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Top 12 Instagram Auto DM Tools for DM Automation

We are all turning to Instagram auto DM tools in our eagerness to stand out in IG marketing, but why? What makes auto DM Instagram marketing so important?

As far as Instagram’s part in business is concerned, Direct Messages have probably got the lion’s share of our marketing strategy. For this reason, we all require a preeminent messaging app to deal with tons of sent and received messages daily. 

However, while Instagram’s in-app direct messaging feature seems to have built bridges between us and our audiences, it solely performs the basic function of sending a message to only one person at a time. 

Consequently, what we need is a tool that facilitates using Instagram direct messages with more accurate targeting, more systematic search for new leads, automatic DM, and more convenient management of the messages to optimize our CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

With this in mind, this article aims to outline the top 12 Instagram auto DM tools and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. 

Can you send automatic messages on Instagram?

Actually, sending an automated DM is impossible without a third-party app. Today, with the growth of so many Instagram auto DM tools, we can say it is a realistic expectation to send automatic messages on Instagram. Nevertheless, the real question is why and how do we really opt to use an Instagram auto message? 

Top 12 Instagram auto DM tools to automate Instagram direct messages

We use an Instagram auto DM to raise sales or grow our audiences by being able to target more users at once. Also, an automatic dm can play a major role in CRM as a welcome message and auto-reply DM. The following are 12 top Instagram auto DM tools and how they can help us with our marketing strategy. 


DMpro is one of the best Instagram auto DM tools with effective features we can rely on to give us a cutting edge. In fact, there is nothing we wouldn’t be able to do regarding the different auto dm Instagram roles mentioned earlier. 

On top of that, its user-friendly dashboard makes it both a more enjoyable journey for us and a foolproof way of making the most of an automated dm. In the following, let’s discover together how we can use an automatic dm in our Instagram marketing strategy with DMpro.

1. Preset an Instagram auto DM out of harm’s way

It’s not unusual for us to be leery of using an Instagram auto DM, basically for two reasons. The thing is, using an Instagram auto message conjures up an endless image of spammy content that is easily skipped and ignored. So before using an automatic dm, we must address these issues. 

  • Can we personalize our automated DMs?
  • Is using an Instagram auto DM safe from Instagram policies?

As a matter of fact, using DMpro, the answer to both questions above will be yes! Here is how.

  • DMpro automatically ties up the username, who receives the DM, to our preset message. All we need to do is write “@username” wherever we wish their names pop up in the text.
  • DMpro sets up a message that allows us to use alternatives by paraphrasing parts of our text. Watching the number of automated DMs we send every day, this technique, which avoids repetition in our text, will be sufficient to cover our second issue for us.

The following is an example of how to preset an Instagram auto DM with DMpro following this model – {paraphrase 1 l paraphrase 2 l paraphrase 3} @username.

{Hi l Hello} @username 

{Welcome to our page l We are thankful that you joined us}. Hope {you enjoy the content we share l you find our content useful} here. 

Feel free to ask any questions from us. 


Hi Brad_Co1990

Welcome to our page. Hope you enjoy the content we share here. 

Feel free to ask any questions from us.


Hello lifestyle33

We are thankful that you joined us. Hope you find our content useful here. 

Feel free to ask any questions from us.

2. Use an Instagram auto DM to welcome new followers

The core of our Instagram marketing strategy is to show our audience that we actually care about them, and the least we could do is welcome those who newly join us. However, we will be fully occupied, as never before, to do this single-handed job.

Luckily, the step-by-step guide below will show us how to use DMpro to our advantage here. 

  • Second of all, we shall click on “Add Instagram Account” to add one or multiple accounts to our dashboard on DMpro.

  • Thirdly, click on “Manage”.

  • Once we gain access to the features on our dashboard, we select “Direct Messages” and go to the “DM” tab.

  • Next, we should create our preset welcome message in the “Direct Message” box using the techniques we learned above.

  • Last but not least, we select “New Followers” in the targeting section and click on the “DM” button to use an Instagram auto DM that immediately welcomes anyone who has just followed us.

Also, this feature allows us to preset an automated dm for other purposes and target a wider range of audiences, including “Current Followers”, “Excel List”, Followers of an Influencer”, and “Hashtag Users”. Here is a video that tells us more about targeting our audience more accurately with an Instagram auto DM on DMpro. 

3. Create an immediate response

Sliding into DMs on Instagram is no easy feat, but when one of our audiences strikes the conversation, it means we have accomplished an outstanding task. However, this effort could end in failure when we keep them waiting for an answer. 

An effective solution could be creating a preset message that gives our audience the impression that their message is read, and we will get back to them as soon as possible. This approach will help our audience wait more patiently and provide us with an opportunity to manage the DMs we receive more efficiently. 

