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What are Instagram DM Limits? + Tips to Beat Daily Limits

Since the dawn of Instagram marketing, we have been hunting for the best ways to interact with our audience directly. While Direct Messages have proved to be a great approach to staying in touch with our followers, customers, and potential leads, the Instagram DM limit is a seemingly unsettled issue. 

However, getting to know the Instagram direct message limit will definitely help us go over it far more quickly. Instagram limits to DMs could vary considerably from the number of messages we can send daily to Instagram DM character limit according to our needs.

Also, there are some cool features such as Instagram auto DM that we can’t acquire without a reliable third-party app.

In this article, we’ll learn everything about the Instagram message limit and tips to beat it. 

Can I DM on Instagram PC?

We can access our DM inbox both on the mobile app and computer. In addition to text messages, we can send photos from our gallery or desktop and send images and videos from others’ feeds and Stories via our smartphones or PCs whereas there is an Instagram DM limit for computers as unlike the mobile app, we aren’t able to make calls or video calls or send voice messages on our PCs. 

What are Instagram DM limits?

Instagram DM limit is not only set on its desktop version. Generally speaking, we can’t DM more than one person at a time. Also, we won’t be able to organize our DM inbox or set an Instagram auto DM. And these are only a few examples of many. In the following, we’ll discuss them more thoroughly. 

How many DMs can you send on Instagram per day?

Although Instagram doesn’t officially announce an Instagram DM limit on the number of messages we can send daily, the studies have managed to reach a number. The safest number of DMs we can send per day is between 100 to 150. As for the newer accounts, this number plunges to 20 to 50. 

How to beat Instagram DM limits?

Each Instagram direct message limit has its own way out. Nevertheless, one thing that can guarantee a solution for Instagram limits on direct messages is the DMpro app.

DMpro provides us with both redeeming features to beat the Instagram message limit and striking features to optimize our DM strategy. Let’s see how. 

How to organize our DM inbox?

One Instagram DM limit is our incapability of filtering Instagram message inbox. But here is how we can use DMpro to our advantage. 

  • First, we ought to sign up on DMpro for free. What’s good about it is that it is easy and doesn’t require any credit card number.

  • Moving on, we should click on “Add Instagram Account” to connect one or multiple Instagram accounts to our dashboard on DMpro.

  • Now, we can decide which one of the accounts that we have added to our dashboard do we want to work with, and click on “Manage”.

  • Then, we must go to “Direct Messages” and select “DM inbox”.

  • To beat the Instagram DM limit on organizing our messages, we can click on “filters” and categorize our IG DMs as “read”, “unread”, and “sent”.

  • What’s more, we can select DMs and respond to them through our inbox on DMpro without the need to open our Instagram app.

How to save Instagram DMs?

Another Instagram direct message limit is an Instagram DM saver. While its absence is highly noticed within the app, we can use DMpro as an effective solution. 

  • Once we sign up and access our dashboard on DMpro, we can go to “Direct Messages” and select the “DM to email” tab.

  • In order to save messages, photos, and videos, we can forward IG DMs to our email. To do so, we shall select the Instagram profile or profiles from the list we see and assign an email address in the box on top of our IG lists.

  • In the end, we click “save” and voila – we have beaten the Instagram DM limit of saving messages.

Also, we can watch this video on how to save IG DMs by assigning an email to our direct message inbox.  

How to send an Instagram auto DM?

Setting an Instagram auto DM could play respective roles in our IG marketing. Yet, it is another Instagram DM limit that won’t be possible without a third-party app. Here is how to create it with DMpro. 

  • If we wish to set an Instagram auto DM as a welcome message for new followers, select the DM tab; preset our direct message; tick “New Followers” in the targeting section; and click on DM.

  • Here is how we can create our Instagram auto DM uniquely suited for every single person who receives our message.
  1. Personalize our DM with @username, so anyone who reads our DM gets the impression that we have targeted them individually.
  2. Use this model – {phrase 1 l phrase 2 l phrase 3} to avoid repetition and prevent spammy behavior.

Here is an example;

{Hi l Hello} @username

We are so {grateful l happy} to have you on board. Here is a link so you can check our new stuff. 


Hi Robert1998

We are so grateful to have you on board. Here is a link so you can check our new stuff. 


Hello Marina_Fashion

We are so happy to have you on board. Here is a link so you can check our new stuff. 

  • Also, we can use the “DM” tab to target a wider range of audiences with our Instagram auto DM. They can be our current followers, an excel list of potential leads that we have gathered, followers of an influencer, or users who search hashtags relevant to our niche.

  • On the other hand, another way to beat this Instagram DM limit is to use an Instagram auto DM to respond immediately to the messages we receive. All we need to do is go to the “Auto-Reply” tab, preset our Instagram auto DM the same way we learned, and click on “Start Auto Reply”.

How to send DMs in bulk?

One Instagram DM limit that has made a real nuisance of itself is not being able to send the same message – whether it’s a promotion of a new launch or any other piece of news – to multiple or all contacts on our direct message inbox. 

To overcome this Instagram message limit, we should execute the following instructions. 

  • We should select the “Bulk DMs” on our dashboard.

  • Now, we can choose as many specific user names on our list as we want. Otherwise, we can select all of our contacts with only one click.

  • By clicking on the “Write a Message” button, we can create our Instagram auto DM the way we learned. And finally, click on “Send DMs”.


As much as direct messages could be beneficial, it becomes more vital to us to beat the Instagram DM limit. As a business or creator, we all need to expand using direct messages in our IG strategy, and DMpro is an all-in-one tool that easily makes DMs a unique opportunity to make our Instagram account stand out.