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Guest Post

How to Boost Sales with Instagram DMs as a Small Business

Instagram is a vast business. More than 1 billion people browse Instagram every month for amusement, inspiration, purchasing, and other purposes. 

Using social media to reach and keep customers requires creating a community & supporting customers. It’s not just about communicating but also about your consumers and fans on social media.

On Instagram, direct messages (DMs) are really a vital link between marketers and their customers. It goes down via texting whether they are searching for customer support, have a query, and want to commend your work. 

Continue reading to learn how to use Instagram DMs for business to better serve their fans and customers. 

What is Instagram direct messaging, and how does it work?

Each month, 150 million individuals use Instagram to conduct a discussion with a business, according to Instagram. While many of these discussions take place in open comment pages, Instagram DMs for business provide users with the privacy that the comments area does not. Instagram DMs allow businesses and consumers to communicate directly. In Instagram DMs, businesses aren’t limited to merely using text. 

There are a variety of alternative approaches for individuals and corporations to increase client engagement: 

  • Send videos and pictures that are both educational and amusing.
  • Share animated GIFs that reflect your company’s individuality.
  • Use voice mails to instruct consumers or guide them through problems.
  • Include posts from your company, brand ambassadors, bloggers, and more in your Instagram feed.
  • Place a destination pin to assist customers in finding stores, events, and other destinations.

Why should your company use Instagram DMs for business?

There are possibilities and a chance to make the Instagram DM campaign pop behind that small speech-bubble icon. 

  • Make Contact with Your Customers

It takes two-way interaction to build a network and devoted customers. It isn’t enough to simply listen to what people have to say; marketers must also react differently. 

People send DMs to businesses on social networks for a variety of reasons. They frequently want to tell you about a wonderful event they had. Other times, it’s due to a problem with customer service or concern about privacy.

Consumer behavior varies across social media platforms, but it’s reasonable to assume that Subscribers will seek those causes as well. Whatever the reason, demonstrating that your company will listen, respond, & act is a powerful marketing tool. 

  • Provide Outstanding Client Service

Businesses must be prepared to provide customer care in which the path to transaction began as Instagram continues to expand its possibilities for businesses, but as more firms and consumers adopt the Shopping component of the site. 

According to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Social Influencers, 67 percent of consumers consider prompt customer service the most crucial aspect of having a pleasant social media experience.

As a result, Instagram DMs are an important basis to cover in the customer support approach. 

  • Enhance Your Instagram Stories Plan

Reactions and responses to Instagram Stories are sent directly to businesses’ inboxes, beginning a dialogue thread or building on past conversations with such a person. 

Stories are now an essential part of any high-impact Instagram campaign. Responses to such Stories are valuable qualitative data that may help you evaluate audience attitude, improve and enrich your content, and track the effectiveness of your plan. 

  • Increase Brand Retention and Loyalty

Customer loyalty improves when brands respond fast to communications. As per the Sprout Social IndexTM Edition XVI: Above and or beyond, 40% of customers anticipate firms to respond within an hour of contacting them via social media. Customers like prompt responses because they believe their needs are prioritized. 

Do you want to treat your superfans like royalty? Sending exclusives, discounts, and sneak peeks directly to them will surprise and excite them. Aw shucks moments are guaranteed when you single out your followers and make them feel seen. 

  • Make Sales and Generate Leads

Instagram DM marketing benefits everyone, not just social media teams. Also, FreshBooks, as the best accounting software for your small business can help you to generate leads. It will not only improve customer experience & develop trust, but it will also help increase the return on investment from social media.

Responding to customers who have questions about items or require assistance browsing a brand’s Instagram Shop could be the thing driving them to the next stage of a buying experience.

Allowing users to pay through crypto assets could give you an edge over other competitors who don’t. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that are well-established and known among people are the best ones to consider. The opposite is also applicable. You can buy bitcoin cash and use it to finance your sales efforts. Another option is to get a personal loan with a low-interest rate, this can help fund the strategies and ultimately increase the revenue and growth of the business.

How to Use Instagram’s Direct Messages for Business?

Interested in learning how to stay on top of it and manage emails on a daily basis while juggling your other responsibilities? Here are some pointers. If you’re just getting started and also don’t know how to attach a Message icon to an Instagram Business profile, don’t fret: when you develop a Business Account, the Message icon is automatically added to your page’s contact choices. 

  • Set Internal Team Objectives

Set a goal for your staff to meet in order to keep them accountable for providing excellent customer service, and determine the metrics by which you’ll measure it. In this case, you should concentrate on customer service metrics such as average response time and response rate. 

  • Set a Realistic Goal for Yourself

Assume you have a goal of responding to every Insta DMs in 24 hours. Make a content calendar each day being completely immersed in the Instagram inbox. It will help you to work smoothly.

  • To Organize Your Inbox, Use the Filter Option

Filters, which can be found on the upper right side of your DMs mailbox. It can assist you in organizing and tracking your messages. If you receive a DM, it’s tagged as read, so don’t open it unless you’re ready to react. Then, when you’re ready, go back to that text by using the Unread filter. 

  • Quick Reply is a Useful Tool to Have in Your Toolbox

You already know how important it is to listen to consumers promptly, and Instagram’s Quick Reply can assist. Brands may use Quick Replies in Business Settings to save popular responses to FAQs as well as other frequently asked questions. Each Quick Reply has its keyboard shortcut, so just type whatever shortcut you created when you respond, & voilà! Your message will be automatically updated well with Quick Reply.


Although most companies and brands under-utilize Instagram DMs for marketing, small businesses have a fantastic opportunity to improve Instagram sales via DMs. Learn every day, and you can also use Auto DM tools to build a thorough approach.