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How To Mass DM On Instagram: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Instagram DM is the most ideal place for you to bond with your followers and build trust and credibility. But sending Instagram messages to a large group of your followers one by one is a nightmare! So, if you’re using Instagram for business purposes and you’re planning to make every opportunity count, you definitely need to know how to mass DM on Instagram.

Even if that’s not the case with you and you’re just on the platform to make money online, it’s absolutely essential to know how to mass DM on Instagram. That is why many reliable Instagram DM apps have been introduced to help our efforts pay off.

Here, we will explain how to send mass messages on Instagram so you won’t have to worry about turning your followers into customers. Plus, we’ll introduce the most reliable Instagram DM sender, DMpro! So, stay with us to the end 😉

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Why Learn How to Mass DM on Instagram

Instagram’s direct message function is excellent to maintain your account’s following count and further boost engagement with existing and potential followers.

When coupled with comment replies, Instagram DMs allow you to establish a meaningful, human connection with your audience.

And that’s the logic of all social media channels; to help people from around the world get to know one another by connecting them.

And for this purpose, Instagram comes up with new updates and features in the DM section. For example, the vanish mode and replying and reacting to messages on Instagram are relatively new features, designed to facilitate our experience.

And it is pretty simple to send DMs to a few people manually. You just go from one conversation to another and engage with whomever you wish.

But let’s imagine you want to sell on Instagram DM or introduce your brand to all your followers. Or, what if you want to target a new audience and message them?! 

In such cases, being active on Instagram is your primary source of income. And one of your daily goals is to send DMs to many people at once, for instance, to 100 profiles.

It’ll definitely be time-consuming, challenging, or even impossible to achieve this goal on a daily basis, no matter what method you could come up with.

So what could you possibly do to overcome this challenge and DM all followers whenever you wish?

Well, in general, there are 2 simple ways to mass DM on Instagram:

  1. Use an automated direct messenger
  2. DM all followers manually

Now, we’ll delve deeper into each way and learn how to mass DM on Instagram!

But let’s talk a bit about what mass DMs mean on this social media powerhouse.

What Is Mass DM on Instagram

An ordinary Instagram user would typically send a few direct messages to his/her contacts per day. However, it’s essential for business accounts, influencers, and content creators to send lots of DMs every day.

How could they possibly manage to send hundreds of DMs to multiple IG accounts on a daily basis?

Enter mass DMs!

Mass DMs refer to a large number of direct messages you send to several Instagram users, whether they be your followers or other accounts.

In simple words, it means to DM all your followers or a certain number of them at once.

However, be aware that there are some limitations on how many DMs you can send over per day.

When it comes to sending direct messages, Instagram’s guidelines state no specific limit to the number of DMs a user can send per day. But other sites set the cap to 100-150 DMs/day.

The idea is that Instagram views any unusual profile activity against its guidelines and may restrict a user’s range of activities in such a case. So you need to make sure you don’t violate the platform’s rules by sending too many DMs per day.

However, that won’t be a problem if you use a legit Instagram DM messenger. Because these services use a safe DM threshold to protect your account from being restricted.

How You Can Benefit from Mass DMs

Knowing how to mass DM on Instagram will indeed prove beneficial for every user, especially those doing business on the platform.

Using this method to send direct messages on IG will:

  • Help you increase your sales
  • Boost your engagement with followers
  • Reach new audiences
  • Increase the awareness of your brand and profile

These benefits are enough for you to feel the urge to learn how to send a message to all followers on Instagram. So, let’s learn how!

2 Simple Ways to Mass DM on Instagram

Basically, there are two ways to send mass direct messages on Instagram.

You can sign up on a credible Instagram messaging app or do all the hard work yourself, which is definitely not an efficient choice.

But before deciding which method to go with, let’s explain each in detail.

Use a Powerful Instagram Messenger to Mass DM on Instagram

Your first option to send mass DMs on Instagram is to use an Instagram messenger. And this is by far the most efficient and recommended way.

Because you really can’t send direct messages to each and every one of your followers. Well, you could, but it would take so much of your precious time you could spend on more important aspects of your business.

Therefore it’s not worth all the trouble to do it yourself.

Instead, you should consider using an IG messaging tool like DMpro.

DMpro offers a reliable, cross-platform IG direct messaging tool that allows you to send DMs on Instagram from your PC or laptop.


But why DMpro and not some other tool? Good question.

DMpro offers a wide range of useful features. Two are absolutely unique and not available in other relevant tools.

They are:

  1. DM to Email and vice versa
  2. 100% FREE to use!

They don’t ask for an initial payment and let you use their platform for free!