To create an Instagram auto DM to respond to our audience right away, we should follow the instruction below.  

  • Having signed up for free on DMpro, in order to access its dashboard, we should add our Instagram account to it and click on “Manage”.
  • Then, we select the “auto-reply” tab in “Direct Message”.

  • Now, we can use the technique we learned to create our Instagram auto DM in the “Auto Reply to Direct Messages” box.

  • Finally, we click on the green button that says “Start Auto Reply”.

Let’s watch a video to learn more about how to create an Instagram auto DM as an immediate response.

What’s more, DMpro can be an advanced service that suggests more than creating an automatic dm. Here is a list of features we can use for the respective roles of our Instagram messages in our marketing strategy. 

  • Sending variable types of bulk DMs
  • Targetting a far wider range of audiences.
  • Receiving and responding to all DMs through our email
  • Organizing, filtering, reading, and responding to all DMs from our desktop through our DM Inbox.


Inflact is another great auto DM Instagram service that brings a lot to the table. Here are the advantages we can reap from this service, in addition to creating an Instagram auto DM.

  • Creating all-inclusive automatic DMs, say an automated DM to welcome new followers, or auto-replies to the first messages and based on keywords.
  • Sending DMs in bulk based on filters that help far-flung audiences to reach us more easily.
  • Organizing conversations based on filters and labeling notes to manage DMs more efficiently.
  • Presenting a customized automatic DM to react to Instagram Stories that we are mentioned in, or an auto-reply sent once a user reacts to our Story.


One of the other most popular Instagram auto DM tools that we can consider using for its promotion and automation features is Instazood.  

To begin with, the promotion features include likes and follows performed by various third-party tools. 

Turning to automation, Instazood provides us with Instagram auto messages, an opportunity to strike a conversation with those who are not following us and sending Bulk DMs.


IG:dm may not be fully focused on direct messaging strategy, but if we are looking for a tool that offers Instagram auto DM free of charge for at least two weeks, then it would find a place somewhere on top of our list.

Here is a list of features we can expect from IG:dm. 


BigBangram is a successful Instagram auto DM tool that also expands its service to Twitter and Facebook with a downloader. However, what we are likely to be intrigued to learn about BigBangram is how it places its focus on Instagram. In addition to its auto DM Instagram feature, here is what else we can do on this social media networking site with BigBangram. 

  • Auto likes
  • Auto-follow and unfollow
  • Post scheduling
  • Comment scheduling


while we are nearly halfway through, we shall get to know one of the best Instagram auto DM services, which can come in handy for the respective reasons listed below. 

  • Setting an auto-reply
  • Enabling randomization for our texts
  • Adding links to our Instagram auto-messages
  • Selecting our targets in different groups


Instamber is a good offer for us to promote our Instagram accounts. We can use its Instagram auto message feature with pictures and monitor how successfully our DM campaign is working. On top of that, we are allowed only to send 130 auto DMs per day so that Instamber can prevent us from getting flagged by Instagram.

Direct bulk sender

The backbone of Direct bulk sender is to help us with our mass automated DM campaign. While Direct bulk sender is worth being put on our list, we should remember that it doesn’t set any limitations on sending automatic dm in bulk. So, we ourselves need to be careful about the number of DMs we send.

Grow Social

Grow Social only has a relationship with Instagram automated messaging when it comes to an Instagram auto DM that welcomes new followers. Yet, its other capabilities are what really set it apart and make life easier for us who have to manage an Instagram profile.

In addition to sending Instagram auto messages to our new followers, Grow Social offers a number of automated interactions to help us grow our Instagram following.


As we can learn by its name, AiGrow is not solely an Instagram auto DM tool, but it offers a wide range of features regarding auto DM Instagram features such as targeting a specific group of audience, searching for new leads by hashtags, and auto-reply.

It also provides us with an Instagram growth team to get organic Instagram followers that help us with our agenda. We can also schedule all sorts of Instagram posts on AiGrow.

Stim Social

Stim Social gives us access to insights, reports, and a variety of statistics, features, and tools for managing and improving our Instagram experience. We may also use this Instagram auto DM tool to automate direct messages on Instagram alongside the other features to grow our page.


Gramto is the last Instagram auto DM tool we learn about to bring this list to an end. Here is what we can do on Gramto.

  • Personalizing our automatic DMs
  • Sharing pictures and links to our text
  • Managing our DMs from desktop


Today, an Instagram chatbot is vital to our direct messaging campaign thanks to the unique features they offer to use our automated DMs in different strategies. All we need to do is pick the right tool that suits us best and embark on our journey through automated DMs used to target new leads, promote our products, welcome new followers, respond to our audience immediately, and many more things to explore. 

Try DMpro for free today!