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Why has Instagram DM stopped working? Here is how to fix it.

How to get rid of the Instagram DM glitch? Nowadays, Instagram is the most popular social media network among people all around the world. One of its useful features is that it allows users to send and receive direct messages. However, many users have been wondering why Instagram DM stopped working for them!

Imagine one day you wake up and realize that you can’t send Instagram messages to your friends or invite potential followers to visit your page. In this case, you might prefer to give up on sending messages altogether! Although Instagram provides updates for such glitches to fix Instagram DMs not working, you don’t need to forgo your marketing goals till an update arrives!

Here, we’ll provide a thorough guide on why you might find the Instagram messages not showing and how to fix the problem. As we go on, we will also introduce the best Instagram DM apps, such as DMpro, that can help you prevent such issues. Prevention is better than cure, after all!

Let’s get to it then, shall we?!

Why Are Instagram DMs Not Working

There could be many reasons for your Instagram messages not loading or showing. Now, let’s find what the error is and what the reasons are! 

The Instagram DM glitch appears in many shapes and forms. Here are some of its common ones:

  • Instagram messages not sending
  • New Instagram direct messages not showing up
  • Instagram direct messages disappear
  • Instagram can’t create threads
  • An Instagram direct message cannot be deleted
  • Instagram message request glitch
  • Messages won’t open, and they seem to load forever
  • Instagram DM notifications won’t go away
  • Instagram messages not loading
  • Users can’t see replies to their messages
  • Instagram says you have a message, but you don’t
  • Users can’t start a new message
  • Instagram message stuck on sending
  • No notification for new messages is sent
  • Instagram inbox not working
  • Instagram emoji reactions for direct messages not working

Now, let’s see where these problems can stem from.

#1 You’re Disconnected

Many of the users who complain of Instagram not working today have Internet connection problems, and they don’t know it yet! If you’re disconnected or have a bad connection, you will surely face several issues. For instance, you might find your Instagram DM not working or Instagram feed not loading pictures!

To see if the problem with your Instagram direct message not working lies with your Internet connection, try to open Instagram feed posts and stories. If they fail to refresh and load, you can be sure you’ve figured out the reason.

#2 The IG Application Is Not Updated

As mentioned already, Instagram aims to fix its glitches with every new update. But that’s not the only reason why you should update your applications constantly. Sometimes, forgetting to upgrade an app can actually cause problems. 

In this case, one day you’ll wake up and find your Instagram DMs not working, or worse, you’ll see that your Instagram messages disappeared altogether!


#3 Your Full Cache Is Why Instagram DM Stopped Working

Your Instagram cache is where some of your data has been stored to speed up the process of searching for something or loading pictures and videos. However, a full cache can be counter-productive, making your device run slower.

The problems of a full cache can even extend to an Instagram direct message not working, or your posts not loading.


#4 You Might Have Exceeded Instagram Limits

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your device or the app! You have simply ignored Instagram DM limits, and now Instagram is making you pay for it. The Instagram DM seen glitch or many other issues come from the fact that Instagram has action blocked you. 


#5 Instagram Servers Are Down

If you’ve done no wrong and spoken no evil, the servers might be the root of it all! Of course, Instagram with an audience of more than 1 billion is an immensely popular and well-performing platform, which is not likely to go down quickly or often. 

However, it does happen when Instagram servers are faulty. With the servers down, you might find Instagram general messages not showing alongside other errors.


#6 The Sender Has Unsent The DMs

Chances are your Instagram DMs are just doing fine, and you think your DMs are not working properly. That is, you might ask yourself, ‘Why is messenger and Instagram not working for me?’ because you can’t see a message you had received a notification for. But the truth is that the sender might have deleted the IG messages from both sides.

In this case, you may receive a notification but when you try to access the message, you’ll see that it’s gone. So, the problem of Instagram messages not showing here is not a glitch, and you haven’t done anything wrong either.

Now, let’s get to the solutions!


How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch

One of the most common problems that people face using Instagram is the Instagram DM glitch. Actually, this may happen for different reasons and also has different solutions to fix the Instagram chat glitch.

Sometimes you may find that you are not able to send, receive or access your messages. But before doing anything, we checked some potential reasons. Now, it’s time to consider all the possible solutions for Instagram DMs not working.

#1 Check Your Internet Connection

Instagram is full of bugs and glitches; no one denies that. However, there are times when the platform is not guilty. As explained before, when you have a poor Internet connection, the whole app stops working and causes Instagram messages not loading.

So you better make sure you are well connected before you blame Instagram. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • On your phone, swipe down until the settings menu appears.
  • Now, check whether your WiFi or Mobile data is on.
  • If it’s not connected, turn it on.

