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Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools To Try In 2023

Instagram contests and giveaways are perfect ways to grow your audience with potential users and boost your engagement rate. But running giveaways, designing the post, and checking all the participants can take so much time and energy. It’s even harder when you have thousands of entries! That’s why many users try using a trusted Instagram giveaway picker tool to automate this process.

In the following, we will introduce you to the ten best giveaway tools that are completely safe and trusted. 

Top Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools

1. You to Gift

The Instagram giveaway generator and Youtube giveaway tool You to Gift is an established service that has been working since 2019 with over 1.5 million satisfied customers. This giveaway tool is totally safe and doesn’t ask for your Instagram login info. To check your Instagram contest participants, you just have to provide a link to your giveaway post and set your Instagram giveaway rules. After that, You to Gift starts checking all the participants automatically and finds the qualified users. Here are this giveaways tool’s main features:

  • Instagram giveaway picker tool
  • YouTube winner tool
  • Export Instagram data
  • Random number generator
  • Random name generator

2. AiGrow

The second Instagram giveaway picker tool to you is AiGrow. AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with multiple features to grow your page, including a safe giveaway tool. AiGrow’s Instagram giveaway winner picker tool doesn’t use any automation tools; Instead, you will be connected to a dedicated account manager who will perform actions on your behalf. The manager checks all the participants with the help of a powerful AI engine to find the ones the qualified users.  

3. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is mainly an Instagram content scheduler tool with an automatic giveaway service. Using this tool, you can schedule your giveaway posts months in advance. Your pot will be published automatically, and the AI engine will start checking all the participants. When the giveaway time limit is over, it will choose a random winner( or more) from your comments. You can also set to contact the winners through the DMs automatically. 

4. Wishpond

Wishpond is mainly an Instagram growth service to increase the number of your followers, but also it has a powerful giveaway tool. Under the “Social Promotions” tool on Wishpond, you can access different Instagram giveaways and email templates to save time designing the post. Then you can specify your giveaway hashtags and rules. This tool is totally free to use. 

5. Iconosquare

If your Instagram giveaway conditions include something in the comments( for example, tagging someone, using hashtags, etc.), Icpnpsquare can help you a lot. Checking their website, you can see that there is nothing named as an Instagram giveaway tool, but their comment picker tool is what we are talking about. With Iconosquare, you can choose a post from your feed page, and Iconosquare starts monitoring comments based on the conditions you added. Then chooses winners from users who have done all the requirements.

6. Gleam

For those managing multiple social media accounts that want to cross-promote their giveaway post on different platforms, Gleam is a good option. Gleam is a smart giveaway tool that works for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, etc. This platform is designed only for contests and giveaways, offering no more features. However, if you upgrade your account to their Pro package, you can use pre-designed giveaway templates. 

7. Woobox

Woobox is an Instagram giveaway picker tool that works differently from the previous platforms. With Woobox, you can download all the comments under your giveaway post and choose a random one as the winner. So if you have settled other conditions, for example, liking the posts tagging three users, etc., there are better tools than this. But if only the comments matter to you, it’s a perfect choice.

This platform offers a similar service for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter giveaways. 

8. Wask

Wask is a digital marketing platform focusing on advertising and campaigns. Under its Instagram tools, you can access a free Instagram giveaway picker, a free influencer-finding tool, and a targeting tool to find your niche audience. It offers the same services for Facebook and Twitter campaigns. 

With Wask’s giveaway picker tool, you on;y need to link to your post, and Wask will do the rest. 

9. Woorise

Woorise is an app that helps you with your social media campaigns, contests, giveaways, and ads. With this marketing tool, you can run giveaways on both your Instagram account and the website to maximize your entry. All the checking process with Woorise is automatic, which can help you save tons of time and energy. 

10. Sorteos

Sorteos is the last giveaway picker tool in our list that allows you to create and design Instagram contests, giveaways, ads, and promotions. The Sorteos app doesn’t ask for any login info, which makes it totally safe. You only have to provide a link to your giveaway post, and the platform will extract all the comments, check the participants, and announce the winner. 


If you are looking for an effective way to boost your engagement rate on Instagram and attract new users, running Instagram giveaways is a perfect choice. 

Some tools enable you to automate your giveaways, so you don’t have to check all the participants manually. This article introduced you to the top market giveaway picker tools you can find.