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Unsend Message Instagram; How To Delete Or Recover?

Have you ever said something and later you regret and wished you could have taken it back but you couldn’t? I bet you did! I mean who didn’t? Well, on Instagram you can take back what you have said thanks to the “unsend message Instagram” feature!

What Is Instagram Unsend message?

“Instagram unsend” is the feature with which you unsend the Instagram direct message you already have sent. 

Note that you should not confuse Instagram unsend with the delete DMs on Instagram. When you delete a message or conversation, you only make the messages disappear on your side. But when you unsend a message on Instagram, it gets deleted from both sides.

How Does Unending Message On Instagram Work?

  1. Hold your finger on the message you like to unsent on Android and swipe left on iOS
  2. Two options will pop up; copy and unsend. Tap on “Unsend”
  3. Confirm the action by pressing “Unsend” again

Unsend message Instagram, done! Easy huh? Now let’s answer the common questions relating to the topic. So stay around!

Can Instagram Unsend Gifs, Videos, Voice, & Photos?

Yes, you can unsend any message on Instagram regardless of its format, whether it is gif, photo, voice, or even emojis.

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Can I Unsend A Message After Receiver Has Read That Already?

Yes. The unsend feature is not conditioned to whether or not the receiver has seen it already. You can unsend Instagram messages even after the other user(s) seeing them.

After How Long Unsending Message On Instagram Works?

Time is not a variable when it comes to unsending messages on Instagram. You can unsend a one-year-old message. It is possible and all.

Do The Receivers Notice After Unsedning Messages On Instagram?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. That is why I need to dig you deep enough! If you are asking whether or not Instagram leaves a trace of unsent message [like what we witness on WhatsApp] I should say no! The receiver won’t notice unsedning messages on Instagram. But there is more to that.

When users receive an IGDM, a pop-up shows up in which some parts of the message are displayed. Now if you unsend it, the pop-up title changes to “This message has been unsent” and the receiver never knows whose message was that.

But the other scenario is that when the user sees the new message pop-up with your name and by the time he/she taps on it, you unsend it. When the user goes to the conversation, he/she sees no message but learns you have unsent a message. So you have to be quick about it when it comes to Unsending messages on Instagram.

Does Unsend Message On Instagram Work On PC As Well?

Yes. If you manage your Instagram messages on your personal computer, you have access to all features DM on your cellphone.

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Is There A Way To Recover Unsend Message Instagram?

Instagram does not have such features because it wouldn’t make any sense. But when someone unsend a message we all get curious to know what the message was about! Anyway, can you recover the unsend message Instagram?

As a matter of fact, you can. You just need to sign in to DMpro to access all you need for your Instagram DMs.

DMpro is an Instagram direct message service (obviously) that first was designed to help users out to manage their direct messages on a computer because back then it was not that easy to send and view Instagram messages on a desktop.

Now, websites normally introduced it as a hack to recover Instagram unsend messages! DMpro actually has a feature named DM to Email. This feature enables you to send and receive your DMs via your Email.

When someone sends a direct message on Instagram, DMpro automatically sends that direct message to your email. Then if the user unsends it, the message disappears from the conversation but you still access that from your email inbox!

Recover Instagram Unsend Message With DMpro

All you need to do is to sign up to DMpro, link your Instagram to DMpro, and enter your email here or you can have them on your dashboard. The rest will be done automatically. If its cost worries you, I should say that DMpro is all free

Unsend Instagram Message In Summery

It happened to us all when we regret something we sent to someone. For that, Instagram came up with a solution. Hold your finger on the message and tap on unsend.

But there is another side to this story and this is when another user sends us a message and later unsends it. Now we wonder what that message was about at all.

Hopefully, there is a hack to recover Instagram unsend messages and that is DMpro! This tool links your DMs to your email so that you access your IGDMs in email and can reply to them as well. So if the user unsend the DM, you still have can view that in inbox although it no longer is viewable on the Instagram direct section.

Sign up on DMpro for free!