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BigBangGram Review: Truth Revealed in 2022

With every passing day, more brands and businesses turn to Instagram as an ideal marketplace where they can present their services, interact with their customer, and sell online. Yet to save time while benefiting from Instagram’s full potential, many users resort to IG growth services and automation tools like BigBangGram and DMpro.

However, what do these Instagram DM apps and growth services do for your Instagram success?! To what extent are they reliable, and how can you distinguish between a tool full of empty promises and one you can trust with your online reputation and growth?! That’s where this BigBangram review comes in handy!

Here in this article, we’ll go through what BigBangGram offers, how it delivers its promises, and what its customers have experienced. Besides, we will introduce the best DM automation tool on the market to effectively help you sell more on Instagram DM

To make a better, more informed decision, stay with us! 😉

Note: If you don’t have enough time to cover this entire article to find out what automation tool works best, skip it and sign up for the best one for free


What Is BigBangGram

Like several other automation tools, this service claims to be the best service for social media promotions. It offers multiple features, mainly for Instagram, and promises to help its clients stay on top of their social media game. 

Yet, what features does it exactly provide?! How successful is BigBangGram in keeping clients happy and satisfied? Let’s find out!


BigBangram Features

Let’s find out what tools are included in this service and how you can access them. Starting with what’s BigBangram’s mainly known for, we’ve got the photo and video downloader. 


BigBangram Instagram Download Tool

You might have heard BigBangGram’s name first as an Instagram downloader. This tool claims to help you conveniently download the content put up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Reddit, and TikTok. 

BigBangram downloader

So, whether you want to download Instagram videos, photos, IGTVs, reels, stories, or profile pictures, you don’t need to go through a complicated process. You can just paste the URL, and with the BigBangram Instagram video downloading tool, you can easily save the content.  

Yet unfortunately, or fortunately, this may be the only part where BigBangGram shines!


BigBangram Hashtag Generator

Who can ignore the immense power of Instagram hashtags in helping you reach your target audience these days?! Not even a single soul can claim that hashtags are useless in Instagram success. We all know that if you target the followers of a specific hashtag or figure out which hashtags will best suit your content, you can get more followers and have more sales!

Now, BigBangGram has promised to help identify unique and effective hashtags for your content. If their hashtag generator does work, you’ll be presented with a list of keywords that will help your content perform well and appear on the explore page. 

Yet, is that really the case?! Does the BigBangram hashtag generator work that well?! We’ll see some customer reviews and find the answers after we cover the features!


BigBangGram Like/Follow/Unfollow/View/Comment Automation

You might find it challenging to interact with your followers and fans as a business. After all, you have bigger fish to fry! Yet the fact that you don’t have enough time to engage with others’ content doesn’t mean you should just give up.

Indeed there are Instagram services that will like, follow, unfollow, comment, and view posts and stories on your behalf. BigBangram is one of those tools that allegedly accomplishes all these through automation. So, does this make BigBangGram a viable option?!

Unfortunately, as helpful as such actions may be, they can be counterproductive if the tool you use exceeds the limits or refuses to employ human managers to take care of them. So, you should always consider that not every service that offers follow/unfollow or like and comment is trustworthy. 

And according to clients’ reviews on Trustpilot, BigBangram doesn’t seem to function well in this regard!


BigBangGram Scheduler

Have you ever wondered why your Instagram post didn’t meet with great popularity although it was highly appealing and niche-relevant?! Ever thought about why sometimes a post that doesn’t even strike a chord with your target audience catches their eye, but a really attractive post doesn’t?! Well, that’s because you often forget to consider the power of timing!

If you don’t post your photo or video when your audience is most active, you will never be able to seize their attention. That is, time is an essential factor when posting your content. If your post is actually engaging and attractive, your audience should first be able to see it on their feed to like it and comment on it!

And to help you put your content out there right in front of your fans when they are most active, the scheduler steps in. such a tool enables you to schedule your IG content for the optimal time. 

BigBangGram also provides such a tool to the clients. They claim to publish a specified post on a specified date and time. Sounds great, right?! We have yet to find out!


Font Generator for Instagram

Bringing diversity into your Instagram game does sound crucial. You will never make it if you use the same old template for all your posts and stories or write the same boring captions.

To help you with variety, BigBangGram claims to generate different fonts for you. However, all things considered, there are better tools out there that offer more diversity and are more focused on this aspect!

BigBangGram font generator


BigBangGram Direct Messenger

A direct messenger is one of the best automation tools any Instagram growth service must feature! Such tools help you target your audience, send personalized bulk messages on IG, preset personalized replies, and answer to all the DMs without worrying about a read receipt

BigBangGram understands how popular this tool can be and has included it in its set of features. Yet, how accurate and comprehensive is BigBangram’s messenger? Does it perform well? Let’s find out together!


BigBangram Pricing

The fact that this service doesn’t provide pricing details on its website is a red flag. You won’t see their pricing plans until you have already signed up and entered the dashboard! And even after your first BigBangram login, you won’t see a variety of plans or options!

