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The Best Instagram DM Saver for Instagram – Tried and Tested

Why use a DM saver for Instagram? 

Instagram lets you share quite distinct types of content through DMs. it could vary from texts, links, hashtags, or location pages to posts you see in others’ feeds, photos, and videos. 

Now, whether it’s because you wish to commit a personal or social relationship to memory or it is vital to download Instagram direct messages for your business, you certainly need a direct message Instagram saver. 

But what is the best DM saver for Instagram and how does it work? To get a definite answer, dip into the blog below and see what your ultimate solution is to Instagram dm download. 

The best dm saver for Instagram

Stop being concerned about losing a photo or video of a friend that is worth a lot to you. Also, if you are doing a business on Instagram or you need to show your audience you care about them as a creator, you don’t have to worry about missing any DMs either. All you need is a reliable DM saver for Instagram to download Instagram messages without a bug in displaying media once you have saved them.

Use DMpro as an effective Instagram DM downloader

DMpro is a unique service to manage your Instagram direct messages in addition to offering an effective tool as a DM saver for Instagram. Basically, with DMpro you can grow your business using Instagram direct messages in your marketing strategy to the core. 

On top of that, DMpro is safe to rely on as it requires no passwords and customizes your messages to prevent you from any spammy behavior.

So, let’s get to it. our primary suggestion is to download Instagram direct messages in your email. Here is how to download DM on DMpro. 

  • In order to use DMpro as your topmost DM saver for Instagram, sign up for free.

  • Secondly, click on “Add Instagram Account” to connect one or multiple Instagram accounts to your dashboard on DMpro.

  • After that, select the account you wish to work with and click on “Manage” to access the features on your dashboard.

  • Then, select the Instagram profile or profiles from the list you see and assign an email address in the box on top of your IG lists.

  • Finally, click “Save” and start to download Instagram messages in your email box.

By connecting your Instagram messages to your email, you will no longer have to worry about your memorable DMs or managing DMs from customers who are looking forward to a response from you. 

You can also watch this video on how to download DMs in your email on YouTube.

However, as an Instagram dm downloader, DMpro offers an alternative solution to download Instagram messages on your desktop. 

Sort Instagram DMs to download on desktop

DMpro, as a great DM saver for Instagram, considers your desire to download Instagram direct messages whether they are unread”, “read” and “sent on your device. Consequently, the following steps provide you with simple instructions to sort Instagram DMs and download them on your PC. 

  • To begin with, log in to your DMpro account as we mentioned earlier.
  • Click “Manage” and go to “Direct Messages”.
  • Now, select the “DM inbox” tab.

  • Then, use the filter button to organize your messages by the following categories; “unread”, “read” and “sent”.

  • Your inbox on DMpro exactly works as an Instagram direct message downloader on your desktop.

What else can I do on DMpro other than using it as a DM saver for Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, DMpro is not only a DM saver for Instagram. It offers richly varied features to help you with managing direct messages in your Instagram marketing. Here is how to use DMpro to your advantage making the most of its features for direct messaging on Instagram.

  • Target different groups of your potential audience to send messages in bulk. You can have different targeting regarding your strategy such as targeting “current followers”, “new followers”, an “excel list” that you have provided, “followers of an influencer”, and “hashtag users”.
  • Bulk DM contacts on your inbox list.
  • Download Instagram direct messages in your email and respond to them via the same email account without having to open your Instagram app.
  • Use your inbox as a direct saver for Instagram and also respond to your DMs through your inbox on DMpro.

Can you auto DM on Instagram?

Actually, sending automated DMs on Instagram is possible with a third-party app like DMpro and it has different forms such as an “auto-reply”, auto DM to welcome new followers, or even send automated promotional direct messages. 

The key factor in sending an auto DM on DMpro is the ability to personalize DMs and avoid repetition using the following techniques.

  1. Include the username in your message by simply adding “@username” to your text.
  2. Use paraphrased expressions in your syntax to work as an alternative in each auto DM that is sent. In order to use this technique write your alternative paraphrases in braces like in the model below.
    {parahrase 1 l paraphrase 2 l paraphrase 3}

Here is an example of the techniques above. 

{Hi l Hello} @username

{Thanks l Thank you} for contacting us. We will get back to you {ASAP l right away}. 

DM 1: 

Hi Alex_Smith

Thanks for contacting us. We will get back to you ASAP.

DM 2: 

Hello made_DIY

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you right away. 

In case you want to use an auto DM as an immediate reply to anyone who sends you a direct message, you can open your dashboard on DMpro and set it up in the “Auto-reply” tab.

And to use your auto DM as a welcome message or promotional message, set your preset message in the “DM” tab, and target any group of your audience that suits the message best.

Final Thoughts

People wish to download Instagram direct messages for their respective reasons. As a business or creator, this would play a significant part in your marketing strategy and as a regular user, it could mean a lot to you to download DM to treasure a memory. 

However, if you have tried and tested different approaches to download Instagram messages but all to no avail, we introduce DMpro as the best DM saver for Instagram with so many other great features such as sending an auto DM to use your Instagram direct messages to your advantage. 

Try DMpro for free today.