However, if you’re already connected and don’t know why your Instagram messages are not showing yet, check the speed. To see whether the speed is why Instagram DMs aren’t working, you can visit different websites like or

#2 Check if you are blocked

Instagram chats not loading? One of the reasons that cause Instagram DM glitch is that the one you’re trying to contact has blocked your messages.

When an Instagram user blocks you, you cannot exchange messages with that person. Also, all the conversations you had will disappear. Hence, if you see your Instagram messages with one person have disappeared, check whether you are blocked or not.

To do so, you can search their username on Instagram and check if you can see their posts or not. In case you can’t see the posts and number of followers, you are blocked, and there is no problem with the application. And, there’s no fixing it either!

If you’re blocked, Instagram DMs won’t work

#3 Check if the User Deactivated His Account

Another potential problem you can’t fix is that you are trying to contact a deactivated Instagram user. Actually, when you or your friend deactivate your Instagram account, you can both see each other’s messages, but with an Instagrammer’s user ID. In this case, you can read the whole conversation, send messages and access everything, but you cannot see that your messages are being seen.

Hence, if you find that you are not receiving any messages from a person, you can search their username to check whether they are still on Instagram or not. Actually, when an account is deactivated, by searching the username you see the error message ‘user not found.’

#4 Update Your Instagram App

As I’ve already informed you, sometimes using an outofdate Instagram version causes an Instagram DM glitch. If you face this trouble, it’s worth checking that you are using the latest version of Instagram.

To update the application and fix the problem of Instagram not showing messages, you just need to open the app store on your iPhone, or Google Play on your Android device and see if there is a new version to install or not. 

#5 Undo The Update

This is quite surprising, isn’t it? Especially after what you read in the previous paragraph. Well, this has happened a lot. You should know that sometimes Instagram updates backfire! It means they offer a new version and ask users to update, and once you do, you come across ‘Instagram DMs not loading’ or similar errors!

You’d better go one version back to get away with the Instagram message bug to avoid this issue!

#6 Report The Problem To Instagram

If you have updated Instagram and yet you face Instagram DM glitches, you should report the problem to Instagram. Note that when reporting an issue to Instagram, every little detail matters. For instance, try to send a DM on the Instagram web to see if Instagram chat is still not loading! When reporting this issue, include important factors like this.

#7 Clear Instagram cache

When you see your direct messages are not working, try to clear your Instagram cache. You can first try to DM via another device or Instagram web, for instance. If your DMs were fine via other devices, but they were not on your cellphone, it means the Instagram DM bugs were saved on your cache. To clear the Instagram cache, do the following steps on your device:

1. Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

  1. Go to your iPhone settings,
  2. Then, tap ‘General’ and then ‘iPhone storage,’
  3. Next, tap on the Instagram logo,
  4. Finally, hit the ‘offload app’ button. You can also delete Instagram and reinstall it.
Fix Instagram DMs not working by clearing the cache

2. Clear Instagram Cache on Android Devices

  1. Go to settings and open the apps tab,
  2. Next, choose Instagram,
  3. And, tap the ‘clear cache’ button.
Clear the Instagram cache on Android

#8 Uninstall and Reinstall The App

Another way to fix the ‘Instagram messages not working’ error is to uninstall and reinstall the application on your cell phone. It sounds too simplistic to work, but it does in many cases.

#9 Check for Instagram Daily Limits & Use VPN

If you are an Instagrammer, you should know that Instagram has limits in terms of following, unfollowing, and sending direct messages. You should educate yourself on the number of Instagram DMs you can send daily and try to stick with it.

But how many Instagram messages can you send per day?! Surprisingly, the number of DMs users can send over differs. It actually depends on when you became an Instagrammer. If you are new to Instagram, you can send over 20-50 DMs per day. But if your account is verified, you are allowed to send 100 to 150 DMs per day.

If by any chance, you’ve been pushing Instagram daily limits, lower your activities, and try a VPN. First, close Instagram completely and then log in to Instagram with whole new IP. There is a great chance that the Instagram chat glitch gets fixed.

Note that this is a temporary workaround. To fix it long-term, you should abide by  Instagram terms of service..

#10 Check The Instagram Server Status

Not very long ago, Instagram’s servers were down, alongside WhatsApp, and Facebook (Source). At this stage, once an error occurs at the backend of the Instagram platform, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to get fixed.

To see whether the problem of Instagram DMs not working lies with IG servers, you can visit DownDetector. This way, you can know for sure whether the problem is happening on a large scale and because of the servers.

#11 Make Sure You Follow The Recipients

Instagram has a privacy option that lets users decide whether or not to receive a message from users who are not their followers. Let me explain further.

When someone you don’t follow tries to send a DM, a requested message in blue appears on the top of your Instagram direct chat. When you open that, the following message pops up.

Instagram DM request

#12 Check For Instagram Action Block

When you push Instagram daily limits or violate Instagram community guidelines, Instagram would limit your activity. And once that happens, there is nothing you could do about it except waiting till Instagram unbans you.