This service only offers a 4-dollar package for those who’d like to enjoy downloading IG content, generating hashtags, and viewing stories. Probably, exploiting other BigBangGram features like the scheduler or direct messenger will be followed by hidden costs!

BigBangram pricing

This lack of transparency is not just inconvenient but also alarming. It goes to show that they know their pricing won’t make the customers happy, or their tools include hidden costs you won’t know until it’s too late!


BigBangram Reviews

We’ve covered all the features and tools available on the platform. Yet, we still don’t know if we can consider BigBangram a legit service that can get you the desired results! 

So, let’s check the reviews left by customers and clients. Let’s see how they found the BigBangram app!

#1 Poor Customer Support

Apparently, BigBangGram doesn’t provide responsive customer service. That means that if you face any problems and have any complaints, there’s no one you can count on. Their customer support won’t stand by you, reassure you, or try to resolve the issue. A client has even called their support team ‘non-existent!’

BigBangram client review


#2 Ineffective Services

A customer has unfortunately seen no result after paying for BigBangGram services. She claims that their features were entirely ineffective and did not impact her account’s engagement! And when she complained of this problem, the customer support team referred her to Ingramer. 

BigBangram customer review

This goes to show that their tools don’t function well. Plus, this gives news of their collaboration with Ingramer, which has not received real, positive reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, many Ingramer clients have said that their accounts were banned because the service violates Instagram daily limits for DM, follows, and other actions. 


#3 No Refund

When there’s no free trial and responsive customer service, a client can only find relief knowing that their money will be refunded should anything go wrong! Unfortunately, you can’t even expect a refund from BigBangGram!

Many unhappy customers claimed that they tried to get their money back when they were dissatisfied, but BigBangGram has ignored their requests. And even when their request was answered, the support team only offered one solution: Try Ingramer! 

‘BigBangram is a scam.’

The fact that this service is in cahoots with Ingramer indicates that you can’t rely on that tool either! After all, how good can the recommendation of a service like BigBangram be?!

These were client reviews on Trustpilot. BigBangram Reddit reviews are no better, of course! So, what are you supposed to do if this tool can’t be trusted?! Read on, my friend! 🙂


The Best BigBangGram Alternative: DMpro

If you’re looking for a functioning Instagram automation tool that doesn’t go beyond Instagram limits and can deliver real results, DMpro is here for you! This incredible tool will help you identify and DM those who may be interested in your services.


DMpro offers a comprehensive set of practical tools. Using this service, you get to:

  • Target your audience based on the hashtags they use or accounts they follow
  • Mass DM your existing and new followers or potential customers
  • Preset a personalized reply for those who contact you on Instagram DM
  • Connect your Instagram messages to your email, where you can read and respond to DMs without the read receipt
  • Access a DM inbox where you can filter, search, and delete Instagram messages
  • Get a link-in-bio tool you can use to build a landing page and include multiple links to your other social media accounts and website in your bio.

And more! 


What Sets DMpro Apart

You may find a part of these features on other platforms as well. So, why should you go for DMpro instead?!

  • DMpro is absolutely transparent with the customers. We provide an accurate description of our features and tools, all of which are accessible as soon as you enter your dashboard for free! Plus, on our website homepage, you can view the pricing plans and choose what suits your goals.
  • The platform performs extremely well and with extra attention to Instagram rules and limits. This means that accounts won’t be shut down or banned by Instagram, and customers can relax and enjoy their growth!
  • This service comes with an absolutely free plan with no hidden costs whatsoever! You can sign up on the platform, connect your IG, and enjoy the features without even entering your credit card information!
  • The customer service is present 24/7. They will hold walkthrough sessions, informing you of how the service works and answering your questions! So, you can be sure that if you face any issues or need anything, you can contact our 24/7 customer service, which will schedule a call to address all your concerns!

So, wait no more and guarantee your success on DMpro now!


FAQ on BigBangram Reviews

We’ve tried our best to address most of your concerns. Now, let’s see what other questions you have! 

1- Is BigBangram Not Working?

After reading the reviews, many of you are thinking: ‘So Is BigBangram safe?! Does it work at all?’ Well, according to the clients, BigBangGram does not work or functions poorly at best! And once you complain or ask for a refund, the support team will only refer you to another service called Ingramer. 

That’s why we recommend you start with DMpro from the get-go. This way, you won’t put your account at risk and will save yourself the headache!

2- BigBangram vs Instavast: Which Is Better?

Instavast used to be an Instagram automation tool. However, it has officially stopped working, and the website is now inaccessible. So, if you were thinking about trying Instavast, you should reconsider!

Now, if you’re looking for a safe automation tool, DMpro can be an ideal choice. Get immediate access to all DMpro features for free right now!


BigBangGram Final Verdict

Actually, the decision is yours to make! This BigBangGram review tried to shed light on all aspects of this tool, including its features and pricing. Plus, we took a look at their customer reviews and comments. After seeing what their clients have experienced, we can safely conclude that BigBangGram will let you down.

Instead, you can try DMpro, an excellent Instagram automated direct messenger. It allows you to reach your potential customers and bond without spending much time!