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What Is Vanish Mode on Instagram?! The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Have your secret plans ever been spoiled because someone who shouldn’t have read your Instagram messages accidentally saw the chat?! Or have you ever wished you could just make your Instagram conversation disappear without having to go through the trouble of deleting each message?! Well, the brand new feature of vanish mode on Instagram enables you to do that. 

This unique option has been recently introduced by Facebook and is among the features that no Instagram DM app could duplicate! What is vanish mode on Instagram, and how does it work, though? Such questions will be the focus of our article today! 

So, if you’re also wondering what the IG vanish mode can do for you, stay tuned. We’re about to cover every aspect!

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What Is Vanish Mode on Instagram

This feature first appeared on Facebook messenger in 2020. But later, the messenger was merged with Instagram, and subsequently, the Facebook vanish mode became available on IG as well. But what is the vanish mode on Instagram DM exactly, and how can we use it?!

Instagram vanish mode functions like the self-erasing messages of Snap Chat or the secret chat of Telegram! That is, it enables you to send Instagram DMs that will automatically disappear once the chat is over. 

When you learn how to turn on the vanish mode on Instagram, you can test this feature! As you turn it on, you will enter the dark mode, and you can now send Instagram disappearing messages. The recipient will also be informed that you have started the vanish mode on Instagram. Now, you can send your DMs as you usually would; you can even react to Instagram messages!

Interestingly, if you or anyone involved in the vanish mode takes a screenshot of the messages, Instagram will notify you by saying: ‘You/X took a screenshot.’ Look at the picture below as an example of what it would look like: 

Screenshot on the vanish mode


Pros & Cons of Vanish Mode on Instagram

Every new Instagram update gets us new features that are bound to improve our social media experience. Some even allow us to go beyond the Instagram DM limits and reach a complete set of features. But before using each recently added option, you need to make sure of the possibilities that it grants you and the problems it might pose. 

In the case of the messenger vanish mode, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but let’s see both sides of the coin. Shall we?!

  • Using this feature, you won’t need to worry about deleting Instagram messages from both sides. But once the chat ends and messages disappear, you can never reaccess them.
  • In the vanish mode, Instagram informs you if someone takes a screenshot but doesn’t stop a user from doing so.
  • While in this mode, you can react to messages with emojis, replying to a DM is impossible.
  • If you haven’t updated Instagram yet, you can still join a conversation someone has started in the vanish mode. And you can even turn off the vanish mode, but unfortunately, you can’t turn it on.
  • You can only access the vanish mode on Instagram private chats. That is, you can’t possibly send disappearing messages on Instagram group chats or conversations with more than two members.
  • The vanish mode doesn’t extend to video or phone calls. You can only use it for Instagram DMs.

Now, you know all there is to know about the vanish mode on Instagram meaning and its pros and cons. Now, you know what exactly happens when you start using it!


How to Access This Mode on Instagram

Your DM inbox is always there, allowing you to send Instagram messages to your friends and followers. But with every new feature that comes along, you need to update the application. Otherwise, you won’t be able to exploit it!

So, if you’ve got the answer to your question on ‘What is vanish mode on Instagram?’ it’s time to see how you can access this relatively new option. Stay with us 😉

To access the vanish mode on Instagram, you must first update the application. To do so, follow the steps below:

Update Instagram

Once the update installs, you’re good to good! 

Pro tip: Remember that if you’ve already updated to the latest version, this button won’t appear. 

Another way to get around to updating Instagram messages is by following the instructions below:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account,
  • Then, select the Instagram messages icon from the top right corner of the screen,
  • From the pop-up that appears, choose ‘Update.’

If you don’t see the pop-up, there’s another way to learn how to update Instagram messenger:

  • Open your Instagram profile feed,
  • Then, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and choose ‘Settings,’
  • Finally, tap on ‘Update messaging’ then ‘Update.’

That’s all! Now, those who were wondering how to send a disappearing message on Instagram can easily do so. 


How to Turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram

Now that you know how to access this option and what happens once you do, it’s time to test it. You can try it with your friends first to see if it’s what you expected! 

To learn how to turn on the vanish mode on Instagram, you only need to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Instagram account and open your DM inbox from the top right corner,
Instagram DM inbox
  • Then, choose any of the listed conversations or start a new one by clicking on the pen icon from the top,
  • Now, swipe up on the chat to activate the Instagram vanish mode!
swipe up!

