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Stim Social Review: A Real Eye-Opener in 2022

Are you looking for an Instagram automation tool to grow your followers and convert them to customers?! These days, all of us are! Instagram has turned into an ideal marketplace for brands and businesses who’d like to climb up the ladder of success faster. And many services, Stim Social included, promise to help them do so!

Each Instagram growth service offers its unique features and tools. Some allow you to purchase followers, comments, likes, or views. Some, including the best Instagram DM apps, help you mass DM your followers without trouble. 

Stim Social is indeed one of the platforms promising to increase your follower count by the use of automation. Yet, since not all such services are reliable, we need to look deep into their claims, and see whether they hold up their end of the deal!

So, let’s begin this Stim Social review, see what they offer, how they deliver it, and what its best alternative is!

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What Does Stim Social Offer

Stim Social

Like any other Instagram growth tool, Stim Social promises to help you get more followers and increase your engagement rate. This service will allegedly help you attract your target audience based on your preferred hashtags, location, and profile.

In fact, they’re not clear about the tools they feature. They only claim to operate through a promotional system that uses influencer shoutouts, ads, and social shares to get you real and engaged followers. Based on their claims, you won’t be buying followers or interaction if you choose Stim Social. 

This service also promises to provide you with reports and effective analytics through which you can understand how much you have grown over time. So, if Instagram insights alone don’t answer your questions, you can also monitor your growth with StimSocial’s analytics tool. 


How Does StimSocial Work

how Stim Social works

The only thing you can see on their website, at first sight, is that this service will help you grow your followers, increase your exposure, and reach helpful analytics. Even when you dig deeper, you can’t find much else about how this service functions! 

Their claim is that they use tailored advertisement and influencer shoutouts. So, that’s how they allegedly deliver the real followers they promise. 

But we have no idea what influencers they use and what kind of guaranteed engagement they will bring you. Is it just followers? Or likes and comments are included as well? Such information is not visible on their official website.

However, what we know for sure is that this tool does not allow you to preset an automatic reply for your followers or mass DM those who are potentially interested in what you have to offer. 


How Is Stim Social Pricing

Fortunately, you don’t have to delve deep to see their packages. On Stim Social website home page, you can scroll down to find their plans. Their two pricing points include the professional and managed plan.

Pricing plans on Stim Social

The professional plan is tailored for personal and business profiles and promises 600 targeted followers in a month plus maximum security. This package comes at the monthly price of $49.

The other package costs $99 a month and includes a personal account manager, optimized targeting, and maximum speed for follower growth. 

The StimSocial pricing plans are expensive, especially considering how you’re going in blind without adequate information! Plus, don’t forget that the personal manager is only available to those who purchase the more expensive program. So, all in all, we can only conclude that with what they offer, StimSocial pricing isn’t reasonable!

If you still have any doubts, let’s check Stim Social reviews to see whether this platform is value for money.


Stim Social Reviews

From the reviews left by customers and clients on Trust Pilot, we can understand a lot! So, let’s see what their clients have to say.

1- “We Just Got Deactivated.”

Remember how they claimed to grow your account with influencer shoutouts?! Well, apparently, they use bots that will supposedly imitate human behavior. Indeed, if that were true, they wouldn’t exceed Instagram DM limits and follower count. 

Yet, according to a dissatisfied customer, Stim Social acted against Instagram’s terms of use and got their account closed! 

Stim Social review

2- “They Would Ignore or Refuse Some of My Questions.”

Any brand that can’t offer decent, responsive customer service will surely lose any credibility it has gained! No reasonable customer would ever go for a service that can’t offer a proper response to their concerns and questions. 

Unfortunately, a SocialStim review left by a customer indicates that their support system is very poor! They can’t fix any of your issues; that is if they answer!

Stim Social customer review

3- “They Will Charge You Regardless.”

Yes, Stim Social offers a free trial. But does it work? Apparently, not! According to those who have tried the free trial, it is ineffective. But there’s more to the story! 

After the free trial period was over, many customers canceled their purchase yet noticed that money had been taken from their bank account regardless. 

Client review of Stim Social

We wouldn’t like to call Stim Social a scam, but according to what we’ve seen from them so far, they’re nothing short of it. 

4- Stim Social Login Takes a Long Time

When you try to sign up, the process doesn’t seem demanding. But when it comes to accessing the Stim Social dashboard and connecting your account, the website fails! And if you can’t connect your profile, you simply won’t be able to use Stim Social Instagram tools and features, even if they work!

Generally, SocialStim Instagram login is challenging and demanding. You need to wait until the website allows you to do so, if it eventually does at all! So if you don’t have nerves of steel, don’t count on this service. 

5- “After a Few Days, My Account Got Hacked.”

As a customer has claimed, Social Stim started under another brand name, Influx Social. And since then, their performance has deteriorated! A client has warned us, saying that his IG account was hacked after using the service.

Stim Social client

If you could even put up with their terrible performance, non-responsive customer service, and the risk of being shut down by Instagram, you can’t ignore the possibility of being hacked!


The Best Stim Social Alternative: DMpro

We’ve seen Stim Social promises and claims, and how they deliver, or better say not deliver them. We have also discussed the trouble the clients had to go through after they purchased their service.

But do all these negative reviews and red flags mean that you shouldn’t consider any growth service or DM automation tool?! Of course not! You only need to find the best, most reliable one. And that’s what we’re here to help you do! 

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  • And include multiple links to your Instagram bio and refer your customers to your website, social media accounts, and landing pages.

All these features and options are available on a user-friendly dashboard! The best part about DMpro is that it provides all clients with a free plan. So, don’t worry if you’d like to test the platform before making any investments or commitments. 

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Stim Social FAQs

So far, we have provided a thorough Stim Social review to address your concerns and help you make an informed decision. Now, it’s time for your FAQs!

#1 Is Stim Social Legit?

This service does deliver followers and engagement, but not of the kind they promise! They claimed they would grow your account through influencers and ads, but according to their clients, they only get you some fake followers. 

So, Stim Social does function as an Instagram growth service, but not effectively! The fake followers and engagement it brings you will get your account banned, or worse, shut down!

If you don’t want to take any risks with your Instagram success and reputation, you can sign up on DMpro for free!

#2 How Can I Access a Stim Social Promo Code?

Regarding all we’ve mentioned in this review, if you would still like to use StimSocial, you can access their promo codes on websites like or


Social Stim Final Verdict

The final verdict is yours to give, not ours to impose! However, what we can do is to open your eyes to the truth and help you make an informed decision. According to several Stim Social clients and customers, this platform is not worth your time or money. They will simply get you fake followers in exchange for your hard-earned money!

Instead, you can go for DMpro, which offers everyone a free plan. Using this service, you can organically grow using the DM section. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Get immediate access to DMpro for free right now! And if you have any questions about or experience with Social Stim or DMpro, feel free to share them in the comments below. We’ll make sure all your questions get the proper response! 😉