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How To Block Messages On Instagram fast?

Replying to Instagram DMs is one of the best ways to grow the engagement rate and the number of followers. However, you might have a good reason to turn off DMs on Instagram such as getting bored with spammers or you might have a private account. But here is a question. Is it possible at all? If yes, how to block messages on Instagram?

In most cases, it works to a great extent if you ask users not to DM you on Instagram. But here we are to talk about more technical methods.

Stay tuned till the end of the article because you will learn how to turn off seen on Instagram DM.

Who Can DM You On Instagram?

It depends on the type of Instagram account you own and the user who DMs you. 

If it is a public/business account anyone can send direct messages to you [unless you do something about it.] But in case your account is private, this is how things go.

  • Users who you follow on Instagram can DM you.
  • If you receive a DM from a follower who you are not following on Instagram, you get a request. If you reject the request, the user no longer can DM you on Instagram. But if you accept, the user can send you messages from then on.
  • If the user is a total stranger on Instagram [meaning the user is not your follower neither is followed by you], you receive a DM request.
  • If you add a user to your close friends on Instagram and you two are not followers, the user still can send you a message.

How To Block Messages On Instagram Private Accounts?

To block messages on Instagram personal accounts, all you need to do is to tap on Block when you get a DM request.


How To Turn Off DMs On Instagram Public/Business Accounts?

By default, anyone can DM you if you have an Instagram public/business account. But you can turn off Instagram DM requests;

  1. Go to your profile and tap on three lines top-right
  2. Tap on Setting
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Tap on Messages
  5. Allow new message requests from only people you follow
Turn Off DMs On Instagram Public/Business Accounts

This is how to turn off DMs on Instagram business/public account, but you know what? You’d better not to. If you are getting many DMs on Instagram, it means you are growing on Instagram and getting popular. What you should do here is to dedicate a certain amount of time to reply to DMs and boost your engagement. 

To manage and respond to your DMs in less time, read Top 5 Instagram Automated Direct Messenger

If you can’t reply to them all and you are overwhelmed with notifications, you should turn off the notification.

How To Turn Off DM Notification On Instagram?

  1. Go to your profile and tap on Setting
  2. Tap on Notification
  3. Tap on Direct Messages
  4. Turn off Message Request and Message notifications
Turn Off DM Notification On Instagram

How To Turn Off Instagram Story Replies?

As you know, when someone tags you on an Instagram Story or replies to your Story, you will receive it in your Instagram direct message section.

Now you can not stop people from tagging you on their IG stories, but you can block them from Instagram Story replies. To do so, you should just go to Story setting and turn off Instagram.

Block replies and reactions to Instagram stories

Can I Delete All Instagram Direct Messages?

If you are asking whether or not you can block all DMs of all kinds from any user on Instagram, my answer is no! Instagram is a friendly platform and you can not turn all DMs off. You can only limit the DMs you receive.

How To Turn Off Seen On Instagram DM?

As a matter of fact, Instagram does not such a feature to turn of “Seen” on DMs. But there are some workarounds.

For further information, read how to turn off read receipts on Instagram?

DMpro is one of them. It is an Instagram DM tool that allows you to receive Instagram messages on your email or your dashboard. As long as you read your DMs on your dashboard, not on the Instagram app or web, it will not get labeled.

Read DMs on DMpro. Till you don’t view your DMs on the Instagram app or web, senders don’t learn You’ve read the DMs.

How To Turn Off DMs On Instagram-Summary

Although Instagram DMs are one of the best ways to boost both engagement rate and followers, some users still wanna block DMs on Instagram.

To block Instagram messages on a private Instagram account, you need to tap on the block when the request shows up. Instagram public/business accounts don’t have such a feature and everyone can DM them unless they allow direct messages from people who they follow on the setting. However, I suggest engaging back instead of blocking DMs. If it gets too overwhelming, you can turn off notifications.

How to turn off seen on Instagram DM? Well, the seen feature is mandatory on Instagram. However if you, as the recipient, wanna read DM without Seen a label appearing, Sign up to DMpro. This Instagram DM tool lets you read your DMs on Email and it offers the free package as well as the paid ones.