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Instagram Spam Messages – How To Filter, Report & Stop?

Wanna get rid of Instagram spam messages? Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to find and filter spam DMs, then easily report Instagram spamming and block spam message requests. So, now that you are on the dominant side, Instagram DM spam shouldn’t worry you. All it takes is to report spam text.

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What Are Instagram Spam Messages?

Instagram spam messages [that are referred to as Instagram DM spam as well] are irrelevant DMs that are mass sent to IG users for normally commercial motives.

Is Instagram DM Spam Against Terms Of Use?

According to Instagram community guidelines, YES. Instagram DM spam is against the terms!

Instagram terms of use – Spam

How To Distinguish A Normal DM From Instagram Message Request Spam?

Although we might think Instagram spam messages are too obvious, we can make mistakes by wrong filtering! So it would be nice of you if make sure that you are reporting an Instagram DM spam, not just a random DM. Later you will read why you should not report none-spam direct messages.

To Filter Instagram Messages and spot an Instagram messages request spam, read; How to spot a fake Instagram DM? 5 red flags to look for FAKE/REAL ACCOUNTS.


How Do I Stop Instagram Message Request Spam?

The truth is that you can not stop receiving Instagram DM spam, what you can do is just report the DM. The rest is on Instagram. And Instagram is very adamant about that.

First of all, IG users can not send more than certain numbers of DMs daily [the number depends on the account] and if they push those numbers, Instagram will ban the account, whether DM receivers report the user OR NOT! And these DMs are sent in large quantities!

>>>For further information, read; How many Instagram DMs can I send over Instagram per day 

Secondly, if the DM receivers, report spam text, Instagram again shut down the account!

How To Report Instagram Spam Messages?

To report spam text, all you need to do is;

  • Open the DM
  • Hold on DM for a second or two
  • Tap on report
  • Select “Spam” as the reason why you are reporting the direct message


How To Stop Getting Random Messages On Instagram?

Earlier in this article, we talked about the way you can distinguish an Instagram message request spam from random users DMing you. So what if it wasn’t Instagram DM spam. What if you are getting real DMs from real users on Instagram. Is there a way to stop getting random messages on Instagram?

There are a couple of ways to stop receiving random DMs, but there are notes to consider before you ever take any action.

If you are growing your Instagram account, getting more DMs is part of the process. If you try to grow your account, you not only should not report them but even engage back! At least engage them with reactions.

Engage With Random Messages on Instagram With DMpro

DMpro, as its name shows, is an Instagram DM tool for users who receive tons of DMs and it is hard for them to manage DM. Why DMpro?

  • DMpro allows you to send automated DM responses to your followers in which you can explain to them why you can not answer all DMs but you still appreciate the fact they have reached out to you
  • It allows you to manage your DMs on a PC or any other device.
  • It can link your DMs to your email. Have you ever received a DM from a user and by the time you open the DM, you noticed that the message is unsent and you never know what that direct message was about? Well, If you link your DM to your email, every direct message is sent to your email and doesn’t matter if it gets unsent. You can access it in your inbox.

But if you are not after growing your account and you don’t want to get random DM, you can mention that in your Instagram bio profile. That will automatically decrease many random DMs. If you receive any, you can report the DM with a clear conscience [because you already warned them not to send you direct messages]

Get Rid Of Instagram DM Spamming- Final Words

Instagram spam messages are DMs that are sent in large quantity, using Instagram bots. It must be frustrating if you keep getting Instagram DM spam. But since you and Instagram are on the same side, senders of Instagram spam messages don’t stand a chance! All you need to do is to report spam text and leave the rest to Instagram. Instagram will shut the sender down eventually.

If you don’t receive spam messages and it is random users who DM you and you wonder how to stop getting random messages on Instagram, I’d suggest you change your mind, because more DM from actual users is a good sign and it means you are getting popular. So instead of reporting the senders, you should engage back as much as you can.

However if you still don’t like getting DM random messages on Instagram, reflect that on your Instagram bio profile. That will decrease the amount DMs you receive.