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Why has Instagram DM stopped working? Here is how to fix it.

Nowadays, Instagram is the most loving social media network among people all around the world. A good and useful feature of this app is that it gives the users to send and receive direct messages to others. However, DMs can get out of use and you may face Instagram DM glitch for some reason. In this article, we want to study the potential reasons and possible solutions to this issue! 

Instagram DM glitch

One of the most common problems that people face using Instagram is Instagram DM glitch. Actually, this may happen for different reasons and also has different solutions. Sometimes you may find that you are not able to send, receive or access your messages. But before doing anything you have to check some potential reasons mentioned in the following. To know some of the reasons and also find how to fix this issue, keep on reading. 

1. Check if you are blocked

One of the reasons that cause Instagram DM glitch is that you are blocked by the person you are trying to contact. When an Instagram user blocks you, you cannot exchange messages with that person. Also, all the conversations you had will disappear. Hence, if you see one of your conversations disappeared, check whether you are blocked or not. To do so, you can search their username on Instagram and check if you can see their posts or not. In case you cannot see the posts and number of followers, you are blocked and there is no problem with the application. 

2. Deactivated accounts

Another potential reason is that you are trying to contact a deactivated Instagram user. Actually, when you or your friend deactivate your Instagram account, you can both see each other’s messages, but with an Instagrammer’s user ID. In this case, you can read the whole conversation, send messages and access everything, but you cannot see that your messages are being seen. Hence, if you find that you are not receiving any messages from a person, you can search their username to check whether they are still on Instagram or not. Actually, when an account is deactivated, by searching the username you see the error message “user not found”.

3. Your Instagram app is not updated

Sometimes using an out of date Instagram version causes Instagram DM glitch. If you face this trouble, it’s worth checking that you are using the last version of Instagram. To do so, you just need to open the app store on your iPhone, or Google Play on your Android device and see if there is a new version to install or not. In case you have installed the last version of Instagram, uninstall and then reinstalling the app may solve the problem, and if it didn’t work try the other solutions in the following. 

4. Clear Instagram cache

Full app cache is one of the most probable reasons that cause Instagram DM glitch. When you see your direct messages are not working, try to clear your Instagram cache. This issue happens because of some bugs that are saved on your cache and clearing them must solve this issue. To clear Instagram cache do the following steps on your device:

1. Clear Instagram cache on iPhone

  1. Go to your iPhone settings,
  2. Tap General and then iPhone storage,
  3. Tap on the Instagram logo,
  4. Hit the “offload app” button.

2. Clear Instagram cache on Android devices

  1. Go to settings and open apps tab,
  2. Choose Instagram,
  3. Tap the “clear cache” button.


Finally, if you have done all the solutions mentioned above and you are still struggling with the problem, contact Instagram’s help and support center to know the exact reason for this Instagram DM glitch and how to solve it. 


In a nutshell, Instagram direct messages may crash for various reasons. One of the most important and probable reasons that cause Instagram DM glitch is bigs that are saved in your application’s cache. Therefore, if you see that you are not blocked and not trying to contact a deactivated Instagram user, try to clear your Instagram cache to solve the problem.