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Instagram DM Bots in 2023: to Use or to Run Away From?

Wanna find the best Instagram DM bot in the market and don’t know whether it’s ok to trust them or not? So, here’s where you can find your answer.

Today, Instagram has become a vital tool to help people with their jobs and personal goals. Actually, a vast number of them use this platform as a place to share their products or services with customers. 

Hence, they may need to contact lots of users every day to inform them about their services and plans through Instagram Messenger. 

Since sending DMs to thousands of people may take a great deal of time, businesses and influencers usually search for an Instagram DM bot to send automated direct messages. So, if you want to find the best DM apps, keep on reading.

In this post, we thoroughly discuss which apps are worth using and why an Instagram mass DM bot is not a good choice for your Instagram growth anymore. So, let’s go!

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Instagram DM bot

Being a worldwide marketplace, Instagram attracts many people to use it for their own business. Almost all the big companies have an Instagram account that responds to customers. 

Since Instagram direct message is one of the most fruitful features of this social medium, companies try to contact people and advertise their goods through this feature. However, mass DMing on Instagram takes a lot of effort. So, some users may decide to send automated Instagram messages to smooth the process. 

In the following, we introduce you to the top  Instagram DM tools that help you solve this problem.

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1. DMpro: The Best Instagram DM Tool to Send DMs

Looking for the best Instagram bot to send DMs automatically? If yes, then let me stop you right there. 

Instagram is against using automation tools, and it takes action against accounts that go against this policy. 

These tools can create fake actions like likes and comments, which goes against Instagram’s goal of real interactions. Instagram wants to keep the platform safe and enjoyable for all users by stopping the use of these tools. 

If accounts are caught using them, they might get deleted or face other consequences to keep the platform fair and genuine.

Since the platform strongly opposes the use of automated tools, the first tool on our list, DMpro, does not engage in any type of Instagram DM Automation.  

DMpro, the best Instagram bulk message sender, is a powerful tool that helps Instagram users send messages to many people with the help of an Instagram expert. 

This amazing service is web-based which means you do not need to download any extra app to manage your Instagram account and you can use it on any device. Just go to DMpro, log in, or sign up using an email account, and enjoy all the features.

DMpro Features

  1. DMing current followers
  2. Sending direct messages to new followers, and fans of influencers and specific hashtags
  3. DMing users using variable text snippets
  4. Replying to users’ frequently asked questions
  5. Organizing DMs on PC and phone browser
  6. Managing multiple accounts on a single dashboard
  7. Providing users with an all-in-one bio link as an extra feature

As you can see, these features help you a lot if you have time-saving issues. One of the best things about DMpro is that you can get a free plan if you are a new user and just want to try it.

To use this bulk DM tool for IG, start your totally free plan on DMpro right now.

2. V-User Instagram DM Bot

One of the tools you can use for sending bulk direct messages on Instagram is the v-User Instagram DM Bot. This tool allows you to send direct messages using multiple accounts on a massive scale. 

In general, it provides a variety of methods in one package, promising to free you from the need for external advertisements and promotions for your page.

In conclusion, the v-user bot offers a user-friendly solution to send direct messages on Instagram.

V-User Instagram DM Bot Pros

  • Lifetime license for permanent use
  • Sending DMs unlimitedly with no pay-per-DM
  • Ability to connect to multiple Instagram accounts to send DMs

V-User Instagram DM Bot Cons

  • Working only on Windows
  • Not working on mobile
  • Being a mass DM bot for Instagram (which is against Instagram’s terms of use).

3. IG DM Bot – DM Automation

Another mass DM Instagram free bot is IG DM bot, which helps you with many problems you may face managing your account. Some of the features of this Instagram message bot include:

  1. Sending automated Instagram direct messages to welcome new IG followers
  2. Customizing text messages to add a personal touch
  3. Sending automated DMs to users who liked your posts
  4. Utilizing spin syntax for more variety and creativity
  5. Sending Instagram automated messages in bulk

IG DM Bot Pros

The positive aspect of the IG DM bot is its ability to personalize direct message content for each individual user.

IG DM Bot Cons

The problem is that it sends automated DMs without supervision, which could eventually result in account suspension or deletion over time.

