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Top 5 Instagram Automated Direct Messenger 2021

Today, Instagram has become a powerful and strong tool that helps people with their jobs and personal goals. A vast number of people use Instagram as a  place to share their products or services with customers. Hence, they may need to contact lots of people every day to inform them about their services. Since sending DMs to thousands of people may take a big deal of time, people try to search for an Instagram DM bot to send automated direct messages. If you want to find the best one, keep on reading.

Instagram DM bot

Being a worldwide place to advertise customs, Instagram attracts so many people to use it for their own business. Actually, almost all the big companies all around the world have an Instagram account that responses to customers and helps improving services. Since the Instagram direct message is one of the most fruitful features of this social media website, companies try to contact people and advertise their goods through this tool. However, one of the biggest problems for companies is that sending messages to every individual person takes a lot of time. So there will be a necessity to use Instagram DM bot. In the following, we introduce the top 5 bots that help you solve this problem. 

1. DmPro

One of the best Instagram DM bots is DmPro. DmPro is a powerful bot that helps Instagram users send a specific message to a huge group of users in order to save time. One of the benefits of this bot is that there is no need to download or install anything on your pc. Just go to the DmPro website, log in or sign up using an email account, and enjoy all the features. 

Some of the best DmPro features are:

  1. DM current followers,
  2. Send direct messages to new followers,
  3. Send messages to influencers followers,
  4. Import accounts from excel files,
  5. Send DMs to tags users,
  6. Receive your DMs inside your email inbox.

As you can see, these features are really good and useful and help you with your time-saving considerations. One of the best things about DmPro is that if you are a new user and just want to try it, you can get 3 days free trial which is really good in comparison to the other websites. 

To know how to use DmPro, click on this link.

2. BigBangram

Another useful Instagram dm bot is BigBangram. BigBangram helps you with so many problems you may face in order to save more time. Some of the remarkable features of BigBangram are:

  1. Auto likes
  2. Auto-follow
  3. Auto unfollow
  4. Automated DMs
  5. Scheduled posting
  6. And scheduled comments.

Sometimes, big companies need to share posts on a specific time every day, so using BigBangram they can easily set a time, prepare posts and share them on Instagram automatically. Moreover, you can set this bot to follow people automatically in order to introduce your service and business, after getting followed back, you can unfollow them automatically using the BigBangram bot. Actually, you will have to pay 1$ to get a 3-day trial of this website, and after that, you have to pay 24$ per month to just send automated DMs.


3. Direct Bulk Sender

Direct Bulk Sender is another Instagram DM bot that may help you to send a huge number of messages to people automatically. Actually, this bot is focused on sending bulk messages to audiences and does not help you with other automated services. However, using Direct Bulk Sender, you can add images and emojis to your messages. Direct Bulk Sender follows per message pricing policy which may not be economic for a huge number of messages. This bot gives you two choices; pay 2.7$ for 100 messages, or 7.30$ for 500 of them. 

4. InstaNobel

One other Instagram DM bot is InstaNobel. This website offers multiple services to make your Instagram business marketing more intelligent and less time-consuming. Using this bot, you can send automated direct messages, access your DMs on desktop, and manage multiple Instagram accounts. Actually, to use these features, you have to pay 14$ per month for each account and you can examine it in the 3-days free trial. 

5. IG:dm

IG:dm is a free app that gives you the ability to access your messages online. To use IG:dm, you need to download and install the application and then sign up using your email and Instagram account. Actually, this app helps you send automated direct messages including images and emojis, quote messages, and get the list of users who don’t follow you back. Besides, since it is totally free, there is a probability to lose your account because of hacking problems. 


Since using Instagram for advertising and introducing services is getting viral, companies and marketing services try to search for easier ways to use it and manage accounts. Sending direct messages to thousands of potential consumers may take a great deal of time. So companies prefer to use an Instagram dm bot to automate the process and save time. As we have mentioned in this article, DmPro is the top 1 app that helps you solve your time-consuming problems and send automated DMs. Therefore, sign up on DmPro for free and enjoy using it without getting worried to be hacked!