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Jarvee: An All-Inclusive Review in 2022 + Best Alternative

Every business or brand that has ever tried for Instagram success knows the power of Instagram messages. And yet, they also know that sending mass DMs or interacting with all your customers and fans don’t come easy! This is why many Instagram services and tools, including Jarvee, have come out. 

There are multiple Instagram DM apps out there that can help you interact with your followers more frequently. However, not all of these tools are safe or efficient. To sell on Instagram DM and save time, you need a reliable service at your disposal. Yet, is Jarvee safe?!

In this Jarvee review, we’ll discuss how this tool performs and if it’s worth your money and time. We will also introduce DMpro features and explain how it can fulfill your needs. So, let’s begin. Shall we?!

Note: If you’re looking for the best DM app, skip the article and click right here!


Why Use an Instagram DM App

Instagram has become an ideal place for businesses to successfully promote their brand and services. Yet, this popularity also means that success and growth on IG do not come easy. You need to have a strategy, post consistently, interact with your followers, and regularly answer their messages.

And all these tasks take a long time for you to get the hang of! In fact, success on any social medium demands expertise and experience! And unfortunately, not all of us have the time for trial and error. 

In this situation, Instagram message apps, in particular, can help you accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible on the official apps. With a reliable DM tool, you get to:

  • Target your audience,
  • Send mass DM to those who may be interested in your content or services,
  • Preset messages for automatic replies,
  • Read and answer messages from a personalized inbox

Now, if you can safely do all these using a service, why risk your IG growth by hiring a personal manager you don’t know? Well, now it’s time to delve deeper into our main question here: ‘What is Jarvee?!’


Jarveepro Features

Jarvee features

Despite many other services, Jarvee provides tools and services for multiple social networks, including TikTok, IG, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. In this Jarvee review, we’ll see what features it offers for Instagram.

Posting Tools

Among the tools on Jarvee, you get several options related to posting. For example, if you have previously posted a video or photo that was popular with your audience, you can repost it with Jarvee. Or assume you’d like to schedule your Instagram content for the optimal time, the scheduler on this service will easily allow you!

Jarvee also offers a post deleting tool, enabling you to remove the content that didn’t appeal to your audience. 

Jarvee Engagement Tools

Interacting with your followers and niche-relevant content takes a huge chunk of your precious time. Yet, Jarvee will automatically like and comment on related posts. It also allows you to automatically follow new accounts or those who have followed you before.

Besides, if you ever notice that the accounts you follow have unfollowed you, you can easily detect, remove, or block them with the help of this tool.

Instagram Messaging Tool

Jarvee also promises to help you manage your Instagram DM on PC. Using this tool, you can read and answer messages from the comfort of your computer.

Sounds amazing so far, doesn’t it?! Yet, we need to consider if it can fulfill your needs or not! In the following section, we’ll provide a list of Jarvee’s pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Let’s move on then! 😉


Jarvee Pros & Cons

Starting with the pros, let’s see if this tool is good enough:

  • This service offers multiple tools and features across various social networks,
  • Their services seem comprehensive,
  • They’re clear about what they offer,
  • You can see video tutorials on the Jarvee website,
  • They claim premium customer service for all their packages
  • Jarvee also has a pricing page where you can check out its packages.

Now, let’s see the cons:

  • It’s only available on Windows,
  • The pricing plans aren’t various enough,
  • You can’t buy separate items or features,
  • Jarvee is pricey compared to other Instagram automation tools for DM or post and engagement,
  • You don’t get a variety of features in the DM-related section,
  • The Jarvee login and set-up process seem to take a long time,
  • Some customers have been action blocked by IG.

Looking at this pros and cons list can surely help you make a better decision according to your needs and standards!

Jarvee Pricing

jarvee pricing

There are three different pricing plans on Jarvee, but none of them enable you to purchase separate items. Let’s see what they have:

  • The starter package gives you access to Jarvee scheduling and automation features for 10 accounts. This plan is available at €29.95 for a month.
  • The regular plan provides the same tools and options but for 30 accounts. This package costs €49.95 a month.
  • With the scheduling package, you’ll access such features for 70 social media accounts. You can buy it for the monthly price of €69.95.