4. BotHelp

This mass DM bot for Instagram promises to engage with followers through chatbots, increase followers, generate leads, and run giveaways and contests.

BotHelp Pros

This platform claims to offer a shortcut for expanding your reach and increasing engagement through IG DM automation.

BotHelp Cons

As an Instagram auto message sender, BotHelp doesn’t guarantee the safety of your account and lacks a monitoring team for their services.

5. IGdm: A Tool to Send Instagram Automated Messages

IGdm is a free Instagram mass DM service that gives you the ability to access your messages online. To use this Instagram messenger chatbot, you need to download and install the application and sign up using your email and Instagram account. IGdm helps you send automated direct messages, including images and emojis, quote messages, and get the list of users who don’t follow you back. 

In a nutshell, this Instagram DM bot provides you with the following features:

  • Receiving and sending DMs (including emojis and photos)
  • Disabling read receipts and searching for users to start conversations
  • Quoting messages and using 2-factor authentication
  • Viewing the list of unfollowers and saving photos and videos
  • Continuing your conversations in chat from where you left off on your phone

IGdm provides another plan with more features called IGdm Pro. Here are some of them:

  • Unsending messages and quick replies
  • Deleting conversations or loading up to 100 conversations
  • Searching messages and managing multiple accounts
  • Filtering chat list based on being read or not and changing chat theme to a dark color
  • Logging in through proxy and having free 14-day trial

IGdm Pros

This bot provides two plans for users and each has different options which makes it easier for customers to choose from. 

IGdm Cons

  • There is no pricing page on IGdm. You have a 14-day free trial only for their Pro service.
  • Moreover, you should also install software to be able to use their services.
  • More importantly, the number of Instagram automated messages they send is not clear at all.

6. DM Bot for Instagram

This bot is a bit different from the other ones and the difference is that it only works on Chrome. IG DM extension automatically sends DMs to new followers and likes Instagram content on your Instagram Windows. Here are other features:

  • As an Instagram mass DM bot, it monitors some activities on your page. When there are new followers or likes, the bot sends them a random message to welcome them to your page.
  • This Instagram message bot uses random texts to send to your followers, followings, and the username list you provide.
  • As they claim, they don’t need your login password and all the data of your account is processed on your own PC.

DM Bot for Instagram Pros

One of the good features of this bot is that it sends messages with different text snippets to IG users. It also doesn’t need your login information as they say. You just need to log in to your account on your computer and activate the bot on your Chrome.

DM Bot for Instagram Cons

The bot only works on Chrome and Windows. So, obviously, you can’t use it on your phone or the Instagram app on your PC. They are also not clear about the pricing and the number of DMs they send each day or on their package.

7. InstaChamp

This Instagram mass DM bot, like many other bots, includes an auto-reply feature among the services it provides. Other features are:

  • Sending welcome messages to the ones who DM you for the first time
  • Increasing the number of followers and gathering useful data and sending it to your email.
  • Building your contact list and following up with engagers through SMS, email, and messenger.
  • Providing a menu-based chatbot so that users pick and select what they would prefer to know about your product or service.

InstaChamp Pros

The fact that this Instagram message sender sends DMs to new followers and increases engagement on your page makes it a good service to use. It also provides a menu-based chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions of the users.

InstaChamp Cons

The services InstaChamp provides on Instagram DM are vague, and their website doesn’t provide a clear-cut explanation of how this bot works. The pricing of their package(s) is also unclear, and they don’t provide any pricing chart or page on their website.

8. NapoleonCat

Still looking for the best Instagram DM bot? So, here’s the last option on our list of automatic message senders, NapoleonCat. 

This platform seems to be more than a simple Insta DM bot since it comes with the following features as well:

  • Social Inbox: Participate in conversations and oversee customer service on social platforms.
  • Auto-moderation: Automate discussions on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Schedule & Publish: Plan content distribution on various platforms.
  • Analytics: Assess the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts.
  • Reporting: Enhance performance through comprehensive social media reports.
  • Social CRM: Gain an overall view of interactions with individual users.