Instagram action block

One of the activities that can lead to ‘Action Block’ on Instagram is ‘DM Spam.’ When users get a specific message on Instagram over and over again, they’d get frustrated and report you as spam. On the other hand, you do not want to lose the opportunity of selling your products through IG DMs. If you’ve already been reported on Instagram as spam, you’d better stop such activities and start fresh with DMpro. 

Prevent Instagram DMs Not Working

DMpro is the only platform out there that is specific to Instagram direct messages that were designed based on this network’s limits and rules so that it won’t jeopardize your account. This service enables you to avoid all future problems and errors! 

A huge benefit of using DMpro is that it comes with a free plan. That is, you get to access all the must-have tools for Instagram marketing in one dashboard and for free! 

Now, let’s see about its features!

Mass DM Users

  1. First of all, Sign up for free on DMPro and add your account to it.
  2. After that, on your dashboard, click ‘Manage.’
DMpro dashboard

3. Type the DM and target users.



Respecting Instagram daily limits, DMPro is designed to send over less than 100 DMs per day to keep your account safe. Plus its human-like messages keep you away from getting reported. Here you see a different diversion of one DM. Read on.

Hello {@Username},

{How’s it going? | Greetings}. I am messaging you to say {thanks | cheers | appreciate } you for following.

DM 1:

Hi Sam,

How’s it going? I am messaging you to say thanks for your following.


Hi Justine,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say cheers for your following.


Hi Peacoks,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say I appreciate your following.

These different diversions in sending DMs will not raise Instagram suspicions and keep your account safe.


Send Auto Replies to Instagram DMs

You can specify various messages to be automatically sent as a reply to your follower. This way, you can save your time while referring those who have texted you to your website. Or, you can ask them to wait patiently for your response!


Connect Your Instagram Direct to Email

By doing this, you can receive and send messages from your Email inbox. Now, you get to see Instagram messages without worrying about the seen receipt or the DM glitch. 


Link to Your Website Without the Risk of Spamming Users

You may want to refer your followers to your website so that they may visit your blog or purchase your products, yet you might not want to go as far as sending Instagram messages. But then, how can you invite your followers to your other social media accounts and websites while you can only include one link on your bio?!

Well, DMpro’s link-in-bio tool enables you to create a landing page and add as many links as you’d like. Then, by entering that link on your Instagram bio, you’re driving blog traffic and encouraging your followers to visit your other accounts at the same time. This way, you won’t have to send your links only on Instagram DM and risk your account!

Guarantee your success with DMpro’s impressive features now!

FAQ on Instagram Messages Not Showing

If you’re reading this article, then there was a problem loading your inbox on Instagram. Maybe you couldn’t see your messages or send messages, or perhaps the Instagram loading circle wouldn’t just go away! Whatever your problem was, we tried our best to find the roots and offer the best solution. 

Now, we are here with a section on your frequently asked questions!


1- Why Did My DM Conversation On Instagram Disappear In 2022?

Wondering Why Did My DM Conversation On Instagram Disappear? This can occur due to various reasons. If the direct thread of yours with a user disappears, chances are the user either deleted or deactivated his account. In that case, your DM conversation disappears, and this is not an Instagram DM glitch. It is only how Instagram operates.


2- I Couldn’t Create a Thread on Instagram, What’s Wrong?!

Well, that’s a good question! This problem mainly happens because of a poor Internet connection or server problems. So, first check your connection and restart your phone to ensure your Internet connection is excellent. Then, check the website DownDetector to see if there’s something wrong with the servers!


3- Why Are Instagram Reactions in DMs Not Working?

Reacting to Instagram messages is only available in the up-to-date version of the application. So, if you can’t react to your friend’s message, update Instagram first. 

However, if you could do so before and you’re now suddenly unable to do so, you should consider other possibilities. We’ve mentioned all options in this article! 


4- Why Is Instagram Not Working Today?

Every day, some users ask, ‘what’s wrong with Instagram today?’ thinking that Instagram is inaccessible due to some reason. More often than not, by reconnecting to your Internet and updating the application, all errors and glitches will go away. 

But in case they don’t, some websites like DownDetector can inform you of any serious problems. So, if there’s no sign of an Instagram server problem there, you’re on your own to find out why the platform is not working for you!


In a nutshell, Instagram direct messages may crash for various reasons. One of the most important and probable reasons that cause Instagram DM glitch is bugs that are saved in your application’s cache. Therefore, if you see that no one blocked you or you are not trying to contact a deactivated Instagram user, try to clear your Instagram cache to solve the problem.

If you want to mass DM on Instagram and yet wanna respect Instagram terms of use, you start using DMPro for free and do DM marketing without jeopardizing your account or worrying about Instagram DMs not working!