An important point about these pricing plans is that they all offer a five-day free trial when you can test the platform. 


Jarvee Review

Jarvee reviews on Trustpilot and other websites can indeed help you see what their real customers experienced. So, let’s check them out!

Some Jarvee clients have claimed that they’ve faced problems because this tool is against Instagram’s terms of service. Unfortunately, when Instagram growth services and message apps are unaware of the Instagram DM limits, there’s a high chance Instagram blocks the accounts.

Jarvee customer review on Trustpilot

Some other customers are disappointed with Jarvee’s customer service, claiming that the team did not help them resolve their issues. 

Jarvee customer service review

Best Jarvee Alternative: DMpro

If you’re looking for a tool to manage your social networks altogether, Jarvee can still be a reasonable choice; that is if you can accept its disadvantages. Yet, if you want more DM-relevant features, Jarvee will surely disappoint you. There’s an ideal Jarvee alternative in this respect, though!


DMpro: the ideal Jarvee alternative

DMpro, a highly reliable and efficient Instagram DM app allows you to:

  • Mass DM your target audience.
  • Set Instagram messages to be sent to your followers.
  • Write a reply to be sent automatically to all who text you on IG.
  • Access a DM inbox where you can delete your Instagram messages easily.
  • Connect your Instagram messages to your Email where you can read and answer them without the worry of the read receipt.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Link to multiple social media accounts or websites through your Instagram bio!

Fascinating isn’t it?! All these features are available, and they won’t risk your reputation because DMpro acts according to Instagram limits. 

Yet, the best part about this service is that it comes with a free plan! So, don’t miss out on this amazing platform. 

Sign up on DMpro right now and enjoy! 

DMpro Pricing Plans

As mentioned earlier, DMpro comes with a completely free plan that doesn’t require credit card information and has no hidden costs. It’s perfect for those who are in no rush and would like to try it first. Using this free plan, you get almost all the features but for a limited number.

This service also comes with two other programs at different pricing points:

  • For the monthly cost of $50, you can send 250 automated messages, bulk DM 1000 times, read and respond to 1000 DMs from your Email inbox, and send 500 messages from your inbox on the platform. This package is ideal for those who want to take their DM marketing to a new level.
  • In the DM-advanced package which is available at $129 for a month, you get 1000 bulk messages and all other features become unlimited!

An amazing advantage to using DMpro is that all these packages, including the free one, come with excellent customer support! So, if you face any problem or question, they’ll be there for you!

So, why don’t you try DMpro for free right now?!


Jarvee FAQs

Now that we’ve provided a thorough Jarvee review, it’s time to answer some of your frequently asked questions!

1- Is Jarvee Allowed by Instagram?

Instagram guidelines are strictly against Instagram bots. As soon as IG notices suspicious, bulk activity on your behalf, it will action block you. And since most of these automation apps are unaware of how many DMs you can send per day or other limits, they end up hurting you more! Unfortunately, some Jarvee clients have been blocked because of the same issue.

So, you either have to forgo using these tools or use the safest one. And the most trustworthy service here is DMpro

2- Is Jarvee Free of Charge?

This service does offer a five-day free trial where you can test the platform to some extent. But to work with Jarvee beyond those 5 days and access its full potential, you need to pay. 

3- Where Can I Download Jarvee?

If you’re determined to use Jarvee, downloading is possible on its website. But before making any rash decisions, make sure you know all about the advantages and disadvantages!


Over to You

In this Jarvee review, we aimed to show you what this service can actually do for you; how it can help you, and what damages it might do to your account. The final verdict is yours to give! But make sure you take the pros and cons and all the customer reviews into consideration. 

And if you’re looking for a Jarvee alternative that can help you with DM marketing, you can sign up on DMpro for free!