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How to Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides

When Instagram’s direct message function was introduced back in 2013, users could only send and receive DMs. Back then, everybody wondered how to delete Instagram messages from both sides of a conversation, but unfortunately, the platform didn’t have such an option.

All of us yearned for an update that enabled us to delete Instagram messages.

After a couple of years, Instagram decided to finally improve the direct messaging system by allowing users to delete their messages on the platform.

This was indeed one of the essential improvements Instagram made to its renowned visual-based app. It further allowed users to manage their messages on Instagram better.

We’ve all been in situations where we really needed to delete some DMs we sent to our contacts by mistake.

These situations were awful and embarrassing. Because sending the wrong message to someone could either get us in trouble or cause us to feel embarrassed.

Fortunately, those days are long gone, and you can quickly delete Instagram messages with just a few taps on your cell phone’s screen.

And in this blog, you’re going to learn how to delete Instagram messages from both sides simply by following a few easy steps.

Overall, you can delete Instagram DMs in 4 steps:

  1. Log in to your IG account
  2. Go to one of your account’s conversations
  3. Tap and hold on a direct message
  4. Choose ‘Unsend Message’

This pretty much wraps up how to delete Instagram messages.

But you can also use a reliable Instagram messaging tool to delete all DMs and conversations with just a few clicks.

So keep on reading to find out more about how to delete Instagram messages from both sides and bulk deleting all IG chats.

How to Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides in 4 Steps

As you just read moments earlier, you can easily get rid of a DM by unsending it.

Now let’s talk a bit more about each step and show you how it’s done.

These steps are pretty basic but indeed helpful. So we hope you don’t expect any magic to happen along the way.

  • Log in to Your IG Account

The first step is to open Instagram on your cell phone or go to on your web browser. Then, enter your account information and log in.

  • Go to a Conversation

Next, you should open one of the conversations from which you wish to delete a DM.

  • Tap and Hold on a DM

Once you’re in the chat, press and hold your finger on a direct message for a second, hold until a box pops up on your phone’s screen.

  • Choose ‘Unsend Message’

Finally, all you need to do is choose ‘Unsend Message’ from the box that appears. Now you can see the message has disappeared and completely removed from both sides of that conversation.

See how easy it is to get rid of DMs? Now let’s move on to how you can delete an IG conversation.

How to Delete an Instagram Conversation

Deleting Instagram conversations is as simple as deleting DMs.

To delete one of your account’s conversations:

  1. Tap on the mail icon on the top-right side of your smartphone (or browser if you’re on Instagram web)
  2. Press and hold your finger on the conversation you want to delete
  3. Tap on ‘Delete Conversation’

And that’s really how easy it is to remove a conversation on Instagram.

Note: be aware this differs from unsending IG direct messages. When you unsend a DM, you’re actually deleting it for yourself and someone else on the other end of a conversation. But when you delete the whole chat, you’re deleting it from your account only.

How to Bulk Delete Instagram Chats

One of the essential features we need to improve our messaging experience on Instagram is bulk-deleting our conversations.

Sadly, this feature isn’t currently available for Instagram users. You can’t select all of your IG conversations and delete them together.

However, there’s an alternative to do this: using a reliable IG messenger such as DMpro.

What is an Instagram Messenger?

Instagram messengers like DMpro offer various services to make it easier for IG users to manage DMs.

For instance, DMpro, one of the pioneers of DM Marketing, allows users to:

Automate Direct Messaging: schedule automatically sent direct messages. (This feature works great when coupled with scheduling your posts on Instagram)

Access DMs from Email: connect your IG account to your Email and manage DMs from it.

Mass DM: send bulk DMs to as many accounts as you wish.

Auto Response: use preset messages to respond to DMs.

Link Multiple Accounts: connect more than one IG account and manage them from a single dashboard.

Targeted DMs: send DMs to designated accounts, new followers, existing followers, and even followers of specific hashtags.

The good news is you get to benefit from all these features for FREE.

All you need to do is head to DMpro and create a free account.

Rest assured, no credit card is required, and you don’t have to pay a single buck to use their tool.

How to Bulk-delete Instagram Conversations Using DMpro

Besides all the features we discussed, using DMpro will allow you to bulk-delete all your IG conversations.

However, you need to be already using it for sending and receiving DMs.

In other words, you can only access and bulk delete the chats you started on DMpro’s tool.

You may be thinking about how this can help you delete a large portion of the conversations you already have on Instagram.

Well, you won’t be able to delete the ones you had before using DMpro.

But this stands as a valid reason to consider managing your DMs with it, so you make things easier for yourself in the future.

Final Words

As you saw for yourself, learning how to delete Instagram messages from both sides is a piece of cake.

Whenever you send a DM by mistake, you quickly delete it by going through the steps discussed in this blog.

We know you wished IG’s messaging function was similar to other social media platforms like WhatsApp. You could select and delete all messages together.

But that doesn’t seem to be Instagram’s plan any time soon, so we just have to do with what they offer for now.

Even so, you really don’t need to wait for any future updates and just go with using an Instagram messaging tool to have more control over managing your conversations on Instagram. Primarily a tool like DMpro, which is an all-in-one platform for DM automation.