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How to Know If Someone Declines Your DM on Instagram?

Instagram DM is a very important tool to use effectively on this platform. It can be used by both business and personal accounts, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Although you can always message someone directly through Instagram, there are times when doing so may not be appropriate or possible. For instance, when the person on the other side doesn’t follow you back, there is this possibility that they don’t intend to answer you at all, not even in a million years. So, first, how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram? 

Secondly and more importantly, how can you minimize the possibility of your message being declined?

In this article, we discover how to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram (or better to say, if there is anything like an Instagram reject folder for DMs to figure out someone ignored and declined your message).

We also take a look at related questions regarding message requests and discuss how using a good DM app can maximize the chance of your DM not being declined. So, For a start, let’s see how we can figure out if someone declined our DM.

How to Know If Someone Declines Your DM on Instagram?

Well, honestly, you’ll never know for sure if someone discarded your DM. Since you don’t receive any replies from the DMee who has declined your message, you can just guess after a while that your message has been declined. But again, you can’t be sure of it. Sometimes, you DM someone and they don’t answer you. It doesn’t mean that they have declined your DM. Maybe, they just don’t feel like answering you or are so absentminded to check their Requests box. In the next part, we’ll answer some of your questions on message requests accordingly.

How I feel when someone declines my message!

1. When Do I Receive Message Requests?

It might have happened to you to open your Direct Message and see the word ‘Requests’ in blue on the top right of your DM. You may discard these requests since you don’t receive any notifications for them or open them and discard them anyway :/

But, in what case do messages go to ‘Requests’ section?

If the person to whom the message is sent to doesn’t follow you back or has restricted you for any reason, your message goes to this section.

Here you can see how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram DM.

2. What Happens to the Messages in Requests Section?

Messages in this section will be either accepted or declined. You may be the one who sends a message to someone and must wait to see whether they accept it or not. 

You can decline or allow a request message on Instagram

If they accept your request, you will know for sure. Under your message, the word ‘seen’ appears, and then you can tell they have accepted your request. 

But, is there a way to know if they have deleted your message, or seen and declined it?

Unfortunately, NO. If someone declines your direct message (DM), then there is NO way to know whether they have read it or not. 

But you can be hopeful if they see your message, they would be eager to start a conversation. How? You should know what words to use to tickle their curiosity in order to answer you. The best way is to create an appropriate DM script by using a reliable DM app. In that case, not only will you create good scripts to send to one user, but also you have the chance to mass DM on Instagram to as many people as you like.

3. How to Accept Message Requests on Instagram?

There are two options when you open a DM request. One is Decline and the other is Allow. If you find the DM interesting, just click the Allow button and that’s all.

Regarding what we said about message requests, now it’s time to see how we can find out if someone read our message in general.

How to Know If Someone Read Your Message on Instagram?

It’s simple. If you are mutually following each other, your message goes to the main DM page and there is no option for both sides to decline. You can simply ignore that message or delete the whole conversation just to escape from reading it.

But how to know if someone read your DM on Instagram, provided that the person on the other doesn’t follow you back? You’re gonna know for sure. How? The word “seen” is our key to figuring out what’s going on.

In this case, you need to wait for his permission to accept your request. There is this possibility that they never read your message or decline and delete it. But if they accept your message request, again you’ll know by appearing the word ‘seen’ under your DM.

You might be also interested in how to turn off these Instagram read receipts.


Now that we shared some points on Instagram DMs, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions related to our topic.

What Happens When You Decline a Message on Instagram?

To put it simply, nothing happens. But again, you’re not going to know if your message gets declined. Of course, by the passage of time, when you get no replies, you may guess that your message is rejected or the person on the other side does not even care to decline it and lets it be there (maybe forever). But how about a way to look professional and DM in the right way? Just check Instagram’s automated direct messengers and then you can decide.

Can You DM Someone Who Doesn’t Follow Your Instagram?

Yes, of course. You can DM anyone you like. But expect not to get any replies sometimes. In that case, why bother and wait? Just delete whatever you’ve sent. Here you can learn how to delete IG messages from both sides.

What If I Accidentally Denied a Follow Request on Instagram?

SORRY. You can’t do anything about it or take back the request. But if you’re really interested to have that person as your follower, why don’t YOU send a request? 

Why Can’t I Send an Instagram DM?

There are two probabilities (and you’re not gonna like either of them).

  1. The DMee has restricted you and doesn’t even want to see your message in his DMs :/
  2. The DMee has blocked you which again shows they are not interested in you. So, learn how to block messages on Instagram. You might need it as well.

In short, don’t bother yourself to start a conversation. Maybe they don’t deserve to be talked to in the first place 🙂

What to Do Not to Get Declined in DMs?

A pre-interaction with users is so important when you do not want your message to end up in the Requests box. Before doing anything, get in touch with your audience and make a personal connection. There are 2 steps you must follow.

  1. Like their posts and stories, answer the questions they might ask in stories, express your opinions under their posts, or do whatever you think might help you with making a connection. If the DMee finds you familiar, the chance of your DM being accepted increases to a large extent.
  2. Choose your words smartly and write your message clearly and to the point. The best way to do so is to assign this task to a professional team whose job is to provide you with the best services on Instagram DM (and even IG growth for business owners). Here, you can check the best DM apps you can assign this task to. In the next part, we introduce to you the most reliable of these DM apps. So, keep reading.


DMpro: The Best App for Creating Convincing DMs

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Some other features of DMpro, which make it distinctive from other DM apps, are:

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How to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram? Finally, you might ask, “Now that I’m not sure whether I receive any replies by sending DMs, what should I possibly do?” We say, “Don’t sweat it at all”. That person might like to see you in hell. You’re the one who decides to give it a shot and DM him/her. So, just be ready for both bad and good reactions. 

But, if it really matters to you to receive a reply, make a friendly bond, and not to be declined, don’t act on your own and use DMpro as your assistant. It’s their job to help people like you get the desired result.

You just need to fill out the signup form on DMpro and have fun starting new connections with those you want.