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How to View Instagram Messages on PC [A Mini-guide]

Since November 2012, Instagram launched website profiles, allowing users to view Instagram messages on PC. Although close to ten years have passed since this update was released, some users are still confused about how to view Instagram messages on PC.

If you’re one of those users, you’re reading the right blog! You’re about to learn how to view Instagram messages on PC using this detailed yet simple-to-follow mini-guide.

Instagram was primarily designed for sharing visuals such as photos and videos. But it’s evolved tremendously, and the company continues adding exciting features to keep its users engaged and happy.

The platform’s messaging function is one great example of these features.

Instagram messages add a whole new level to our experience on the platform.

Based on what DMpro reports, this function is really a key performance tool since it can:

  • Increase follower to lead rate by 27%
  • Boost engagement by 4.5%
  • Lead to a 220% increase in customer return rate
  • Increase response rate by 82%

Some start-ups have acted quickly and smart enough to use Instagram DMs to introduce DM Marketing.

People of all occupations can use Instagram messages to their advantage; business owners or marketers can increase their sales, content creators can provide their audience with pure value, and ordinary people can stay in touch with their contacts.

But you’re not on this blog to read an extended lecture on describing IG’s messaging system. You’re here to learn how to access Instagram messages on your PC.

So back to the main focus. Generally, you have 2 ways to check Instagram messages on PC:

  1. Instagram messenger
  2. Instagram Web

Without much delay, let’s discuss each in detail and find out how to view Instagram messages on PC.

How to View Instagram Messages With an IG Messenger

The first and indeed the best way to access Instagram messages on PC is to use a reliable Instagram messaging tool.

These tools provide you with numerous features and benefits that help you enhance your messaging experience on Instagram.

Lots of Instagram messaging services are out there on the web. However, among the best DM apps to manage and access your messages on Instagram, DMpro finishes top on the list.

As you can see for yourself, DMpro is an Instagram DM messenger full of interesting and valuable features, which we’ll discuss below.

How You Can Benefit from Using DMpro

By default, you can only use Instagram’s direct messaging function to send and receive text or voice messages and share photos or videos.

But if you switch to using DMpro for this purpose, you’ll gain lots of benefits for FREE.

That’s right! You don’t need to pay to get started with using DMpro. You’re only required to create an account that is also 100% free.

Some of DMpro’s features that you can really benefit from include:

  • DM Automation refers to automating sending outgoing direct messages, allowing you to send lots of automated DMs every day!
  • DM to Email and vice versa: with this feature, you can link an Email to your IG account and send DMs from that Email and also use it to respond directly to DMs.
  • Bulk DM: mass DM on Instagram using DMpro’s bulk DM feature. This will enable you to send large volumes of direct messages to plenty of users.
  • Powerful Targeted Messaging: DMpro lets you DM your current, new, and potential followers. You can also set it to DM followers of specific accounts or hashtags!
  • Auto Respond to DMs: set the tool to auto-respond to every DM with the text you want.
  • DM Templates: create and use preset DMs to avoid sending repeated messages.
  • Multi-account support: connect as many Instagram accounts as you want to your DMpro account.
  • Target Lists: create custom lists in .xls format to use for sending DMs.
  • DM Inbox: get access to a fully customizable inbox to store and organize all DMs.

Just by signing up on DMpro, you’ll get instant access to all these features.

How to View Instagram Messages on PC Using DMpro

Once you’ve created your account, you need to verify your Email address then log in. Afterward, follow the steps below to access Instagram messages using DMpro:

  1. Go to your account’s dashboard
  2. Hit ‘Add Instagram Account’
  3. Enter your IG credentials and confirm your account
  4. Go to the dashboard again to see your account information
  5. Hit ‘Start DM’

Now you’ll be navigated to a page where you can set some preset messages and start sending them to the accounts you want to target.

NOTE: DMpro values your privacy and will never store your Instagram account’s credentials. You only use this information to link your IG profile.

How to View Instagram Messages on PC With Instagram Web

While using an Instagram DM messenger like DMpro is by far the best option to PM on Instagram on PC, you may not wish to go with it.

The alternative for you, in this case, is to use Instagram Web.

This method of accessing Instagram messages on PC is pretty straightforward. You just have to go through each of these steps to start using Instagram Web:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your account information and log in
  3. On the upper-right side of the screen, left-click on the mail icon
  4. Either choose to start a new conversation by clicking on ‘Send Message’ or open one of the existing conversations to check DMs

And that really covers it for viewing Instagram messages on PC.

However, keep in mind that if you go with DMpro, you’ll also be able to bulk-delete all the DMs you want a lot easier in the future.

Instead of deleting DMs one by one, you use DMpro to select all DMs and get rid of them altogether.

A Quick Recap

Hopefully, by now, you have the appropriate answer to how to view Instagram messages on PC.

You can either go with a tool like DMpro or use Instagram Web.

But it’s really best to use a multi-functional messaging app for Instagram since the benefits you gain weigh heavily against Instagram’s web version.

Also, we’d be glad to hear about your experience of using both of these.

And if there are other ways to view and manage Instagram PMs on PC or other devices, let us know in the comments below.