NapoleonCat Pros

What’s great about this Instagram chat bot is its multitasking capability. It can track your social media performance, schedule posts, and publish them at specific times.

NapoleonCat Cons

Using Instagram bot messages comes with risks and excessive bot DMs can result in bans and blocks from the platform. Unfortunately, NapoleonCat doesn’t disclose the daily DMs it sends, adding to the uncertainty.

Last Words on Instagram DM Bot

Since using Instagram for advertising and introducing services is getting viral, companies and marketing services search for easier ways to use it and manage accounts. 

Sending direct messages to thousands of potential consumers may take a great deal of time. So companies may prefer to use an Instagram DM bot to automate the process and save time. 

However, it’s wiser to avoid any automated tools and go for a service that employs manual methods, supported by Instagram experts, to assist your account. 

DMpro is the top app that helps you solve your time-consuming problems and without sending automated DMs. This tool is not some random Instagram bulk message sender. It is designed exactly according to the Instagram algorithm and helps you with promoting your business or personal account in a short time. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on DMpro for free and enjoy using it from now on!


Now that you know enough about Instagram DM bots, it’s time to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding automated DMs.

1. What Is an Instagram Bot?

An Instagram bot is an automated tool designed to perform various actions on your Instagram account, such as liking posts, following users, commenting, and sending direct messages. These bots are often used to increase engagement, gain followers, and save time by handling repetitive tasks.

Paid Instagram bots typically offer more advanced features and customization options. They often provide targeted actions based on hashtags, locations, or user profiles to attract relevant followers. These paid services may also offer better security measures to avoid violating Instagram’s terms of service, which can result in account suspension or bans.

Free Instagram bots, on the other hand, usually offer more basic automation functions. While they might provide convenience, they often lack the sophistication and targeting capabilities of paid bots. Additionally, free bots are more likely to trigger Instagram’s spam filters and can put your account at risk.

It’s important to note that using Instagram bots, whether paid or free, comes with potential drawbacks. The platform’s algorithms have become more adept at identifying bot activity, and aggressive or unnatural automation can lead to negative consequences, including account restrictions.

2. What Happens If You DM an Instagram Bot?

When you send a direct message (DM) to an Instagram bot, the bot’s behavior and responses depend on its programming and purpose. Instagram bots are designed to automate interactions, so their responses can vary widely:

  1. Automated Responses: Many Instagram bots are programmed to provide automated responses based on certain keywords or triggers. For example, if you ask a bot about a specific topic, it might reply with pre-set messages or information.
  2. Generic Replies: Bots may also respond with generic replies that don’t necessarily address your specific message. These replies are often used to maintain the appearance of engagement without providing meaningful interactions.
  3. Promotional Content: Some bots are created to promote products, services, or accounts. If you DM such a bot, it might send you promotional content, links, or offers.
  4. Follow Requests: Bots that focus on gaining followers might send you follow requests, hoping that you’ll follow them back in return.
  5. Information Gathering: Certain bots might be designed to gather information about users. They may ask questions to collect data for marketing purposes.
  6. Spam and Scams: Be cautious of bots that send suspicious links, ask for personal information, or seem to be promoting scams. These are often attempts to exploit users.
  7. No Response: Some bots might not respond at all, especially if they’re not actively monitored or if their programming is basic.

3. What Are Instagram Chatbots and How to Create Them?

Instagram chatbots are automated systems that can talk to users via direct messages. To create one:

  1. Choose a platform like Chatfuel or ManyChat.
  2. Plan conversations and responses.
  3. Add AI for smarter interactions (optional).
  4. Test and fix issues.
  5. Connect your bot to Instagram’s messaging.
  6. Promote it and monitor user interactions.
  7. Follow Instagram rules and improve over time.

4. What Is Instagram DM Spammer?

An Instagram DM spammer is a tool or program that sends a large number of unsolicited and often irrelevant direct messages to users on the Instagram platform. 

These spam messages can include promotional content, links, offers, or other unwanted communications. 

Instagram DM spammers often aim to promote products, services, or accounts without the recipient’s consent. Engaging in such spammy behavior violates Instagram’s terms of service and can lead to account restrictions, suspensions, or bans for both the sender and the recipient.