Some of DMpro’s key features include:

  • DM Automation: schedule bulk DMs to be sent automatically
  • Messages Inbox: use filters to organize all DMs in your inbox
  • Targeted DMs: send direct messages to followers of any designated account or users of hashtags
  • Auto DM Responses: autoreply to DMs to DMs with custom preset messages
  • Connect Multiple IGs: link all your Instagram accounts and DM with each separately
  • Unlimited Users: share your DMpro account with other people and collaborate
  • DM to Email: using this tool, you get to read and reply to Instagram messages from your Email inbox. This way, you won’t have to worry about the read receipt.
  • Link-in-Bio Tool: this feature enables you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. Using the bio-link tool, you can conveniently invite your customers to visit your website and make a purchase or refer them to a blog.

So why don’t you go ahead and enjoy using all these features simply by creating a free account?

How to Mass DM on Instagram Using DMpro

If you’re thinking about how to send one message to all Instagram followers with DMpro, you’re in the right place! Getting started with DMpro is easy as pie. You only need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a FREE account and log in
  2. Verify your Email
  3. Then go to ‘Dashboard’
  4. Finally, add and confirm your IG account

Now you’re all set to start benefiting from all the features we talked about earlier.

Sign up on DMpro right now to get immediate access to all the incredible tools and features!

How to Mass DM on Instagram Without a Tool

Hate to give it to you, but there’s no alternative to sending bulk DMs without using a tool.

You could try doing it on your own, but honestly, that’s not going to be efficient.

You could indeed try to master how to send a message to all followers on Instagram manually, but you’ll eventually get exhausted.

Now for the sake of clarity, let’s see how to send a message on Instagram:

  • First, open the Instagram DM inbox from the top right corner,
  • Choose a conversation or start one with a new recipient by tapping on the pen icon above.
  • Now, write your message and tap on ‘Send.’
  • Once the message is delivered, you can copy the text and paste it on any other chat.

Or to facilitate the process, you can create a group with those followers you want to DM. Here’s how to send a group message on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram messages section,
Instagram DM inbox
  • Now, tap on the pen icon above,
create a group on Instagram
  • Select the group members from the list of your followers,
  • And choose ‘Chat.’
Create an Instagram group
  • When you send the first message, others will be notified that they have been added to a group!

Now, any message you send will be delivered to every member. But let’s face the truth! As a brand or business page, you can’t just randomly add your followers to a group! If you do so, you will surely piss them off, and they may even report the messages as spam!

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to mass message or even forward a DM. So if you’re still wondering how to send a mass DM on Instagram, it’s time you faced the truth: there’s absolutely no way to bulk DM on Instagram!

So it’s best to save yourself from all the trouble and use a reliable IG messaging tool. On this path, you need to know that not every Instagram DM bot is trustworthy. As mentioned earlier, your best alternative is DMpro, an Instagram service that offers all DM-related tools!

So it’s best to save yourself from all the trouble and use a reliable IG messaging tool.


FAQ on How to Mass DM on Instagram

So far, we’ve discussed sending a message to all Instagram followers. Yet, we have to bear in mind that for mass DM, Instagram hasn’t devised any features or options. That’s why a lot of other questions may come up. 

Here, we’ll try to answer each and every one. So, read on!

1- Will I Get Banned for Sending Too Many DMs on Instagram?

Well, you might! Instagram terms of use are strictly against using bots for Instagram mass following, commenting, liking, or DMing. So, if you use a bot or overdo such activities, the application will be suspicious.

That is, if the IG algorithm recognizes unusual interactions on your account, it may limit your actions, suspend your account, or even take away your messaging privileges. So whether you want to bulk DM on Instagram manually or with an app, you need to make sure you won’t exceed the limitations!

The best Instagram mass DM sender is DMpro since it allows you to mass DM on Instagram free of charge and risk! With this service, you can be sure that you will never get banned!


2- Why Did Instagram Block My DMs?

As explained already, Instagram will become suspicious if you exceed the limitations. In this case, you may get banned or lose your DM rights. 

But another possibility is that you’ve been blocked by a user! If you spam your followers by sending messages or adding them to groups, they may block you. This usually happens for Instagram engagement groups

If you’d like to avoid getting banned or blocked, you need to steer away from the DM apps that have no regard for the limits and Instagram guidelines! If you still don’t know which service can help you figure out how to mass message on Instagram, go for DMpro’s free plan!


The Wrap

By now, you should be well convinced and informed on the importance of knowing how to mass DM on Instagram.

A DM automation tool like DMpro can help you schedule bulk DMs for different events, product releases, special offers, etc.

That’ll help you get and remain ahead of your game on Instagram, enabling you to establish authority and gain credibility. That’ll help you get and remain ahead of your game on Instagram, enabling you to establish authority and gain credibility. So, why don’t you guarantee your success with DMpro and start earning money?!

In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact the support team.

By the way, do you think there are other ways to mass DM on Instagram? Let us know so we can add it to future updates.

Enjoy DMpro for free and grow your business!