharing, or commenting on it – without having already followed you. 

Another way is to look through your competitors’ followers list. Many valuable leads can be following other accounts that are exactly doing your business. 

Quite incidentally, having made an excel list of all new accounts, you are perfectly capable of sending them DMs all at once. 

How to use DMpro to DM your list of potential new followers?

You stand every chance of sending DMs to all names on your list, saving effort and time into the bargain by using DMpro. 

In fact, it follows fairly the same procedure for automating DMs to hashtag users. Here is how. 

  • After signing up on DMpro for free and adding your Instagram account to its dashboard, go to the “Direct Messages” tab and select “DM”.
  • Create your preset message with multiple syntaxes that are personalized by adding your target username to it.

  • Then, go to the “targeting” section and click “Excel List”.

  • Finally, upload your list and click “DM”.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to make a list of new leads from the followers of an influencer who promotes the same niche as yours. The thing is, DMpro will easily enable you to target respective groups of Instagram users, including “followers of an influencer”. 

You need to select it in the “Targeting” section, then search and add a preferable influencer. 

Other targets are also regarding: 

  • New Followers – DMpro will automatically send DMs to anyone who begins to follow you. It is considered the best way to welcome your new followers.
  • Current Followers – Send an automated DM to all your followers at once. This is an effective way for any kind of announcement such as launching a new product, sales promotion, etc.

3. Target new Instagram followers using DMs to create a contest

Rewards are always an added incentive to encourage people to become your new followers. This very much depends on how simple and fair the contest is, and DMs are of great help for this purpose. 

Post a picture that represents your contest with a code. Ask all the entries to tap the “follow” button if they are not already among your followers and send you the code. 

According to the number of winners you have in mind, set a limitation for the first entries who DM you to be announced as winners. However, don’t forget to ensure they are on the list of your current followers. Otherwise, their entry would be invalid. 

Besides increasing the engagement rate and targeting new Instagram followers using DMs, you can promote your post and reward by sending automatic messages to different Instagram targets with DMpro. 

In order to manage the whole process more effectively, you can also use DMpro’s inbox on your phone or PC. Your DM inbox allows you to organize the messages you receive or send and filter your DMs or remove them. 

How to use DMpro to forward DMs to email?

If an organized DM inbox doesn’t sound good enough, you can also forward Instagram messages to email by following this easy step-by-step guide. 

  • First, go to “Direct Messages” in your dashboard, and select “DM to email”.

  • After that, by selecting your account, you can assign a new email to your Instagram profile in the box right on top of the IG lists.

  • In the end, make sure to click “Save”, then you are able to manage your DMs from the email box of your choice, whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

The “DM to email” feature will prevent you from missing any Instagram messages that require a quick personal response just through your email.  

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All in all

Instagram messages play a significant role in your Instagram marketing and getting new followers. However, after learning the trade tricks, you will need some help to target new Instagram followers using DMs. 

DMpro will help you maintain creativity and consistency with the striking features it boasts, such as automating DMs to particular targets, sending them in bulk, and managing them all through an inbox in your dashboard or from your email.