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3 Ways to recover deleted DMs on Instagram – Tried and tested

In today’s digital world, nothing is water under the bridge. Literally, there are very few mistakes we can’t undo here. So, should we ever wonder if Instagram message recovery is possible, the answer will be yes! 

Either as a professional account or a regular user, we have all deleted Instagram messages valuable to us. Although it can seem like a disaster, at first sight, there are 3 different ways to recover deleted Instagram messages once they are accidentally gone. 

First of all, we can save Instagram DMs through our emails. This helps us not to worry about how to retrieve deleted Instagram messages. After all, prevention is better than cure. Secondly, we can try the in-app settings on Instagram to recover deleted Instagram DMs. And last but not least, we can use an Instagram message recovery tool. 

In this article, we will learn about all these 3 methods in detail and get to know some effective tools to recover Instagram messages.

3 Ways to recover deleted DMs on Instagram

Instagram was not supposed to be a messaging app. However, since its Direct Messages feature became a fully functional tool to communicate with a wide range of people, Instagram message recovery has become a real issue.

Below we can look into the 3 best ways to retrieve deleted Instagram messages.

1. Instagram recovery messages by DMpro

DMpro is a tool to manage our direct messages most professionally with a truly user-friendly dashboard. For a start, we can make the most of our messages simply by forwarding DMs to our email. This will eliminate our varied needs concerning how to send and manage Instagram DMs on PC. Here is why. 

  • We can prioritize and plan to whom we shall respond first. The thing is, emails are a more detailed and effective platform to stay in touch with our audience.
  • It goes without saying that we will no longer be required to open our Instagram app every time we wish to deal with our conversations and DMs.
  • The core of forwarding DMs to our email focuses on saving Instagram messages so we won’t have to worry about how to recover Instagram messages.

Let’s see how it works. 

  • The next step is to click “Add Instagram account” to connect an Instagram profile to our dashboard. Also, DMpro allows us to add multiple Instagram to its dashboard if we are dealing with more than one profile.

  • Then, in order to access the features on DMpro, we should select the account we wish to work with and click on “Manage”.

  • Now, through the “Direct Messages” tab, we choose “DM to email”.

  • Once again, we select our preferred Instagram account and assign an email address in the box on top of our IG lists.

  • And lastly, we click on the “Save” button to acquire all our DMs in a selected email. In this way, we can recover deleted Instagram messages in addition to taking the whole control over IG DMs through our email.

If we also own a business, we can read this blog about how to boost sales with Instagram DMs.

2. Instagram recovery messages within the app

Deleted Instagram messages may not be available in our DM inbox anymore, but we can still reach them on the server. In fact, Instagram does not delete Instagram messages; it just unsends them. All we need is to reach Instagram message recovery within the app. 

We can also read this blog about how to unsend message on Instagram.

Details of Instagram recovery messages within the app are in the following step-by-step guide.

  • First, we should go to our Instagram profile and tap on the “settings”.

  • After that, we can see the security settings on the list. Select that and tap on download data.

  • Then Instagram asks us to enter our email ID and tap on the “Request Download” button.

  • Finally, Instagram will send us an email including our data download link. They tend to send this email within 2 days, so we might have to stretch our patience for a while.   

3. Instagram message recovery tool

Another effective way, and probably our last chance to recover deleted Instagram DMs is using a reliable third-party tool. As a business or creator, deleting valuable DMs could be a mistake recurrently made while we are using a mass delete tool or trying to organize our Instagram messages. For some of us, an Instagram message recovery tool is the ultimate solution.

5 Instagram message recovery tools

Generally speaking, there is not an extensive list of tools concerning Instagram message recovery. It’s either on account of the fact that they are not reliable Instagram message recovery tools or they don’t work properly. In the following, we will learn more about 5 effective tools to recover deleted Instagram messages.


As mentioned earlier, DMpro provides us with a great opportunity to forward all our DMs to our email. This can also work as a great tool to recover Instagram messages. Let’s watch this video about how to send and manage Instagram DMs through our email


Another effective tool to retrieve deleted Instagram messages is iStaunch. All we need to do is enter our username and tap “recover messages”. 

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

iBeesoft is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and iCloud. Never again do we need to worry about our backup files on iPhone. And what’s more, we can simply use iBeesoft to recover deleted Instagram messages. 

Jason Genie (Editor)

Jason Genie is mainly designed for Android phones. However, we can use JSON Pro Free for iPhones too. Additionally, the JSON Viewer website is also an effective tool to recover deleted Instagram messages on our PCs.   

Instagram message recovery app

This tool is quite easy to use, and unlike iBeesoft and Jason Genie, it doesn’t require us to download the app. 

To use the “Instagram message recovery” app, we should go to Instagram Message Recovery online and enter our username and click on “Recover Messages”.


If we have accidentally deleted some of our valuable DMs, Instagram message recovery can be done in 3 different ways. Either we use DMpro, Instagram in-app settings, or Instagram message recovery tools, the most important thing is that we will be able to retrieve deleted Instagram messages in the end.