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Instagram Shopping: Turning Followers Into Customers With Shoppable Posts 2023

For businesses attempting to interact with their target audience in the always-changing social media landscape, Instagram has changed the game. Moreover, with over a billion monthly active users and an impressive user base, Instagram is a key platform for marketers. One of Instagram Shopping’s most powerful features, it has completely changed how businesses engage with their followers and drive sales. 

So, by gently adding product information and purchasing options into postings, businesses may turn their Instagram followers into loyal customers. This article will explore the concept of Instagram shopping and discuss useful Instagram marketing strategies that businesses may employ to benefit from shoppable posts, ultimately converting followers into paying customers and boosting their bottom line.

The Rise of Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping has expanded as a result of the platform’s rising popularity among online shoppers. Jeff Romero, Founder of Octiv Digital says, “As a frequent user of Instagram myself, I have personally seen how this medium has developed into a vibrant market. 

Instagram is the ideal place for businesses to showcase their items and promote sales. That’s because of its aesthetically appealing features and highly engaged user base. Users can now easily find, browse, and buy items without ever leaving the Instagram app thanks to the addition of Instagram Shopping. 

The seamless shopping experience that Instagram has provided for its customers by incorporating features like product tags and the shopping tab is simply amazing.”

Setting up Instagram Shopping


For businesses, setting up Instagram Shopping may seem like a difficult undertaking But, it’s an essential step if they want to take advantage of this platform’s enormous potential. 

According to Gert Mellak, Founder of SEOLeverage, The initial requirements are having an Instagram business account and abiding by Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce laws. Important steps in the setup procedure include building a product catalog and connecting the Instagram account to a Facebook profile. 

The development of catalogs is thankfully made simple by tools like Facebook Business Manager and numerous e-commerce platforms. Businesses can submit their catalogs for assessment when it has been set up. They get access to all of Instagram Shopping’s features after they have been approved.

#1 Creating Engaging Shoppable Posts

For attracting followers and boosting conversions, it’s crucial to make shoppable posts that are interesting and engaging. Holly Cooper, Marketing Manager at LUCAS PRODUCTS & SERVICES says, “Everything revolves around aesthetically engaging content that emphasizes the special features and benefits of the product. 

Users can touch on tagged products to discover detailed product information, including pricing and a direct link to make a purchase, by adding product tags to the postings. 

Visibility and reach are further increased by creating interesting captions with pertinent hashtags and strong calls to action. It all comes down to developing a seamless shopping experience that makes the transition from discovery to purchase simply for users.”

#2 Leveraging Instagram Stories for Shopping

Businesses can use Instagram Stories to boost sales because they’ve taken the platform by storm. Marie Ysais, Founder of Ysais Digital Marketing asserts, Businesses can add shopping tags to their tales using the swipe-up functionality or product stickers, enabling followers to view product details and make purchases directly from the tales. 

I’ve noticed that I frequently swipe up on interesting Stories and buy things on impulse. By creating engrossing and engaging Stories, such as behind-the-scenes material, instructional, or user-generated content, businesses may improve the purchasing experience. The shopping experience is made more authentic and enjoyable as a result.”

#3 Running Instagram Shopping Ads

Running Instagram Shopping Ads is an additional effective strategy to reach more people and increase conversions. According to Adam Crossling, Head of Marketing at zenzero, Businesses have a variety of formats to promote their products in visually appealing ways, from photo ads to video commercials, carousel ads to collection ads. 

Businesses may target their audience more precisely using Instagram’s sophisticated targeting capabilities. They can do so by taking into account their demographics, hobbies, and habits. This makes sure that the correct individuals see their advertisements at the right moment. 

To increase the potency of shopping advertisements, performance monitoring, and data-driven optimization are essential.”

#4 Influencer Collaboration for Instagram Shopping

Collaborations with influencers have grown in popularity on Instagram, and companies may use their credibility and reach to market their goods through shoppable posts. Many businesses are using influencer marketing platforms to manage their marketing campaigns and boost their exposure.

“It’s crucial to locate influencers whose followers correspond to the target demographic for the brand. Businesses can leverage influencers’ influence and reach to increase conversions. They can do so by giving them access to the product catalog and encouraging them to produce genuine content highlighting the products. Influencers get more exposure, and brands get more awareness and revenue, so everyone wins” says Timothy Allen, Director at Oberheiden P.C.

#5 Leveraging User-Generated Content for Shopping

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective strategy for fostering authenticity and trust. Nathan Pallister, Marketing Manager at allpack, adds, Customers’ UGC showcasing their interactions with the items can be created and shared, which can greatly boost engagement and conversion rates. 

Businesses can entice customers to submit their tales by holding contests or utilizing branded hashtags. UGC integration into shoppable posts promotes a sense of community while also showcasing actual product usage. As they observe actual customers using and profiting from the products, it encourages additional followers to make purchases.”

#6 Tracking Performance and Optimizing Results

Instagram Shopping campaigns must be optimized for success, which means tracking performance. Businesses may use Instagram’s powerful analytics tools and insights to track the effectiveness of their shoppable posts. 

In addition to that, they can learn a lot about the success of their content. They can do so by examining analytics like reach, impressions, engagement, and click-through rates. Businesses may make well-informed decisions and improve their strategy with the help of this data-driven approach.

“Businesses may find top-performing products, comprehend audience preferences, and improve their content strategy by regularly assessing the efficacy of Instagram Shopping campaigns. 

With all that in mind, businesses can assess the effectiveness of their efforts and make data-driven changes to enhance conversions. They can also increase sales by measuring important KPIs. Learning and adjusting to the platform’s ever-changing dynamics is a constant effort” says, Dean Lee, Head of eCommerce at 88Vape.


In conclusion, the popularity of Instagram Shopping has changed how companies use social media to advertise their products. Instagram provides a potent platform for businesses. It helps them convert their followers into valued consumers because of its aesthetically pleasing platform and easy-to-use shopping experience. 

Businesses may enhance engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately increase sales by setting up Instagram Shopping, generating compelling shoppable posts, utilizing tools like Instagram Stories and ads, working with influencers, and incorporating user-generated content.

Also, companies must keep up with new features and trends. That is if they want to fully realize Instagram Shopping’s potential as a useful e-commerce tool. In the same fashion, businesses can use Instagram for a variety of reasons. Some of them include interacting with their audience, fostering brand loyalty, and increasing income by regularly assessing performance, tweaking content, and making data-driven decisions. 

Businesses of all sizes now have exciting new options to succeed in the rapidly expanding field of social media marketing. It’s all thanks to Instagram Shopping. So embrace Instagram Shopping’s potential and go out on a mission to convert your followers into regular customers.