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How to Search Instagram Messages: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

These days, Instagram has become a popular tool for sharing your moments, and most people around the world spend considerable time scrolling up and down on this platform. Therefore, the team behind this company is trying to promote their options day by day. For so long, users have been wondering if they could search Instagram messages since many other platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram had this option.

In this article, we are going to figure out how to search Instagram messages. We’ll also check if you need Instagram DM apps to search your Instagram chat! So, stay tuned and get all your questions answered!

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Can You Search Messages on Instagram

The updated version of Instagram messenger allows you to access several amazing features. For instance, once you update Instagram messages, you can reply and react to DMs, send DMs in vanish mode, and much more! 

But aside from these fantastic additions to the DM section, you can also search Instagram messages by word. So, in short, yes you can now search messages on Instagram if you know how! Now, let’s get to it, shall we?! 

How to Search Instagram Messages

Sometimes you remember an old embarrassing message and may want to delete a DM or check some old chats [for whatever reason]. In such cases, you need to search Instagram messages, and doing so manually is not an option!

This happened to me some days ago when I had forgotten my friend’s birthday and wanted to check last year’s messages to see when I congratulated him. Scrolling up and down the Instagram chat was simply too time-consuming! So, I searched a bit on how to search and find messages, and here, I’ll share what I’ve learned. so,  here is how to do so:

So, follow the steps below to search your Instagram chat:

  1. First of all, make sure that you have installed the latest update of Instagram.
  2. Now, open your Instagram and tap on the DM icon in the top-right of your homepage.
  3. All you need to do is to open the intended Instagram chat in your DM inbox. Then, choose the icon in the top right corner of the screen to see the options.
  4. Here, you can see the option “Search in conversation” under “More actions.”
  5. Finally, you must write the keyword at the search bar appearing at the top and then tap the search button on your keyboard.

Now every message including your keyword appears in the search results on your screen in a highlighted yellow color. [Scroll down to see more results if there are any.]

Congratulations! Now you can search Instagram messages. 

Pro tip: You can’t search Instagram messages by date. But when you search in a chat, you can see the dates of the messages which include your keyword.

Now, if you’re interested to know how to search messages on Instagram web, just read on! There’s more to come.

How to Search Instagram Messages for Keywords on iPhone

There is no difference between iPhone and Android. Here is how to find messages on Instagram:

  1. Update your Instagram, then go to your DM inbox.
  2. Choose the conversation you want and tap on the icon in the top right of the DM chat.
  3. Select ‘Search in conversation’ and write your keyword in the appearing search bar and tap ‘search’ on your keyboard.
  4. Look at the search results to find the message you want.

Can You Search Instagram Messages on PC

Yes, for sure you can. But the process is time-consuming. Because, unfortunately, there is no option to search in conversation on Instagram windows.

However, if you are familiar with how to DM on a PC, you can learn to search messages as well. In the following section, we discuss three possible ways of searching Instagram messages in detail.

#1 How to Search Messages on Instagram Using DMpro

One easy shortcut for searching in Instagram DMs is to use DMpro

DMpro is a web-based Instagram DM tool that, besides other great features, allows you to search through Instagram DMs on your PC, laptop, Mac, or even on your phone. To start using DMpro, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, sign up on DMpro.
  2. Then, connect your IG account.
  3. Now, open your dashboard and choose ‘Manage’.
  4. Pick the Instagram ‘DM inbox’ and choose a conversation.
  5. Here, you can search the intended keyword by pressing ctrl+F(on Windows) or cmd+F (on Mac) and find the message you want.

But it is the least DMpro can do for your Instagram account. 

This great DM automation tool is packed with several other useful features to promote your account.

DMpro Features

As the best mass DM tool on the market, DMpro provides you with many useful services:

  • DMpro sends automated DMs to your target audience and attracts real followers for your account. It also sends announcements about the new services, posts, etc, and auto-replies to customers’ most frequently asked questions.
  • Using this useful DM tool, you can send and receive your DMs through email without the read receipts in Instagram chats.
  • It sends mass DMs to the users you choose and is careful not to exceed the limitation of Instagram about the number of DMs you can send per day.
  • The ‘DM Inbox’ is a place where you can find all your DMs in one place and organize them.
  • Provided that you have more than one account, you can add them all to a single dashboard on DMpro and manage them all together.
  • In addition to multiple DM services, it also grants you an extra option. You can use DMPro’s all-in-one bio link and include all your social media accounts and websites in it. This way, you can connect your followers and fans to your other platforms.

So, if you want to learn how to look up messages on Instagram on PC, bear in mind that DMpro’s DM inbox will help a great deal. It works for all operating systems and functions smoothly. Considering all these great options for Instagram promotion, are you still waiting?

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Now let’s see what the two other ways of finding Instagram chats are!

#2 How to Search in Instagram Messages Using Message Inbox

First of all, go to and enter your info, and do as follows:

  1. On your homepage, tap on the DM icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. Then, open the intended Instagram chat and wait for the messages to be loaded.
  3. In this stage, you should hold ctrl+F(on Windows) or cmd+F (on Mac) and search your keyword in the appearing search bar.
  4. Finally, you can see the search results for that specific keyword and tap on the message you wanted.

Note: The problem with this method is that all messages can’t be loaded in order to search the whole conversation. So, you have to scroll up as much as you can to get the messages loaded. So, what is the point in doing so? It’s almost like going through the messages and finding them manually.

#3 How to Look up Messages on Instagram Using Data Download

There is still one more in-app solution to search and check Instagram messages on PC. In order to search for DMs on PC, follow the steps below:

  1. After logging into your account, tap on your profile picture and select ‘Settings.’
  2. Then, choose ‘Privacy and Security’ > ‘Data Download.’
  3. Here, tap on ‘Request Download’ under ‘Data Download.’
  4. If you haven’t entered your email address, do it and choose the kind of information format [HTML or JSON] you want.
  5. Within 14 days, you receive an email including all the information of your account such as your search history, posts, DMs, etc.
  6. Finally, you can open the zip files in your email and search keywords using ctrl+F(on Windows) or cmd+F (on Mac).

Note: The problem with this method is that the files are so messy and full of distracting codes, letters, and numbers. It also takes a long time to receive the email including your account data.

FAQs on Instagram Direct Messages

Now that we know how to search Instagram messages, it’s time to take a glance at frequently asked questions about Instagram DMs.

#1 Are Instagram Messages Private?

Yes, they are. No one can see what you send and receive unless you get hacked through Instagram DM.

Of course, Instagram groups are less private as the members are more than two users.

#2 Can I Search My Messages on Instagram to Find a Post?

No, at least, not yet. You can only search text messages by keywords. But searching keywords of post captions is not possible yet.

#3 What Does The Search Bar Do in Your DM Inbox?

The search bar can be used to search the names of contacts, IG users, and Instagram DM groups. You cannot find a particular Instagram message in this part.


Now, are you clear on how to search Instagram messages?

To sum it up, you can find the “Search in conversation” button in your Instagram chat and search a keyword and find the message you want. But this method can be only used on cellphones since there is no such option on Instagram web or windows. Then, the best and easiest way to search Instagram messages is to sign up on DMpro and benefit from many more useful services besides searching through the messages.

So give DMpro a try RIGHT NOW and see the results!