And here’s another method:

  • Open the chat you’d like to apply this to,
  • Next, tap on the icon in the top right corner,
how to turn on vanish mode on Instagram
  • Now, switch on the toggle for ‘Vanish mode.’
switch vanish mode on

That’s all; you have successfully activated this mode! But can someone see when you turn on the vanish mode? Well, yes! As mentioned earlier, your Instagram will go into dark mode as soon as you use this option. And the recipient of these Instagram disappearing messages will also be informed that you’re chatting in vanish mode!


How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

Deactivating the vanish mode on any chat means that your messages won’t disappear from then on. But it also means that the messages you’ve sent in this mode will instantly disappear, for good! In other words, you won’t be able to access the DMs on Instagram anymore.

So, make sure you’re ready to say goodbye to the conversation you’ve just had before you choose to get out of this mode. 

Now, to understand how to turn the vanish mode off, you must follow the instructions below:

  • First, open the chat for which you had activated this option,
  • Then, swipe up to turn off the vanish mode,

  • Or, choose the icon from the top right,
  • Now, turn off the toggle for ‘Vanish mode.’

Congratulations; now you know how to get out of the vanish mode on Instagram. So, whether you activate it or someone else does, you can now quickly get out! 


How to Activate Vanish Mode on Instagram PC

Although you can conveniently DM on Instagram with a PC, the vanish mode is unfortunately unavailable for Instagram web or desktop. So, there’s no way we can understand how to turn on the vanish mode on Instagram web. With further updates, we might be able to see the arrival of this option on the web as well!


Make Your Instagram Messages Disappear Without the Vanish Mode

Some Instagram users cannot update the application; others have no access to its mobile application. Such users can’t access the vanish mode on Instagram. So, how can they make their messages disappear?!

Removing Instagram messages is challenging since you can only unsend your own Instagram messages. Plus, deleting selected messages is practically impossible for personal accounts. So, what can you do if you can’t even use the vanish mode?

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So far in this blog, we’ve answered your questions like ‘What is vanish mode on messenger on Instagram?’ and how you can turn it on and off. Now, it’s time we got to the frequently asked questions.


1- How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Messenger Permanently?!

Whether you want to apply the vanish mode on Instagram or Facebook, you can activate or deactivate it by swiping up on a user’s chat. Yet, there’s no way to deactivate this gesture and permanently turn off the vanish mode. 

That is, you get to turn it on and off whenever you want, but you can’t disable or remove the option altogether. 

2- What Is a Disappearing Message on Instagram?

As is apparent, a message that will automatically vanish after a particular amount of time is a disappearing message. Until the recent update, sending such messages was impossible; we could only send photos or videos that could only be viewed once. 

However, the vanish mode on Instagram enables us to do everything we once wished. Now, we can send Instagram DMs that will go away as soon as we end the chat. And since deleting Instagram messages is by nature complicated, this option facilitates everything.

3- How to Unread Messages on Instagram Vanish Mode?

Unreading messages is normally easy. You only need to open your Instagram message inbox, tap and hold a conversation, and choose ‘Unread,’ which won’t turn off the read receipt on Instagram messages but allows you to distinguish the messages you haven’t had the time to answer!

Yet, in the vanish mode, you won’t get to unread messages because as soon as you access them once and leave the chat, the DMs will disappear!

4- Why Can’t I Access Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Such problems mostly happen because you haven’t updated your Instagram messenger yet. Follow the instructions in the article to ensure your application and messenger are up-to-date. If it doesn’t work, you can check our article on why Instagram DM stopped working and how to fix it!

5- How to Unsend Disappearing Messages on Instagram?

If you’d like to delete your Instagram direct messages from both sides, you only need to tap and hold the message. Alongside the emoji reactions that appear, there’s an ‘Unsend’ button below. Once you tap on it, it’s over!

Unsend Instagram disappearing messages

Last Words

Each update presents us with more options and features and opens a new vista of possibility for us Instagrammers! One of the most recently introduced features is the vanish mode on Instagram, which lets you send disappearing messages. 

Here, we explained this feature, its benefits, and how to turn it on and off. Now, you can share a disappearing meme, message, or video with your friends!